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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. H

    Reactive arthritis in both knees

    Well just when I thought things were going well for me I hit an absolute disaster. I went to visit someone (covid vaxxed) Im not. Stayed there a week. Somehow someway I got a massive auto immune response psoriasis, UTI, weird toxic feelings in prostate area and eyes. And wham when I returned...
  2. R

    Which Peptides can I add to my TRT Regimen for Bulking and Cutting?

    Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker. My TRT Regimen is to rotate between Test E and Test C every 3-4 months. I'm on SubQ daily dosing totaling around 150-180 per week depending on the compound. I also run HCG for fertility of 400-500 IU per week divided into 2 shots. I am looking into...
  3. D

    HCG / CJC 1296-IPAMORELIN / AOD 9604

    Hi Team, I'm new to this forum, definitely appears to have a wealth of knowledge. Bit of background I use to train hard getting to 95kg at 8-10%bf with the assistance of GHRP6 / CJC 1295 / SARM S22. I maintained for some time then life happened. Few motorbike injuries later I'm no longer...
  4. The_oak

    Peptides and gh help

    Hi guys I'm looking for your input on my latest course, due to start very soon, few bits I'm not sure about, lookign for some good soling clean gains. stats - 27years old, 6'5, 292lbs, been training and cycling for a number of years. going to run peptides for the first time...
  5. L

    Peptides/GH to Heal Patellar Tendonitis - Suggestions?

    I've had severe Patellar Tendonitis in my knees for a few months now, am unable to do daily activities without pain. I'm determined to get rid of this injury as quickly as possible. I've tried physical therapy for a couple months, had a PRP injection a couple weeks ago (need to give it more...
  6. Sketchy2000

    Need help with dosing...

    Hey guys... Since I"m running out of Mod-Grf (I've been running GHRP-2 / Mod Grf for about 4 weeks now with great results) I decided to place another order. 6 vials CJC w/o DAC (Mod Grf) 4 vials GHRP-2 2 vials MGF 1 vial IGF-LR3 ** I've NEVER used MGF (I've used PEG MGF, I have some now, to...
  7. T

    [Acne Scarring] 5MG TB-500 6x. How to use?

    Sup guys, So I've been researching into TB-500, next to my current MK677 and CJC DAC (DAC on and off) cycling for healing my acne scars. Been going well, but want to up it further if possible. Now I know that with TB-500 the usual protocol is to frontload/build up for a month, however, in...
  8. powerof2

    novalin r with peptides

    Running cjc1295 w/o dac and ghrp2. 100mcg on both in the am. 1/2 hr later 10 units novalin r then g. My question is 8 hrs enough time to do 2nd round of peps or is slin levels to high still to get anything out of it.. I also run 3rd peptide before bed.
  9. Y

    Peptides and injuries

    Hey everyone I'm very knew too the peptide game I'm hoping i can receive some guidance from you all. Don't worry i have done some of my own research but I'm very eager to learn as much as i can. So here is my hypothetical dilemma.. To help a broken wrist, fractured fingers, broken nose (that...
  10. P

    Earn Money or Get FREE PRODUCT (Peptides & Chems) is launching an Affiliate Program. Do you want to get free product or make money? Please pvt message to get signed up. :yeahthat:
  11. M

    PeptidesHUB is looking for an Affiliate Manager

    PeptidesHUB is looking for an Affiliate Manager and affiliates alike. Need to have proven record. Please PM.
  12. B

    Researching peptides cjc1295 dac vs without dac with ghrp 2 or 6 with huperzine a

    Hi I've been reading for a month now and just when I get some solid info on one cycle I read of something that sounds better. So how does this sound cjc 1295 dac with ghrp 6 with huperzine a. Was thinking of twice a day eod as this is my first time injecting anything and not good with needles...
  13. F

    HELP..peptides and condensation

    I had stored my non-reconstituted peptide vials and my AA solution in my lab fridge for a week, immediately after receiving them. Last night I reconstituted all of them (MGF 1-29, Ipamorelin, IGF LR3) with AA, and placed them back into the fridge. This morning, 2 of the 3 peptide vials, as well...
  14. F

    first timer- reconstitution?

    just bought some peps, what is reconstituting and do i have to do it?
  15. F


    hi everybody, i'm new here and it looked like a really helpful forum so i was hoping to get from feedback from all of you. i'm 26 years old, 6'3" and 205 lbs. i'm looking to make some big progress. i have never injected anything before. i work out a lot but have never taken anything other than...
  16. N


    Hi there. I am new to this site. AND, to peptides. I have already done much research into what peptides would be beneficial to me; give me what I am looking for and choose: Thymosion Beta 4; CJC 1295 w/out DAC; Semorelin; and IGF-L3. I believe to have purchased them from reputable labs/sites...
  17. R

    Hey Y'all!

    New to this forum. Let me introduce myself. I've been active in the sport for several years now, working as a fitness model for LOOK AGENCY. Soon I'll be reaching another landmark; turning 50! And like many my age been searching for the "fountain of youth" extend my youthful vigor through...
  18. H


    Hey guys, right, next month im gona run my 'rat' on hmp, 2 shots spaced 14 days apart, and peg mgf, maybe run insulin aswell post workout 10iu. My rat has done several steroid cycles and used insulin, igf and growth previously, however over here in uk, I dnt kno of people running these two...
  19. L

    Peptides for growth and strength

    Hi guys, i am currently using CJC 1295 (w/o dac) and ipamorelin, post workout and before bed. I'm 5"8, 180lb, 15% bodyfat, and looking to continue on my bulk gaining strength and muscle. I'm 19 and don't want to fiddle with steroids yet or anything to harsh so i am using Synthetek's metabolic...
  20. J

    Should I stack Mk-2866 and GW with AAS?

    Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this question belongs here... but I've been using both OSTA-GAIN and GW and IGF-LR3 and IGF Des before that. The results on my lab rats... are so far so good. Completely recomped, some of it is muscle memory but each of these substances amplified the results. I ordered...

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