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RicPhoenix - The Phoenix aka Ric

The Phoenix has a list of credentials:

Food Scientist & Nutritionist BSc., MSc.
Science Education M.A.
Competitive Bodybuilder

He also owns a runs a website/board at

From his time and posts at Professional Muscle he has been very
helpful and a good contributing member.

Ric has provided us with the following helpful information:

This season I am trying something new to improve my physique
thickness. I will use this for my entire preparation both off
season and precontest.

General training Schedule:

I do several warm up sets and then a pyramind down starting with

Set 1 4-6 reps
Set 2 8-10 reps
Set 3 12-15 reps

I also don't take days off unless needed so I train on a 5 day
repeat cycle:

Day 1 quads & calf
Day 2 chest & lats
Day 3 hams & bicep, calf
Day 4 delt & tri
Day 5 inner back & calf
Day 6 repeat

I only do 1 exercise per body part.

Nutrition this season

My off season nutrition is based on 3500 kcal with a 33% split for
each macronutrient protein: carbs : fat so that is about 290g of
protein, 290 g of carbs with about 128g of fat.

I find I get leaner on Tuna and a low fat diet instead of a low
carb diet like most people are going with these days.

I don't like Tuna but the years that I used chicken I was not as

I make sushi with tuna and fibrous vegetables and also tuna with
tomato sauces. I always cook the tuna first in a wok with
thermogenic/fat burning herbs & spices like chillis to try to hide
the tuna flavour and to give me a fat burning boost.

I also have diet yogurt or cottage cheese in the evenings.

Cardio this season

My cardio work to this point has been zero. I have not been doing
it so far this season but I plan to start this week on cardio
hitting it fairly hard till a few days before contest time. I like
to do the cross trainer, treadmill on an incline, step mill and
stepper. Sometimes I walk outside just for a change of pace. This
season I have to hit the cardio hard because I have waited late to
start my preparations and I want to try to keep my calories higher.

This season I have been getting tips and help from Phil and BigA
for my new gains. Thanks. I have to wait to see the results and
post some pics!
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