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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. D

    First Cycle Need Advice

    Starting my first cycle on 1st of September Doing: 250mg - 300mg of Test E (A week, two injections) AI: Anastrozole - 0.25mg(Every Other Day), if needed based on blood test. PCT: Two weeks after last injection. Nolvadex - 40, 30, 20 , 10. For 4 Weeks Gonna be doing a blood test before the...
  2. J

    First cycle advice

    Hey everyone, Planning on starting my first cycle. I’m 28, 6’2” 190. Since it will be my first cycle I plan to keep it simple and see how my body reacts. Here’s my plan: 10 weeks Test e - either 300 or 400/week 25mg anavar ed for first 6 weeks (can up it if I feel I need to) .5mg arimidex...
  3. D


    Hi , Just came on here for advice. Did a small cycle two years ago but Gf wanted to try for baby so came off. Recently did a full cycle and pct with Clomid and a hcg Nearly three months off cycle which included anavar, clean, met , test and tren. Libido is completely gone and not able to gain...
  4. N

    Need help for PCT

    What’s a good PCT for 500 mg of test cyp a week for 12 weeks and trenbolone for 8?
  5. N

    What PCT do I need for test cycle

    Just wondering what pct i would need for a test cyp cycle 500mg a week for 12 weeks
  6. D

    Euthyroid Sick Syndrome, Help Please!

    Hey guys, this is my first post on the PM forums, I hope I’m posting in the right place. To sum up what’s going on as quickly and as efficiently as possible, I’ll cut right to the meat and potatoes. I have no recovered from my last cycle in 2016 but my numbers have been great. I’ve had high...
  7. P

    Ending a Cycle with Test Prop

    Hello friends, finishing up a cycle of 600mg/wk test (300 x2, Sat Wed), used aromasin EOD @ 12.5 mg, and HCG @ 250 2x week (500 iu total weekly) plan to do a modified Dr Scally PCT and blast HCG around 1500-2500iu EOD or E3D for probably 2 weeks (3 weeks in his program seems like a lot) then...
  8. X

    Need Mild Hdrol PCT Help Years After Gyno Surgery

    So I had gyno surgery a couple years ago. Got it from a stupidly aggressive cycle including higher end doses of H Drol and Epistane without SERMs. Didn’t know what I was doing at the time and got burned for it. I’m looking to try something super mild now, not trying to gain tons of mass. I...
  9. Enhancedathlete

    PCT - Therapy Cycles

    check out our research Chems and use 10fromcoachken as a discount code. 10% off **broken link removed**
  10. W

    Natural Potential Questions and Starting Steroid Use

    Hi, Just wondering a few things as I've been considering starting a basic cycle to speed up my process.. Throughout highschool I was in great shape and had better maxes than I do now after training for over 2 years, granted I trained for 6-7 years back then. I've been keeping up with a good...
  11. D

    Ostarine cycle follewed by 1andro

    I just ordered a bottle of Black Stone labs PCT VI. Which I originally intended in using as a post cycle therapy for my 600 mg per day 1Andro cycle. I am now contemplating running the 12.5mg/day ostarine cycle first. Sort of like easing myself into the cycle rather than jumping right onto it...
  12. H

    diindolylmethane DIM during cycle

    Can you take diindolylmethane DIM while on steroids or does it take away from your cycle, is it just best when you're off your cycle? What are your thoughts
  13. I

    How much do steroids actually fuck you up?

    If I run a 300mg test cycle for 12 weeks, assuming I use adequate hcg and have a good pct, will my natural test production return completely back to normal when i have finished the pct? This is the only thing that's stopping me, as I've heard lots of different things. It would be nice to hear...
  14. J

    Squats and PCT

    While taking PCT (clomid 50mg) after a dbol only cycle (50mg ed), I understand not the greatest of cycles and im not looking for criticism about it but rather some own knowledge. Ive read many posts saying how bad a dbol only cycle is but personally I havent had problems before. Shouldn't...
  15. M

    Post Cycle Therapy

    I got a prescription from a therapy clinic for cypionate (250mg's per week), HCG (or clomid) and anastrozole. My question is regarding my post cycle. Any preference between the HCG or clomid? Will the hcg/clomid and anastrozole be the only thing I need for my pct? Lastly, I'm assuming I...
  16. C

    nolva only for pct?

    After much debate I've decided to run test e @ 500/week. My question is will nolva at 40/40/20/20 starting week 14 of a 12 week blast be sufficient? It seems like there are those who swear by nolva and then those who swear by clomid. Is this mostly an individual thing as to which works better as...
  17. J

    Need to adjust from my original plan need advice

    Ok so starters I'm 31 I've done 2 anavar cycles in the past Last August I started a semi big cycle I ran Test Enth 20 weeks @ 500mg/wk Dbol 50mg month 1&3 Then started my cut cycle 3 weeks ago Test Prop 300mg/wk Winstrol 50mg ED I have 10,000iu of HCG and I need to start Now the question is...
  18. B

    PCT in luggage

    Hi lads, I was wondering if you could direct me to a thread that has addressed this topic before as im sure it is a worry to many on gear. Im want to finish my 12 week cycle out the weekend before i leave to canada for a few months (from Europe). Because i ran a relatively low dose test only...
  19. J

    What is the best post cycle program to normalize our own testosterone?

    Hey guys I am sorry if this has been discussed many times before (I cannot find links on it), but does anyone know if this is the best program, or is there other medication combinations that would work better at resetting the HPT axis after anabolics? Thanks to all! Testosterone: A Man's...
  20. K

    PCT Information for my cycle.

    Hello everyone! and thank you for taking the time to give me some input. I have been training since the age of 16 and now I am 27. I just finished my FIRST cycle. The cycle explained below is what I was told to take for my first cycle from a bodybuilder who competes professionally. My main...

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