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  1. M

    Trt and hgh after 1 month hair transplant

    Hello guys so it’s been 1 month since I got my hair transplant is it safe to go back to trt and hgh now what you guys think I also been off working out for a month too I’m trying to go back
  2. Bigboomer5150

    HGH and Vision

    Alright good morning meat heads, alright I might sound crazy but I swear my vision has either gotten better or possibly enhanced a tad w the introduction to hgh I’ve been on for close to a Year now at about 2ius day most was 4iu split w cycle. Anyways I’m really noticing today for some reason...
  3. Unstopppable1

    Solution for GH Lethargy

    I'm currently running Qtropin GH (on a Test/Deca Cycle & using 10iu Slin (Novalin R pre workout only). I started off with 2ius for the first 3 weeks. Last week I ramped up to 3iu for a few days and now I'm at 4ius. I find that I'm tired most of the day at 4ius. I noticed this in the past when I...
  4. Unstopppable1

    Best uses for a Blood Glucose Meter & Optimal ranges to shoot for?

    I just got a Blood Glucose meter from Amazon because I love to collect/analyze my own data for optimization & longevity. If you use one I'd love to know how you use it throughout the day? I never had any blood sugar issues and I'm always in range when I do fasted bloodwork. I'm curious of some...
  5. Bigboomer5150

    Hgh and caffeine

    Ok guys your probably thinking wtf is this about….. I’m usually a caffeine guy when I get up in the morning I’m in need of caffeine to get going in a major way…. But I’ve noticed on 2 occasions so far when I start HGH around the 2nd week in give or take, I wake up much earlier and don’t really...
  6. Bigboomer5150

    When is insulin necessary w HGH?

    Alright I guess my question is….at what point or dosage of hgh is the introduction of insulin necessary? Is there a certain mark for instance…anything over 5iu hgh, should insulin be introduced to avoid insulin resistance. or is it a matter of the individual or bloodwork. Long story short...
  7. Bigboomer5150

    Hgh and Major price differences

    Good evening fellas…. Alright I’m currently looking for Some growth, clearly there’s many options…. But I’m shocked at some of the prices, originally the cheaper options scared me vs the higher cost hgh…. But I’m starting to see some pretty good deals that are available…. Question, is the...
  8. L

    Is there an in depth guide on how to take HGH?

    Hi, just got my first batch of grey tops. I don't have any needles or anything. Is there an idiot proof guide for how to mix the powder, keep it properly stored, and inject it properly?
  9. L

    GH for ACL reconstruction surgery recovery

    Hi, I recently tore my ACL and have experienced massive atrophy in that leg. I'm here because I've been doing a lot of research and found this trial going on which is evaluating the use of GH (Somatropin) to see if GH is a statistically...
  10. T

    Reconstituting hgh

    Sorry if this is way off protocol. I just have kind of an urgent question that for the life of me i can not find an answer for. Background: 42 years old 5'9" 205lbs 11% bf Training for a relay race wich is totally not me... my philosophy has always been be big and stand your ground and you...
  11. T

    Dude in 40s doing TRT

    I’ve made the decision to do trt for the rest of my life. I’ve been doing some reading on it and just want to get your opinion on my protocol. (Found this somewhere online) 250mg sustanon every 10days 250 IUs of HCG every 3 days 12.5 mcg of T3 every day 1.25mg finsteride everyday (occasionally)...
  12. H

    extreme bulk cycle - hgh/test/superdrol + others. too much?

    hey everyone quick cycle overview. gonna bulk hard, here it is BULK CYCLE 2018 PLAN ------------- HGH 6iu daily (3iu split in morning/afternoon) 12 months t4 100mcg / day on HGH IGF-1 LR3 50mcg / day , 6 weeks Mk-677 15mg /day at bedtime - 6 months 1g test per week, 12 weeks 25 mg superdrol 4...
  13. G

    Turkish Humatrope Legitimacy

    Hey, I just recieved these pics from a source--wondering if this is legitimate GH?? Heard about a lot of fakes going around and the price (330$) for 72 IUs seems almost too good to be true. Also, I believe the box is supposed to be matte, not shiny? Thanks.
  14. L

    Humulin R and pharm grade HGH protocol

    Hey guys, I'm looking for info on adding Humulin R to my lean bulking regimen. I've been on pharm grade HGH for almost 2 months now and will continue for atleast a year. I understand the dangers of using insulin, but I know that done right and treated with respect, then it can be very...
  15. M

    HGH and liver enzymes

    Hello, this is my first time posting on PM. Hopefully, I'm posting in the right area. I am currently dealing with a concern of with elevated liver enzymes. A little prior history about myself: I was on a TRT blast and cruise for about 2 years. My primary doctor recommended me to stop the TRT...
  16. DinoBull

    Looking to boost gains, improve overall health. Maybe MK-677?

    I'm 48 yo and have been weight training for about 10 years. The last few years, I have trained a bit more seriously. My partner is half my age so as you can imagine, I want to optimize my health and vitality so I can look great for many years to come. I have challenges when it comes to building...
  17. A

    IGF-1's link to death and cancer..What's the ideal level?

    Since I've placed my first order for GH I thought that it'd be nice to learn a little more about hgh, igf-1 and the ideal level for fat-loss and small muscle building. My baseline igf-1 is around 230. I found very interesting studies and though about sharing them. "Excessively low or high IGF-1...
  18. L

    HGH for me?

    I am 35 and on 200mg test/week and 1500iu hcg/week because of my low T. Here is my IGF. I wanna try some HGH..which brand/lab is the best quality like pharma grade in your opinion? Or should I just try mod grf like sermorelin + ghrp6 first ? I just saw PSL sell on genotropin but that is still...
  19. drkimcrawford

    Medical Secrets to get big and stay healthy

    Hi everyone! I'm a new sponsor and Big A said I could post in the articles section. I don't see my "sticky" yet so I guess it will go here? Anyway I'm a 4 boarded M.D. with lots of experience with fitness, watching over some bodybuilders, using hormones to treat patients,and seeing the...
  20. S

    [langtitle=de]Lantus/Levemir only twice a week?![/langtitle]

    Hey Guys, From what I've read and understood, using long acting insulins would be the ultimate way to put on muscle mass and looking full with basically no sides. However, you can only use them for a very short period of time, as your insulin sensitivity decreases quite fast. This lead me to...

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