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Advice Wanted for Megadosing B5 for Severe Acne


Feb 20, 2013
I have severe acne on my back, neck and have been diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa (get huge pastules or boils?(not sure what to call them) on my armpits and smaller ones above my groin from time to time).

Wanted to attempt more natural route, so heard good things from megadosing b5 anywhere from 7-20g a day for 1month, then backing down to 2-5 for maintenance. Started 20g Feb25, that day no stomach issues, but I think after 2 days of that, I started to get diarrhea, so figured to back down to 16g (my scooper contains 4g of B5), still got it, so next day, went to 12g, still got it, today went to 8g, no issues.

I've heard to take B-complex vitamins when megadosing b5 to sustain adequate alternate B vitamins, so I've been doing that.

I wanted to know is there any other supplements I should implement or increase when following this B5 protocol? Are there specific times that would be more optimal? (empty stomach,pre-workout, post-workout) Type of foods to avoid or increase. It seems that it keeps me up if I take it too late towards bedtime, or maybe it was just because of those higher dosage days. It feels like I need to drink a lot more water with this b5 increase...

One unique fact about what else is recently going on with me is I'm taking licorice plus by metagenics (1 tablet morning, 2 tabs lunch) and pantethine(1 tab breakfeast, 1or2 lunch, 1 dinner) for my adrenal fatigue issues, and this regimen has been very fucking effective, I wake up early good to go, and easily knock the fuck out at night. From what I understand, my main issue was my cortisol levels were all fucked up, high at night and low in the morning (Id typically have to take a nap after morning to get through the day with some decent energy).
Heres a protocol I have been using. I am not the author, I did copy this from another gear forum.

There's been quite a few threads regarding acne and how everyone treats it. I'll explain what I've done to keep acne under control and go into a bit of detail on how it actually works. I typically only get acne on some cycles, but once in awhile I'll change my diet and get hit with some acne. Keep in mind, while the evidence is there, your experience may vary. Severity of acne could be affect how well this protocol may work. But this will be a great place to start and whether it cures your acne or not, it will certainly minimize it. It's not a guessing game, it works.

It's important to understand that nothing happens overnight. Even prescription medication is not a magical-instant-cure. However, this will allow those who don't have access to prescription medication to supplement with Over-the-Counter products at a cost effective price.


- Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)
- Zinc (Preferably Zinc Picolinate)
- Pycnogenol (Optional)


Vitamin B5:
Large doses of this vitamin will reduce the size of your pores. It also causes the body to metabolize fats more effectively, inevitably resulting in less oil and sebum in the skin. That's it on B5. Simple and to the point.

This is crucial so I will go more in depth here. Acne is a symptom of Zinc deficiency, which is not uncommon. Over 30% of the population is deficient. Zinc is a vehicle for Vitamin A, and leads it to your skin, which makes for healthier skin. It supports the immune system so it acts like an antibiotic.

Naturally, skin cells die. But they don't die and renew efficiently if you're Zinc deficient. This process is called apoptosis. Without Zinc, skin cells bind together and slows down the shedding of your skin. This will clog your pores. Not good for acne. Even Accutane has an ingredient (isotretinoin) that helps facilitate apoptosis. This gives you a clear idea of the power of Zinc.

I've been using this one for a while now. But I'll be honest, I never took it for it's skin-care properties. Recently spoke to a dermatologist friend of mine and she endorsed this drug for healthy skin. She told me that it has certainly played a major role in keeping me acne free. (I see her for skin pigmentation, not acne) - Note that I have developed slight acne while on this drug, which is when I kick in B5 and Zinc. The 3 work together so well and virtually eliminate all spots. Without it, my acne could have been out of control.

The way it works is by binding to collagen. It increases oxygen delivery and decreases carbon dioxide. This results in much healthier skin. It also increases elasticity and minimizes wrinkles. Away from the skin, it works in the background by allowing for better blood flow (increasing vessel size), thus delivering more nutrients through your bloodstream. Like I said, it's optional because the other 2 may just do the trick, but this one just might seal the deal. This is the most expensive of all three supplements, another reason to keep it optional.


If your acne is severe, for your first week you will need to frontload these compounds to give your body a boost in the right direction, after that we're going to move onto standard dosing and maintenance. If your acne is not severe, skip week 1 and start with the standard dosing protocol.

Week 1 (if acne is not severe, skip to week 2):

Vitamin B5: 14 grams (7 gr in the morning, and 7 gr before bed)
Zinc: 100 mg daily (50mg in the morning, and 50mg before bed)
Pycnogenol: 240 mg (120mg in the morning, and 120mg before bed)

Week 2 (start here if your acne is not severe):

Vitamin B5: 10 grams (5 gr in the morning, and 5 gr before bed)
Zinc: 50mg daily (25mg in the morning, and 25mg before bed)
Pycnogenol: 120 mg (60mg in the morning, and 60mg before bed)

Repeat week 2 until acne clears...

Note: All 3 supplements are water soluble.

Run the above protocol until your acne has cleared. Generally, you can expect to see improvements after 2 weeks, and you can expect to be pretty clear from acne in about 6 weeks. Again, everyone is different but for OTC treatment, this works well and reasonably fast. Note that you may experience some oily skin during your first 10 days. This will go away.


Hair Loss (if you're prone):
Prevention/Fix: L-Cysteine. 1 gr daily.

Stomach Discomfort:
Prevention/Fix: Cut B5 dose in half and increase by 1 gr daily so that you adjust to the mega-dose.

Oily Skin:
Prevention/Fix: This is normal and will go away in about 10 days. You're just getting cleaned up.

Good luck and stay clear!
10g B5

I tried 10-15g B5 per day for 3 months and got zero relief. I think B5 helps mild acne/pimples not severe acne.

Low dose Accutane is a godsend for me when on cycle. 5-10mg per day max totally clears my skin with no sides.
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Back Acne gone

I had hella back acne, all gone, from taking b5 consistently. But other factors that seemed to help was cutting out protein powder that had milk protein and getting bed tanned 2-3 week

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