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  1. gains4000

    EQ Aromatization

    I keep seeing “EQ is an aromatase inhibitor” around every single AAS forum. Now to my understanding EQ converts to Estrone (E1). When you Combine Testosterone and EQ the E2 levels can drop because both compounds are competing for the aromatase enzyme. Now if someone was to use EQ only...
  2. gains4000

    Nandrolone increases the Estrogenic Potency of Testosterone

    Most of us know "Nandrolone Converts to Estradiol at 20% the rate of Testosterone". This is true, Nandrolone barley aromatizes, but this is just surface level information. It is not as simple as " adding Nandrolone to my testosterone cycle will increase the aromatization by ~20%...
  3. mascodal

    Bought vs Doctor Ordered Labs

    Hey all. This is my first post on any forum. I can't wait to get to learn from all of you and eventually contribute. Im on my first cycle using test cyp 200mg/ml, 100mg every 2 days. Starting slow and gauging how my body reacts to different dosages. Im about 1.5 weeks in wanted to get bloods...
  4. R

    Which Peptides can I add to my TRT Regimen for Bulking and Cutting?

    Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker. My TRT Regimen is to rotate between Test E and Test C every 3-4 months. I'm on SubQ daily dosing totaling around 150-180 per week depending on the compound. I also run HCG for fertility of 400-500 IU per week divided into 2 shots. I am looking into...
  5. L

    22 year old low testosterone levels

    I am 22 years old, been lifting hard since I was 17. I understand that I was too young to start using gear but I made the decision to do it. I listened to the wrong people around me and now I am having concerns. Here's a timeline of my PH/gear usage: 18-20 Epistane 2a3a Super DMZ 2.0 (two...
  6. L

    DHEA/Pregnenolone with HRT

    Does anyone here take DHEA and/or Pregnenolone while on HRT? then is that otc or doc prescribed dhea/preg?
  7. DinoBull

    Looking to boost gains, improve overall health. Maybe MK-677?

    I'm 48 yo and have been weight training for about 10 years. The last few years, I have trained a bit more seriously. My partner is half my age so as you can imagine, I want to optimize my health and vitality so I can look great for many years to come. I have challenges when it comes to building...
  8. MrLucky

    Insulin Sensitive Carb Cycling TRT Log

    As this is my first log, please hang with me as I deal with the struggles of penmanship. With that being said, this is my documented log for the next 30 days. During this time I will begin a insulin sensitive carb cycling diet along with TRT. Any questions and comments are welcomed. My...
  9. S

    How to use HCG for sperm volume and test (several months no cycle)

    Dear all, I am 28 years old. It has been more than 2 years after my last cycle (Test-E and Tren, conservative dose); and more than 6 months after my SARM "trial" cycle (Ostarine and S4). I always have used Nolva (40/40/20/20) as PCT I had multiple blood work before and after, and yet my...
  10. L

    TRT friendly doctor in Boston

    Hi guys, My test result just came in ridiculously low Total T 225 ng/dl, free T 54pg/ml, still my midget pussy beta male fucking doc wont prescribe me TRT while I've all the major symptoms of hypogonadism and saying I'm just fine. He wants to put me on anti-depression and saying while my move...
  11. VikingLab

    Ronnieron log (Solberg Lab) Test blend M200 - EQ.

    Any information will help our community,we'd love to see pictures of the product if you can. Ronnieron will log for us : Boldenone 20ml Test blend M200 10ml ( 100mg Testosterone Isohexanoate , 100mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate ) Thanks!
  12. T

    Total testosterone of 290 at 21 years old. Options?

    Story: Back in 2013 I had a blood test done which showed total testosterone at a level of 410 and because I was 19 at the time I trusted the doctor when he said it was normal. In January 2015 I had another blood test which showed a level of 422. I was looking up testosterone levels on the...
  13. S

    Thinking of getting on TRT but wondering about the long term effects

    I'm a 33 year old considering getting on TRT. The last time I got my test levels checked they were little low (enough to be flagged...not sure if this is enough to be "abnormal). I'm casting for a pro wrestling gig and I'm going to need to beef up some. I also want the extra test to help...
  14. T

    Should I Cycle Test HRT?

    I have been on 160mg/week test HRT for about 8 months, along with tamoxifen and HCG. While I take test for overall health, I've noticed some good muscle gains. I'm wondering if I should take a break for a few months and then start up again, or if I should just continue the current regimen. I...
  15. J

    T4 AND T3? Benefits?

    Hi, I have been running t3 alongside clen, eph & test e. t3 - 50 mcg daily Clen 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. (40-120mcg) Eph - run during the 2 weeks I am off clen (20mg 3 x daily) Test - 2 shots per week (500mg total) I was wondering if T4 would benefit my cutting phase. I am looking to...
  16. V

    Testosterone Question...Please help...

    I am new to the forum and will try to keep this short...but please help with the question... I have currently been taking AndroGel 1.0, 5 grams gel for over 5 yrs now. My testosterone level stays right around 700 for the most part on this doseage. I am no longer going to have my private...
  17. A

    Test + Eq, question about frontload and AI

    Hello all and thanks in advance for helping me:) I'm planning to start my second cycle, FIRST cycle was Test/Dbol: 1 – 10: 500mg test enthanate/E3D 1 – 4: 20mg Dianabol 1 – 12: 0.25mg arimdex ED PCT 13 – 100mg clomid/40 mg novla 14 –50mg clomid/ 20 mg novla 15 – 50mg clomid/20 mg novla...
  18. Y

    Help With First Cycle

    I plan on putting in an order today for my first cycle. I'm 5'7" and 24 years old. I was at 143 in Nov, and I'm up to 153 as of today. I've been taking the normal GNC morning, post workout, and night time proteins. Also I take c4 pre workout, amino acids during workout, and crecore creatine post...
  19. J

    New Testosterone Replacement Video

    This is a pretty good video that summarizes how to maximize benefits and minimize side effects of testosterone. It was done by Nelson Vergel, author of Testosterone: A Man's Guide (available on Testosterone Replacement Therapy - YouTube
  20. J

    Should I stack Mk-2866 and GW with AAS?

    Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this question belongs here... but I've been using both OSTA-GAIN and GW and IGF-LR3 and IGF Des before that. The results on my lab rats... are so far so good. Completely recomped, some of it is muscle memory but each of these substances amplified the results. I ordered...

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