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New member
Jun 17, 2002
Anyone know what happened to this guy. Last I heard, he was laying low, but that was a couple months ago. Still out a grand. Thanks
Yes Im a little suprised at this. I keep a sliver of hope alive, but its not looking good.:confused:
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He's still around but out of the game for good. talked to him the other day and from all the bust and the scam that happend to him he's out. and kromium sorry about your loss but he lost a hell of alot more.One of the best men i know and still is.later
I Know someone who lost 4K with XM. But now he won't even respond . You would think he could at least mail people personally and say there is nothing he can do, But he chooses to just leave everyone hanging not knowing what is going on. Xm I think some people would like to just hear it from you and not other people on the boards. :confused:
I would give more hope and benefit of the doubt to him over that Forestgump phucker anyday. If there was a way to get square with ya Im sure he would more than I can say for the other guy. MultiX Im sure would have took it out of his own stash to take care of you if he had it. MM
I feel bad cause I was a mod on the board that they were advertising on. I feel like I was suckered into the position. I backed multi cause he was a good guy (for those who know who he really was, you know what I'm saying), but it looks like he turned to the darkside. Yes, he had personal problems, but that is no excuse for taking people's money with not even a response. I will never recommend another source to anyone because of those people.

Thats just it, i think almost everone knew who he was. Thats why this has been kept on the Dl for so long. Noone ever thought it would have ended this way becuase of who he was.:eek:
Not a gentleman

Most of you know me and R**** had constant battles over at the UG.But I always felt he was a good guy,and we always had mutual respect for each other.This is why I got pulled on.I didnt need a new source,but i figured "lets keep it within the family' you know? All I expected is an email to explain himself,but it has never come.All the info is trickling down the grape vine,and most of it smells like a pile of shit.

I have no respect for anyone from bigmuthas board,they were involved in a few of these little scams and it all adds up now.To them I say "FUCK YOU" I guess its a loss,but you know what?A gentleman would explain himself,and we would understand,especially a good brother such as R. By not contacting those that got fucked,it really does look like muthas,R,gump,etc etc and the whole situation was one big fucking scam.Good job guys,use an entire board and its hierarchy to make a couple dollars.You can all go fuck your mothers.....:mad:
Nazi, believe me when I say that I had NO IDEA what was going on behind the scenes. I knew that raver was going to source when he lost his job, but that's all I knew. I didn't even know the board was shut down until I tried to go to the site one day, and it was just gone. I never got an e-mail explaining anything.

I have NEVER fucked anyone in the years I have been on the boards. My word is my bond. I take my integrity seriously, and I wish I had never been involved with that board.

I was not speaking specifically of you Wolv,those involved know exactly who they are.And by your posts I can see that you feel the same way alot of us do.That a few bad fucking apples over there really put on a fuck parade.Its all good,I lost very few dollars,just the fucking principle is what irks me.You may have pissed me off once or twice on that board but thats a different issue,no grudges here,I enjoy it.I just hope we really get the truth to this whole thing one day..........

we know there WERE a few good bros on that board. Paz, XM, Rav., whatever you want to call him was once a stand up guy. He helped me personally more than you know. You always were respectful and helpful to me, and I don't lump you in with that group at all.

BN may not be the most popular guy on these boards due to his politics, but you always know where you stand with him. I respect him for one and couldn't agree more than with his post above. Paz/Rav/XM/? just had to e-mail them, as we've ALL taken hits lately and understand that is the nature of this game...

SB :cool:
stand up guy

dude you live in a glass house

Alot of us have taken hits lately. There was much differing speculation about this particular situation, where many guys lost big$. One good guy lost $54k alone! Rather then beat each senerio back and forth, with no real proof, I took it at face value. Call me a fool-but whats done is done. XM and a few other guys promised to repay loses in a previous situation gone bad-I believe all intentions were to do just that. But then the 100k disaster wiped out a few guys totally. As was said - everyone knows what can happen in this game. So everyone from top to bottom took a loss. Most of the guys have spent years building solid reputation. But - coming clean may be the best way to keep those reputations intact, if the parties responsible wish to do so. Cant squeze blood from a rock, some may be pissed, but maybe just to put it out in the open and be done with it would save some face. :(
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The Facts

The facts are out there if your willing to look some of the guys names that are being thrown out like JEEVES, GUMP and MULTI were board vets under different names and well respected guys. If you don't know what happens behind these boards then you live under a rock.

They and several others trusted another Vet some thought he was a good guy and he may still be but he had a bad partner, they all got ripped and one is still in jail.

You want to talk like these guys did it on purpose but they got ripped off like you did, if they would and could they'd still be in business but they trusted the wrong people and now everyone's
paying but like the saying goes payback is a bitch.
nothing personal

But i know the behind scence and 4multi well had a rec problem that the powers to be shouold of stop and didnt

He had no control over a 100k ripoff no matter what he did.
I gotta agree to some degree. Rec drugs or not, the $100k
loss happens either way. The 'group' was truly against any of its
guys using rec drugs-it always seems to contribute to someones downfall and may take others down with them. Although that may have happened eventually (assuming 4XM was using rec drugs as you say), it was not the cause of the whole incident and everyones losses.

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