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  1. L

    Is it a good idea to combine TB500 & PRP for Healing?

    I've been dealing with some nasty Patella Tendonapathy over the last few months. This last month ive made some good progress with a combination of PRP and HGH. I was considering adding TB500 into the mix because ive heard such great things about it but am unsure if it will negatively effect my...
  2. K

    1 injection of this Peptide reverses insulin insensitivity

    Summary: In mice with diet-induced diabetes -- the equivalent of type 2 diabetes in humans -- a single injection of the protein FGF1 is enough to restore blood sugar levels to a healthy range for more than two days. The discovery could lead to a new generation of safer, more effective diabetes...
  3. H

    BPC 157/GHRP6/PEG MGF/EPITHALON injury log!

    :welcome: :st:r-wars :banghead: :mad: Hi guys im going to be logging to you folks, day to with how i feel and what not. Im going to be using BPC 157- 400mcg per day(1 shot) also GHRP6 100mcg 3x a day, then also PEG MGF 2x a week of 200mcg shot Sub q...
  4. B

    Acetate salt format peptide injection

    So SWIM's friend will be receiving a custom peptide in acetate salt format soon. He initially planned to cap the peptide salt and swallow it (it is hydrophobic to some extent), but SWIM's friend is now concerned that the peptide will not be able to cross the blood-brain barrier (orally) as much...
  5. F

    peptide journal

    ok so basically i've decided to take the leap and purchase some peptides for a um test subject or whatever. i have noticed that there seems to be an interest in journals documenting progress. so i'm thinking of starting a website to keep a VERY detailed journal of my experience with peptides. i...
  6. D

    Best peptide for goals, and cjc 1295 alone?

    hey guys, I am 26 and on trt...yes it happens to ppl in their twenties, odd. However, i see okay results in the gym, but was wondering if cjc 1295 w/ out dac would be good alone, or if this should be ran with another pep( prefer a non prolactin prone ). I have seen some of dats posts and others...
  7. D

    Best peptide, considering my goals and situation

    Hey, Well I just turned 26 this summer. I have an Older post here, when I was debating on which peptide to take in correlation to Anavar( Have had it on hand...still do ). Well, earlier someone mentioned Test. I eventually got put on Test anyway lol. The doc thought my T levels were low, but...
  8. J

    Myostatin and Follistatin

    I was researching these two products and was wondering if anyone has ran the two together yet. If so can you direct me to where I could find the information or let me know about it. Also was wondering about several other things such as reconstitution, dosing protocol, shooting methods (i.e...
  9. M

    Bjj Elbow Injury Rehab

    Long story short, a training partner armbarred me and popped the capsule in my elbow 2 weeks ago. The tendons in my arm literally feel like they are on fire when grappling now, so much so that it really prevents me from training properly. I'm 6 weeks out from the state championship and I really...

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