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  1. B

    Zero carb hgh/slin/t3 protocol...

    All gurus and experienced pros, This is my first post and am looking for advise and possible pros and cons for the next to be mentioned cycle. I have been lifting for years and have done ostarine and clen and dnp and others in teh past. Never touched IM injects in my life , only var. I am...
  2. tommyloan

    Any way to reduce numb hands from GH?

    Been on 5iu's of rips per day for 5 months, never had any problems, but just recently my right hand and fingers get super tingly/numb/painful at night and it wakes me up. We can't say it's from from taking too much too fast (not ramping up) cuz I went 5 months with no issues. BESIDES reducing...
  3. L

    Looking for a boost

    Hey guys, i have been training for 3 years. Basic Stats --> Weight = 190, ht = 5'8, BF = 8%, age = 20 Training - Chest/Arms, Back/Shoulders, Legs Split (train 6x a week). I have been using ipamorelin/mod-grf from a quality source for a year or so now and like this mix but want something...
  4. Y

    Peptides and injuries

    Hey everyone I'm very knew too the peptide game I'm hoping i can receive some guidance from you all. Don't worry i have done some of my own research but I'm very eager to learn as much as i can. So here is my hypothetical dilemma.. To help a broken wrist, fractured fingers, broken nose (that...
  5. Phattony

    PEG IGF, PEG IGF DES, PEG HGH! Why not???

    I'm wondering why none of our pioneering research companies here at professional muscle have pushed the boundaries of peptide science by offering PEGylated versions of our favorite research peptides (besides MGF)??? From my research PEGylating is a fairly simple and economic process which...
  6. I

    Bad Kigtropin Allergic Reaction

    I know this has been brought up, probably countless times before, but I just wanted a little more clarification than what was previously given and I will try to add as much information as I can. A little bit about the situation and reason: So my friend is in his late 30s and decided to give GH...
  7. G

    any tips for a first time hgh user???

    Hey guys, whats up. im 25 years old, 5 ft 6 inches and weigh 200 lbs.To date iv ran 4 test cycles. most recently 1000 mg test, 400mg tren weekly for 15 weeks. iv gained great size and strength but at this point my joints are starting to hurt and my brachialis and both tricep tendons are sore...
  8. M

    What's a good hrt clinic?

    I want to start either some hgh or Sermorelin, possibly igf-1. My main concern is for tendon repair but all the other benefits of therapy are very important to me as well...especially better sleep, mood, recovery, anti aging etc. Which therapy would be most cost effective for my goals? Should I...
  9. D

    HGH Fasted Training?

    Hello guys! I recently started taking 3iu's of HGH (pharma grade stuff, not chinese.) every morning, basically routine is: 5:30 - wake up, 3iu shot, 1 pill of thermogenic. 6:00 - Sip on some BCAA and do fasted low intensity Cardio for 1 hour. 7:00 - Hit the weights still fasted, sipping some...
  10. L

    injury doing clap push- ups or hgh problem???

    I have been on hgh (rips) 1iu ed for 3.5 mo now and had tingly swollen hands so went down to .5 iu anyway I tried doing clap pushups, where yoy do military pu and clap your hands at the top etc and now my wrists along my thumb side is sore and hurts like hell when I move them certain ways. I'm...
  11. J

    NEED HELP/ADVICE: Syntheselen on Rebound

    Hello All! Forgive me if there's a thread on this, I searched and could not find one so here it goes: I'm 39 yo, haven't been lifting for the past 22 months or so due to injury. I jumped back in the gym last month and muscle memory has somewhat helped but I need more. I use to run GHRP-6 w...
  12. 9muscle9

    High dose HGH users only please

    What sort of results have you got from 20 I.u. and up? and what is the lowest dosage you can use and still notice gains?
  13. D

    HGH during the 'off cycle'??

    What do you guys think of using HGH for bridging/off cycle?... I know a few people like to blast & cruise these days & others like using a small dose of Anavr when 'off cycle' but how do you guys feel about using HGH at about 4/5iu a day during off cycle to maintain gains made during a cycle...
  14. J

    HGH Hypo versus Hyperglycemia

    Hey Everyone I apologise in advance if this has been answered clearly in another thread. I can usually find all my answers but it seems there are conflicting theories along with variables that are staggering my progress and making me crazy. I used a Palm Beach compounded HGH, Sermorelin...
  15. P

    how much t3 should i be taking

    doing 4ius 5x a week how much t3 should i be taking and how often
  16. Force2Wreckin

    HGH and IGF-1 DES Stack

    I currently have 2000mcg of IGF, 600 ius Riptropin (used 100iu already), and 8000mcg GHRP2. I was just planning on 4ius GH/day, morning and postworkout and taking 300mcg GHRP2 before bed. My buddy advised me to do: 6ius GH eod (morning post workout) 80mcg IGF eod (postworkout) 300 mcg GHRP2...
  17. Big_Swole

    Stacking (GH, Slin, & IGF-lr3) THINKin bout ADDing MGF ??

    If adding MGF to the mix wear would you put it? Postwork out if so whut with the IGF a hour or so later ?? Running GH at 5iu am with 10iu slin Humalin R. Then preworkout 10 iu slin with 50 grams carbs & Protein shake 50 grams. Postworkout IGF-lr3 100mcg injected site specfic in trained body...
  18. AJW91

    Insulin, Low BG, HGH, and IGF-1

    I'm a natty, minus having recently tried some prohormones in combination with insulin (just because they were legal and cheap), so take it easy on this newb: 1. Insulin lowers blood glucose. 2. Low blood glucose stimulates the release of human growth hormone. 3. The simultaneous presence of...
  19. D

    Risk of CJD and HIV through using HGH??? Opinions pls?...

    Anabolic Steroids Blog - BodyBuilding Blog - Dianabol Blog: More details on the / steroids case. The above blog in not only online but the press that covered the case ALL reported that there was a risk of contracting CJD/HIV from using the products...
  20. P

    Newbie needs help....

    Hello everyone, I'm new at this and would like to get some help from the experts, I'm a 34 yr old woman, 5'1, 132 pounds, I let myself go a little with life's stresses and I want to get back in shape and looking like the former dancer and athelete that I am :) I'd like to increase my HGH...

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