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New member
Aug 13, 2003
two weeks ago I made a purchuse of something to help me get to the next level. Not sure if they are the real deal. I was using supertest250 and have seen no improvement two weeks after starting anadrol50 one tab a day for first 4 days then 2tabs a day for 7 days. Brovel. Came from south of the boarder in air tight pack. A friend told me they should be real bitter so I chewed one, more like chalk, not that bitter.
1st off

hate to see guys post "on ba ba ba" this will get me to next level, well it's a good supplement, but eating/training and time will get you to next level no easy way. Personally i find a50 have zero taste, best bet is to try them and see what kind of results you get.
No, good Anadrol has a distinct peppery taste. Every good quality one out there-Denkall75s, turk anapolin, han kuk, Hemogenin, unimed...let it disolve in your mouth and you will be left with that
slightly burny/peppery sensation.

Will have to let my BD's melt in my mouth and see... or my taste buds are shot from too much chicken and rice...
super test (sustanon) is going to take u about 3 weeks to "feel" even if u jump start it, a50'S work awsome but put too much of a toll on ur body for me to ever mess with, if they are real u will know soon.
how about this.

what does your diet look like.

how much protien are you eating.?
I am taking in about 150grams of whey proteinand 10grams of glutamine. As for my diet it is not to bad. lots of chicken breast and fish some complex carbs. eating four times a day.

Additionally, I hit the gym two time a day. In the morning before work for 30mins. then I try to get in an hour at lunch or after work.

Lets just say, I am doing most of the things right to see some good results.

I would have thought that after two weeks on A50, 1 1/2 hours at the gym 6 day a week that I would have seen some increase in strength by now. But nothing at this point, no in crease in stregth or muscle mass.
Few suggestions

1st off I think that at least 6 meals of REAL food should be eaten. If your trying to gain, then each meal should be both protien and complex carbs. Have 1 shake post workout with some simple carbs in it. If you count your shake that makes 7 meals total. Also unless one of your sessions at gym is cardio i would try to make sure your workout is just 1x per day. No need to hit each body part more than 1x a week. Posts here and everywhere but you want to be eating around 1.5-2g of protien per lbs and 4-6g per lbs of carbs. You can find food values online, and i HIGHLY recogment getting a cheap scale and measuring your food for few months until you have really good idea on how much chicken = 12oz for example.
Eating right and enough is really what its all about isn't it? I have a hell of a time making myself eat like I know I should. The couple of times I really did it pretty close to what you guys all say is right, I made some serious gains (even tho both times the cycles were actually fairly light!) I'm a trial lawyer and have such a crazy schedule its hard as hell to get enough (and the right kind) of food in me. But to be real honest (hard for a lawyer to do as I'm sure you all know), its a struggle to get enough in me even when my schedule permits. Sometimes I think I will gag if I eat another chicken breast. Although everybody talks about it on this board (and some others) I really think for the "average" BB'r this (eating) is the big not really understood secret for making real gains.
Food is the key

Using myself as an example for about 18 months i was stuck around 230, i THOUGHT i was eating tons. Then i started to measure and weight my meals (key to eating good on busy schedule is pre-cooking all your food and lugging around a cooler). When i started to really measure my food guess what, best gains ever, using less gear than ever and peaked at 246lbs. It is not my nature to weight and measure and pre-cook, but it's something you HAVE to do, if you really want to improve.
I agree with everything every one has said about diet. addditionally I cut back on my gym time a bit and fell a lot better. But all that aside. My real question is, should I not see something from the a50 after two weeks of use? When I used the supert250 I knew within a couple of days that It was real and results were great.

I must say though, your advice on diet is great, I all ready started eating more meals and stayed away from the gym yesterday. I fell great, sleep better, and will hit the gym hard today.

I have pic of the a50 Brovel, but can not seem to attach them, file is to big. but it is only a .3m pic ?

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