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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. PRorER

    High Hemacrit post blood donation

    Donated blood February 29th and Hemacrit was 48. Bloodwork on March 26th and Hemacrit is 51.6. Was running 500mg Test E annd 200mg Primo E and donated 1 week post cycle. Now cruising on 200mg Test E. Anyone ever experienced consistent high RBC and Hemacrit post cycle and after donating? Any...
  2. G

    Larger Infrequent Injections and Half life

    I'm probably in the minority here, but does anyone else prefer to inject larger volumes of oil in one go instead of doing multiple shots a week? For example, you want to run 750mg Test C, Most guys seem to do 250mg(1ml) 3x a week, but i'd personally prefer to do 750mg (3ml) in one shot and...
  3. N

    Need help for PCT

    What’s a good PCT for 500 mg of test cyp a week for 12 weeks and trenbolone for 8?
  4. M

    10 panel drug test

    Hey Bros, I had some concerns about a 10 panel drug test that my job said they will be doing. My concern is, can any of bodybuilding drugs cause a false positive on a 10 panel, I know they aren't looking for bodybuilding drugs but was concerned about false positive. I am on clenbuterol and t3...
  5. H

    extreme bulk cycle - hgh/test/superdrol + others. too much?

    hey everyone quick cycle overview. gonna bulk hard, here it is BULK CYCLE 2018 PLAN ------------- HGH 6iu daily (3iu split in morning/afternoon) 12 months t4 100mcg / day on HGH IGF-1 LR3 50mcg / day , 6 weeks Mk-677 15mg /day at bedtime - 6 months 1g test per week, 12 weeks 25 mg superdrol 4...
  6. B

    Test & Deca cycle

    I had been using the 200Test and 100 Deca cycle for 8 weeks but was not happy so I started a new 9 week cycle using 250 Test and 200 Deca. I am much happier with the results. The next cycle I was told to be on was 500 Test and 300 deca but I am not sure I am ready to go that far yet, Can I...
  7. E

    Cutting cycle log

    Hi guys, so i thought I'd do my first log on here, I'm new to forums so if I've put this in the wrong place I'm sorry! also sorry for not doing this as a weekly update thing but i wanted to share my progress with you Age 22, Starting weight 191lbs, 6ft Started cutting on 08/3/17 weighing at...
  8. E

    Night Sweats On Tren

    Hi Guys Im new to forums so if I've missed anything here or posted in the wrong section I am sorry! I'm just curious if any of you have ever managed to find anything to keep the night sweats away or at least minimise them whilst on tren... I'm on Med Tech Solutions Lean Extreme (TEST PROP...
  9. trainlikeaboss

    First Cycle Log

    Age: 30 Height: 6'3" Weight: 184 Years Training: ~3.5 Cycle: Test-E Starting at 125mg E3D and increasing. Adex and Letro. Diet starting at Protein: 237 Fat: 90 Carb: 392 Training: ~6 Days a week. Current plan is a 3 day split repeating. Day 1 (12-1-2015) first pin went smoothly. GF pinned...
  10. Fitness 500

    Is my Suspension still good?

    I have a few vials of Test Suspension that I got from ARL about a year ago and I'd like to use them. I've have no experience using suspension and I hear it's more prone to have bacteria than oils so I'm concerned. I presume that filtering them is out of the question but I thought about putting...
  11. P

    AlinShop is world class. Time and again they deliver!

    Major thumbs ups to Alice and the gang at AlinShop. I've been privileged to order from them for he past 8 years on and off, for their Test Cyp, A-dexter and Tamoxifen. Packages just got here and it's time to order again this next week to stock up. Keep jamming, Alinl. And thanks! :) :headbang:
  12. Fitness 500

    Will mixing Tren A with Test C slow the absorption of the Tren A ?

    I'm currently running Test C and EQ and last week I added Tren A to the mix pinning 1ml/EOD of each in the same syringe. I've run Tren A before but never mixed in the same syringe with 2 longs esters. I've also noticed that I'm not getting any Tren sides except for heartburn and acid reflux. I...
  13. I

    How much do steroids actually fuck you up?

    If I run a 300mg test cycle for 12 weeks, assuming I use adequate hcg and have a good pct, will my natural test production return completely back to normal when i have finished the pct? This is the only thing that's stopping me, as I've heard lots of different things. It would be nice to hear...
  14. P

    A couple questions about GH, IGF1LR3 and others

    So just getting ready to test out cjc-1295, ghrp6 and igf1lr3. I've read a lot of conflicting things about when to use igf1. some say pre w/o some say post others say 8 hrs after w/o. and some say not to use it with cjc and ghrp. Being that IGF1 causes the body to burn straight fat I was...
  15. Fitness 500

    Your thoughts and experienced on Test E + Deca + EQ

    I've been running Test E at 900mg/wk and Deca at 600mg/wk for the past 2 weeks and I decided to add EQ at 600mg/wk. I've ran Test and Deca many times but I've never ran EQ. I decided to add it to my bulking cycle because I hear it increases your appetite and it makes you look vascular. I've...
  16. buckns

    Tren /test pain in the butt

    I've never really any negative sides from tren . Recently however I found a test E /tren E combo (250mg/200mg) .. Every time I've played with it I get a nasty... hurts like a ( fill in word) pain in the site for a few days .. Could it be too much BA ? Any thoughts of how to deal with it ?
  17. C

    Opinions on my current cutting cycle? (Tren-ace/Mast/prop)

    Hi all, Looking to get a little feedback on my current cycle, I've obviously done a lot of research before but another opinion never hurts.. This is my 4th cycle, 1st with tren. This is my First cycle where my primary goal has been to lose bodyfat. Stats: age: 25 Height: 5'10 Weight: 210lbs...
  18. Y

    Advice on Brands

    Does anyone have any experience with Test Prop from Brovel Labs? I've scanned through the message boards, and I see some reviews for Test stating it's the best thing they've ever used. I also see some reviews though that said it was weak. Any advice would be great!!
  19. C

    What to cut my test blend with?

    What kind of oil should I use to cut my Test bled. Im using a blend that makes it feel like im being kicked by a horse every time I pin. Just trying to make it less painful. Ive cut it with deca before but im not using deca anymore. any ideas??
  20. O

    feedback on my stack

    i was hoping to get some feedback on my cycle i am 26 yrs old 190 lbs anyway here goes wk 1-12 Test E 300mg 2x week wk 1-4 D-bol 25mg ED wk 5-11 Tren Ace 75mg EOD (might start smaller see how i react first time running tren) also considering going ED depending how it feels wk 5-12 HCG 250 ui 2x...

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