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November '05

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pumpputnam (AKA Peter) is the NPC 2004 Collegiate Overall Winner
and recently placed in the top 5 at the 2005 IFBB North Americans.
He is a certified personal trainer and a specialist in performance
nutrition. He has appeared and been featured in Flex, Musclemag,
Ironman, and has a training video flimed in Gold's Venice that is
produced by Guy Grundy. He was the cover model for Jeff Foxworthy's
"The Big Funny" album. He is also a contributing writer for
Faith&Fitness Magazine. For more info visit:

I train using a volume/heavy duty approach. Basically, as much
weight as many times as I can. I am more concerned about falling in
between a certain range of reps than a precise number. The sequence
and order of exercises is also very important and this changes as
certain areas of my physique need to be address. In other words, as
my physique evolves so will my training. I typically only hit one
body part once a week. I love overlapping movements to finish off
my workouts. This next year I plan on incorporating more partial
movements for areas such as arms. My back will be broken up into
upper and lower training splits. I feel these are areas that I need
to switch up and begin to hit from various angles while adding in
extras workouts to them until I see how they progress. In general,
I like to rest following every second workout. I plan on studying
more other tops athletes training styles and see what they are
doing too.

* General Nutrition Outline -

Not much varies other than calories coming from fat and carbs.
Nutritional timing of meals is very important for recovery and
growth. I plan on staying a bit leaner this year in the hopes that
this will benefit my conditioning the next time I compete.

* FAQ's -

What do you do for your legs? I usually answer, probably less than
you do. Then I say, "Honestly, both my parents have good legs and
it's probably genetics".

Why do you want to get bigger? It's not that I want to get bigger
but the sport dictates that I have to in order to do better on
stage so I project more complete and full. Hopefully, I don't have
to get much bigger if changes come about in the sport. It also is
an issue of detail and quality that comes from training.

What do you want to do when you stop bodybuilding? I don't plan on
every stopping; however competing is another story. I plan on doing
this as long as it is fun and makes since. I feel pleasure knowing
that I am certain physical traits that allow me to do well at this.
I feel blessed to be able to train and know that I am healthy. As
long as my health, mind, and spirit stay sound I will continue to
stay the course of pounding the iron.

Best saying: "Just because you get big, doesn't mean you get
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