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  1. P

    PK18's Post Show DC Inspired Log

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for a while now, and having finished my first classic physique show last month, I figured I should start posting my workouts publicly for adherence and for anyone to chime in with whatever they will please. All input is welcome and appreciated! Stats: Age...
  2. E

    powerlifter/bodybuilder 785 raw squat

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share this video with you guys. I am currently a little over 6 weeks out from my next powerlifting contest.
  3. B

    Natural Body Transformation - 32 Week Weight Loss Journey

    Hey, I would like to share with you my 32 Week Body Transformation. I began my cut with 92 kg, lost 0.5 kg / week for 32 weeks and ended it with 76 kg. I am not a fan of extreme diets (low fat, low carb, too low in kcal's, veganism, raw, in general crash diets... etc.), so I decided to go on...
  4. B

    Searching for Coaches or Training Partners

    I wanted to find out who has had any luck finding a great coach. I work in a personal training gym and we have over sixty trainers. I wouldn't pay any of them a dime. I have done some research online and tried to network through my contacts but it has proved to be really difficult. I am...
  5. B

    Dbol, Test E

    27 5'11" 208lbs Taking 500/wk Test E Dbol 200mg/day (2pills 2x a day) probably less, i believe they are underdosed which is why I added the second dosage. 4 Weeks on Test E 5 Weeks on Dbol (upped last week) My diet has been mostly clean but incredibly inconsistent. Training 5/6 days a...
  6. C

    Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding Training

    It's my first post here so hopefully I don't get too much hate haha Just a thought on this Sunday... For powerlifting training methods, especially ones from those that are either open about juicing or it's just obvious that they do so, why is it that people are more accepting of their methods...
  7. K

    16 years old korean - i need advice !

    i will be posting more pictures, my weak bodyparts are legs :'( i know there are many smart guys like mountaindog so i will be glad to take anybodys advice.
  8. E

    NYBB Blue Episode 6... i'm in it!

    I have been honored to be filmed by the great Mike Pulcinella after one of the MHP NYBB blue bodybuilders, Ben White, came to my gym and called me out in the deadlift. Thought i would share the vid here.. NYBB Blue Episode 6 Life Beyond Bodybuilding - YouTube
  9. H

    Exhaustion on 1st prep

    I am on my 1st contest prep & 4 weeks in started to become exhausted! This has affected my training & prep! My diet is, Meal1 Post cardio meal: 1 cup egg whites with 1 egg ( 11 medium egg whites and 1 whole egg) 40 grams oats Meal 2/post workout meal...
  10. M

    Any jacked guys in Chicago area? Athletic clothing modeling opportunity

    Hey guys. First off this is legit, no sex bullshit or nudity. I need someone who is in the Chicago or Southeast Wisconsin area that would be interested in doing some athletic clothing modeling. No experience necessary and pictures don't include your face. Just need someone with a high level of...
  11. J

    Weird Steroid Advice From Professional Dr.

    Hey All, I am a lurker here, absorbing info like a sponge, but I wanted to get your take on some somewhat counter-intuitive advice I got from my chiropractor (who apparently doubles as an athletic consultant, having his own gym in his complex, etc). He does have a background in steroid usage...
  12. S

    2011 NPC USA's_Contest Coverage_pics1-5

    So, here are the pics from my lineup.. there were over 30 competitors in this light-heavy class... this was my 3rd show ever, previously competing in the NPC Jr. USA's as a middleweight and taking 2nd place.. at the USA's last night I didt make the top 15 ;( I had an amazing time working with...
  13. AJW91

    Soy: Myths, Truths, and Everything in Between

    Being Vegan and Eating Soy: Myths, Truths, and Everything in Between by Christa Novelli, M.P.H. Soy foods have received a great deal of attention in the media in recent years. Very little that the public hears about soy is neutral. Depending upon whom you choose to believe, soy is either a...

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