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  1. Maik Ravioli

    Anavar in offseason your opinion

    Hello guys. Anyone there used anavar in offseason? If answer is yes what dosage do you use and how long? I'm thinking about trying it on top of my test/npp/gh i consider dosage between 50mg-100mg ed. I will be grateful if you describe your experiences Thanks
  2. Yourmuscleshop

    Michal Krizo Wins IFBB Pro Card and Olympia Amateur overall title.💪🏼

    Michal Krizo Wins IFBB Pro Card and Olympia Amateur overall title.💪🏼 @michalkrizo
  3. M

    First Cycle - Anavar

    Hey there, 25 y.o. woman, looking for advice on starting my first cycle of Anavar. I'm thinking I'll run it for 6 weeks - 5 mg/day for the first two weeks and then up it to 10 mg/day for the last four weeks if no major side effects... My ultimate physique goal is to be pretty lean and veiny...
  4. Y

    Considering PED's

    Hello people. New to the site, not new to lifting. Glad to be here. I had a workplace injury that messed me up for a while. I was told from some guys on other forums that steroids could aid in my recovery and help me gain my strength back for a cycle to be honest, I'm at an emotional low...
  5. workingclass

    Anavar bfp

    What should my bfp be when using anavar to see results? When I get there what is a good starter dose? 75-100mg ed?
  6. J

    First cycle advice

    Hey everyone, Planning on starting my first cycle. I’m 28, 6’2” 190. Since it will be my first cycle I plan to keep it simple and see how my body reacts. Here’s my plan: 10 weeks Test e - either 300 or 400/week 25mg anavar ed for first 6 weeks (can up it if I feel I need to) .5mg arimidex...
  7. L

    Anavar during pct?

    bello im New here, so apologies I'm advanced if this has already been answered and if it has id like to be directed to posts similar to this I'm new on using the site. So anyway I'm 26 years old been working out for 9 years, started really focusing on diet and supplement by 22yrs of age. I...
  8. E

    Sleep Loss/Hot Flashes/ Var

    I am currently taking VAR and have been since June. The past few weeks I have experienced an immense lack of sleep. Almost insomnia like. I can be dead tired, but never get the REM sleep. I awake just about every 3 hours DRENCHED in sweat. I only experience the hot flashes when I try to sleep...
  9. Y

    muscle gain on anavar with aggressive cut - possible?

    Is it possible to experience some recomposition effects on var if I am doing an aggressive cut? I'm female at 20%bf and will be running var for the first time. (5'1, 122lb). I will be doing a pretty aggressive cut and using EC stack. Would it be possible to actually increase muscle mass as...
  10. Y

    female running anavar first time

    Hi guys, ive done a bit of research and have decided to run anavar, first cycle. stats: 5'2, 121lb. Bikini athlete trying to transition into figure, but for now I will be using it whilst cutting. (for strength and muscle maintenance). been lifting seriously 2 years I have alpha pharma...
  11. H

    Women, Var Medication combo

    Hi Ladies, I'm posting this for my gf, she is 26yo, 5'7", 135lbs and she is trying to tone up. I have anavar and I'm considering giving it to her but she is on a few medications. 1. IUD for birth control 2. 75mcg Synthroid for her thyroid 3. 3mg of Folic acid for a rare but non-life...
  12. G

    Good oral to go with Equipoise Cycle?

    I'll be running a cycle soon that will consist of boldenone/Equipoise at 600mgs a week. I will be running test E at slightly above TRT levels as a base (I can't do higher doses of test because of certain sides I'm trying to avoid, but I will run it just to make up for what is lost from being...
  13. G

    Superdrol/M-Drol kicker to Anavar?

    Here's the deal: I have actual CEL M-drol that I've had for quite some time. It's expiration date was a few months ago, but I've kept it in the fridge and I think those dates are somewhat arbitrary (though if someone has actual knowledge to the contrary, I may reconsider). I've never run...
  14. N

    Masteron Stack for Cutting, Anavar Cycle

    For a cutting cycle, in terms of side effects—is it better to stack Mast with Test OR Deca OR Bold? From what I understand, Deca is more anabolic than Test (Test is equally anabolic and androgenic) and Bold (Bold is slightly more androgenic than Deca). Mast is androgenic. Therefore, would...
  15. S

    EQ + winny?

    I have used both anavar and winstrol, typically keeping the dose of both to 10-15mg/day. I love the results, however I want to add more size. I was advised that EQ gives great gains and many other females have been pleased with their results. Anyone use EQ and winstrol together? Good/bad...
  16. B

    Win and var cycle

    Hey ya'll! I'm new to the forums but I just wanted a way to keep up with my progress and get helpful feedback or comments. Today will be my 14th day taking 10mg win and my 3rd day taking 10mg var. I haven't experienced any negative side effects so far-only positive effects. This week I've been...
  17. T

    Aanavar BD 50mg???

    Anyone try these? Wondering if they're liked. Is 50mg a good dose (never taken before)? Should I take something for gyno too?
  18. V

    Cutting Cycle For 1st Contest Advice

    Hi everyone I want to do a cutting cycle for about 10 weeks. I was thinking about: Test Propionate Tren Anavar As for the dosages however I am unsure. I was thinking 500mg Test a week, for Tren I was thinking only between 100-200mg a week and Anavar I am not sure about dosages but I was...
  19. B


    I recently got 200 10mg anavar pills and plan on taking 40mg for 7 weeks. The pills came from a source I read nothing but good things about. So my questions are as follows: They came in what look like hand capped gel caps with no markings on the caps in an unmarked bag, not pressed powder...
  20. D

    Best peptide, considering my goals and situation

    Hey, Well I just turned 26 this summer. I have an Older post here, when I was debating on which peptide to take in correlation to Anavar( Have had it on hand...still do ). Well, earlier someone mentioned Test. I eventually got put on Test anyway lol. The doc thought my T levels were low, but...

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