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Albumin: Almost Everything You Want To Know (Re-posted)


New member
Sep 25, 2002
I cut and pasted this from Anabolic fitness(Written by deja_voodoo) b/c it has alot of the same things that I discussed about here but in a little more detail (previously on animals forum). Enjoy
Albumin (Human) is a sterile solution obtained from large pools of adult human plasma and is extracted by low temperature controlled fractionation. It is stabilized with several chemicals (not pertinent here) and pastuerized at 60 degrees CELSIUS for 10 hours
Actions/Clinical Pharmacology:
Albumin is active osmotically and therfore important in regulating the volume of circulating blood. When administered intravenously 50ml oc 25% albumin (its most common presentation which is equal to 12.5 grams of albumin) draws approximately 175 ml of fluid into the circulation within 15 minutes,except in the presence of severe dehydration.
Keep in mind this extra fluid reduces hemoconcentration and blood viscosity. Supplementing with some anticoagulants such as aspirin or possibly (and under an MD's care) a prescription anticoagulant if by chance it is warranted.
Unlike whole blood or plasma Albumin is considered free of the danger of hepatitis. Albumin may be given in conjunction with other parenteral fluids such as saline, glucose, or sodium lactate.
Indications And Useage (clinical)
-Shock: Used the emergency treatment of shock and other similar conditions where the restoration of blood volume is urgent. If there has been considerable loss of RBC's, transfusion with whole blood is indicated.
-Burns: Albumin in 0.9 normal saline or glucose to prevent marked hemoconcentration and to maintain proper electrolyte balance.
-Hyponatremia (low blood sodium) with or Without Edema: Indicated for a low concentration of plamsa protein (albumin) and a resulting decreased circulating blood volume. Diuresis may occour in this case soon after administation in this case (Yes us bodybuilders want this !!!)
Contraindications/Precautions for use:
Albumin is contraindicated in persons with SEVERE anemia and cardiac failure.
Do not use if solution is TURBID or cloudy. This product contains no microbial preservative. Do not administer if container has been opened/entered anymore than 4 hours prior.
If dehydration is present additional fluids (IV) must accompany or follow the administration of albumin.
The quick response (increase) in blood pressure that is possible with the administration of this product needs to be monitored closely.
Doseage And Administration
Albumin may be given IV w/o dilution or it may be diluted with 0.9 normal saline or 5% dextrose (glucose) before administation.
When undiluted albumin is given in individuals with NORMAL blood volume the rate of infusion should be SLOW ENOUGH (1 ml/minute) to prevent too rapid of an expansion of the blood volume.
Okay, now how do YOU REALLLY USE IT?
From personal experience in helping a few people out that were doing shows here's what I have seen that works or doesn't work.
- You'll need someone to start a decent sized bore IV (I'd reccomend a 20g or 18g, but even a 22g will do) to allow the albumin to infuse in in a timely enough manner. Again at about a ml per minute. If you want to be precise or very accurate use this formula to help you calculate the number of gtts (drops)/minute.
#of ml (50) x (drip factor,tubing is either 10,15 or 60) and divide by the # of minutes (50).
50 x 10= 500, 500/50=10. So the damn thing should drip at APPROXIMATELY 10 drops per minute in this case.
- Anecdotally you are going to need 4 hours before the prejudging starts and sometimes closer to six. All depending on the person and their physiology.
I would suggest not just waiting till the first show to try this. Find a time in the last 2 weeks (the later the better, but not too close)to the show to try this out. Wake up in the AM and give the albumin and chart and tape/take pics of your condition and how it changes. Also Keep track of past H20 and food intake from the past evening.
I will be doing another post on the different volume expanders but this is by far the most effective and common one that is being used alebeit by a relatively small amount of athletes.
This is a much safer way (and more effective) than diuretics which pull fluid from the circulation FIRST-something we DONT want!
1996 Physician's Desk Reference

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