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Serostim ?


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Sep 25, 2002
after mixed how long will it stay good for in the fridge if sterile water is used it came with and if Ba water is used will it make the life a little longer.

Bacterio water lasts longer. Use the water that came with it-they give you that type for a reason-its compatible with the type of gh.
I could be mistaken but I believe that Serostim becomes much less stable once mixed with water of any kind. In fact the instructions (yeah, those!) say not to shoot the water directly at the wafer. At first I thought that this had to do with "foaming up" but now I understand that even this amount of physical force combined with the tugging of the water molecules on the Serostim hgh molecules could cause them to break up and become useless or decrease the effectiveness of the whole solution. Accordingly, I would also be careful not to drop it, once mixed, and handle it carefully. It is fairly stable and has a long shelf life if not mixed and kept out of the heat and sun. Remember full retail price for the stuff is something like $1500 per each kit of 7 vials of 6mg of Serostim plus 7 vials of 1 ml of sterile water (it also comes in other doses).

As for sterile water or bacteriostatic water, they supply sterile water. I understand they do this because the benzyl alcohol interacts with the serostim and damages it. A lot of people used to argue that they supplied it the way they did so you couldn't keep it mixed and had to use it up and increase sales. I think that is total BS. I believe they supply it the way they do because their information indicates that is the best way.

I talked to a rep from Serono Labs, makers of Serostim and he said they only make 9 pounds of the stuff per year at full production capacity. So I suspect they already have plenty of demand for what they produce and would have to find a way to increase the production before they had to worry about increasing sales.
good questions any replys how long does serostim last when fist mixed i hear 14 days in fridge.
I have:
a. used BA water. used double the amount for easier drawing dosing-2 mls =.9 ml per iu
b. injected the 2 mls in fast it foamed up considerably
c. shook 'em
d dropped em.
e. left them at room temp
f. refroze hydrated vials
g. Stored unhydrated vials at room temp.
and still got the worst mind blowing pumps and numbness known to man from all vials.
I think people really over react to fragility of a hormone that is moleculary concentrated frothed up and concentrated by ultrafiltration (excessive pressure and force from flow) then aseptically filled and then goes through the very stressful process of lyophilization which involves freezing the vials to -40 degrees C and then slowly appling heat under vacuum conditions for many hours to days until 30 degrees C -hot for GH right? NOT and the resulting cake in the vial is at 1.2% moisture.
Freezed GH leave it out whatever it will not kill it, don't waste too much time pampering it.

The funniest post I have ever read was a GH expert telling another guyn ot to use a 29 gauge and take several minutes to inject as it would shear the fragile GH molecule...LOL

If someone wanted too they could import the raw powder from
China rehydrate it sterile filter it freeze it and use it.
Consequently one could also obtain the bacteria used to replicate the GH molecule culture it harvest it concentrate and rinse it and then sterile fill it and freeze it and it remain potent.
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ba water is fine i talked to a serrano rep a short while after this post and its the same gh they use for thier saizen just that they sell saizen with ba because its not used all at once like the serotism.
Me and my doctor buddy use it all the time and we use bactrostatic water that is of the sodium chloride type. HE likes to use this and I believe him because he went to school for it.
dragonfire101, Water with the kit after mixed, 24 hours. If you use BA water 14 days in the fridge always...

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