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  1. G

    Cycle-might’ve kill sex drive

    So I’m currently taking test cyp 400mg a week, primo 400mg a week and 50mcg arimidex 12 hours post injection of test. I’m wondering if my primo is a little high that might be causing me to have low sex drive. Any info and or experience would be gladly appreciated.
  2. Yourmuscleshop

    Wishing you a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day

    Dear Customers, Wishing you a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day filled with joy and happiness. May this green celebration bring you bliss and prosperity. Warm Regards Team Yourmuscleshop
  3. S

    Swollen lymph node on cycle

    Hi guys, to keep things short - I'm 41, trained natural all my life but never got impressive results due to poor genetics. 3 or 4 years ago I've been diagnosed with low testosterone, got Tostran gel from my doctor, at the beginning it worked like charm but after a few months my own...
  4. E

    First Comp Prep

    Hey Guys, :) I'm a newbie as a forum member, so please don't be rude, sorry if I'm doing anything wrong. So there is my first thread about my first comp ever. This is my 4th cycle, I'm writing everything below in details. It's my first shot with MTS products, they have interesting mix, so why...
  5. H

    extreme bulk cycle - hgh/test/superdrol + others. too much?

    hey everyone quick cycle overview. gonna bulk hard, here it is BULK CYCLE 2018 PLAN ------------- HGH 6iu daily (3iu split in morning/afternoon) 12 months t4 100mcg / day on HGH IGF-1 LR3 50mcg / day , 6 weeks Mk-677 15mg /day at bedtime - 6 months 1g test per week, 12 weeks 25 mg superdrol 4...
  6. E

    Cutting cycle log

    Hi guys, so i thought I'd do my first log on here, I'm new to forums so if I've put this in the wrong place I'm sorry! also sorry for not doing this as a weekly update thing but i wanted to share my progress with you Age 22, Starting weight 191lbs, 6ft Started cutting on 08/3/17 weighing at...
  7. trainlikeaboss

    First Cycle Log

    Age: 30 Height: 6'3" Weight: 184 Years Training: ~3.5 Cycle: Test-E Starting at 125mg E3D and increasing. Adex and Letro. Diet starting at Protein: 237 Fat: 90 Carb: 392 Training: ~6 Days a week. Current plan is a 3 day split repeating. Day 1 (12-1-2015) first pin went smoothly. GF pinned...
  8. J

    Hello new here, got a few q's on my cycle

    hello ladys and gents my name is Goose, I've been on HRT for about 4 1/2 years 200mgs a week of t.cyp and as of the last year they started giving me cyp. Anyway I've ran a few cycles in my time but my new cycle is: T prop = 600mg weekly 3 times a week 10 weeks tren a = 300mg weekly 3 times a...
  9. D

    masteron prop

    is it even worth using this product if you don't have enough to do a six week cycle? my friend loves it and swears that even with the short ester he gets away with only pinning twice a week. I've been cycling for 3 years. Im 33 years old 197 pounds and 5'11. I have used masteron before and...
  10. S


    HI ALL,not sure how to go about this so i will just ask... -Lifting naturally for 8 years, 20 years old, 5'8 ,195lbs -want to further my progress but have no idea which aas i should use, i do not plan on using aas for the rest of my life. -i would simply like to try aas in moderation...
  11. Y

    Help With First Cycle

    I plan on putting in an order today for my first cycle. I'm 5'7" and 24 years old. I was at 143 in Nov, and I'm up to 153 as of today. I've been taking the normal GNC morning, post workout, and night time proteins. Also I take c4 pre workout, amino acids during workout, and crecore creatine post...
  12. O

    feedback on my stack

    i was hoping to get some feedback on my cycle i am 26 yrs old 190 lbs anyway here goes wk 1-12 Test E 300mg 2x week wk 1-4 D-bol 25mg ED wk 5-11 Tren Ace 75mg EOD (might start smaller see how i react first time running tren) also considering going ED depending how it feels wk 5-12 HCG 250 ui 2x...
  13. T

    no weight gains since dbol still on test

    front loaded dbol weeks 1-4 @ 40mg per day running test weeks 1-12 @500mgs per week arimidex weeks [email protected] eod hcg @250iu e3d why did i gain all of this weight (20 lbs), lose a couple pounds and now can't gain anything since week 5 (gain of 2 lbs all week). i am now half way through week 6...
  14. bradley4011

    BCAAs/Glutamine using gear

    Just wondering if you guys think using glutamine and bcaas on cycle is even gonna make a difference for holding onto muscle while im cutting. Mainly for purposes like fasted or directly after a workout cardio.
  15. Elias06

    Sus250 + androllic 50mg cycle (help)

    Ey guys, I've detoxed for 5months now since coming back from Thailand I sent a shit load of shit back and am ready to go for it 100ml of sustannon 250mg (organnon) 100 50mg androllic pills (British despensery) I also sent a packet of anabol 10mg powder that i crushed so thought I'd mix em in...
  16. Elias06

    Cycle question for all

    Hey guys been training for a while I was doing one of the biggest cycles About a month ago using nearly eod for approximately 4 - 6 months and stopped immediately due to high blood pressure and 3 days of non stop hiccuping due to lack of oxygen in the lungs from smoking cigars in Thailand lol...
  17. M

    Cycle & travelling: can you interrupt a cycle?

    Hello: Due to the nature of my work, every 4 weeks I have to travel to another country for 2 weeks. I am about to commence on my first 8week cycle of sustanon and deca. I am 39yo 85kg, reasonably muscular body. My question is this: what should i do? inject a day before i leave the country...
  18. E

    First Gear Cycle - Need Sound Advice

    First, thank you to all those who take the time to help out those of us in need of help/advice. Wish I had found this site sooner - but I am here now! I am a 50 year young male, started lifting in 1986 and went, I believe, as far as a guy can naturally. After that, in the 90's & 2000's it was...
  19. G

    My First Cycle Help!!

    Hey guys at Professional Muscle very soon im going to start my first cycle im 18 an I understand all the risk so dont try to talk me out of it. Im planning on using 50 mg dbol cut in half one in the morning and one with my preworkout meal also im going to run 500 mg of test enanthate and...
  20. G

    Help Building Cycle

    Hello im new to the bodybuilding world and I need help with a bulking cycle i have never used gear but I have experimented with pro hormones I will add pictures of me give any tips or advice on what I need to work im looking to add 30-40 pounds for shows.

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