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Dare to dream


New member
Feb 28, 2003
Bodybuilding is the only real sport all others are merely a game.

If money were no object for me I would build the first bodubuilding stadium in the world. This facility would posess 100,000 square feet or more of usable space. Without saying the training facility would consist of every piece of eqiupment known to man, if it didnt make the cut we would throw it in the dead equipment heap. The facility would house several top notch Dining facilities and there would be beautiful models carrying trays of various fitness drinks. Kind of like in vegas if you are playing you drink free. Here if you are training you gas us for free. I would have a swimming/tanning/lounging facility second to none. Beach with wave simulator waterfall for theraputic sound, all indoors and climate controlled. Obviously private showers,bathroom, and posing rooms available. We would also house a 5 star hotel for our guests and people living onsite training for there next show. We would have the best trainers on staff available for the asking. Not to mention the top pros and amatures utilizing the guest cottages. These athletes would train eat sleep right here with no distractions and all of the praise in the world from our guests. The best part of all we would have an auditorium designed for bodybuilding competitions (only) no games allowed. We would host amature and pro events and we would have the biggest paydays for the pros that you can imagine. 1st,1,000,000 2nd, 750,000 and so on right on down to like 15th place taking home 50,000. There would be at least one show every month and to many posing exhibitions to mention. Any way that is a small look at my dream. It seems to me that there has to be at least 1 million bodybuilders world wide. Membership to this facility could be as low a 5 bucks per month per member. That is five million per month. When you are in town stop in and show your card at the front desk and the rest is just a dream. Simple isn't it. Happy dreams Mr. Clean101
Good dream :)

When a golfer gets paid 1,000,000 for winning the masters or the PGA championship, there is something wrong. Yeah, maybe more people follow golf and it caters to the rich, but there are 53,000,000 gym members in North America...I am sure 60% of them take some sort of supplement?? HMMMM, MUSCLE-TECH, EAS, MET-RX, PINACLE, and the others should pitch in more cash for the winners...who can live off of 10,000.00 a contest??? I am sure a golfer doesn't eat 6 meals and 4 protein shakes a day??

anyways, that is a good dream...
I have to say I would be a member if not competing....this sounds like heaven to me...damn. why did you have to write this? I wish I was rich too, I would do the same damn thing. Someone write Bill Gates!
dare to take the dream a little further

Steak, Those numbers are very interesting and I believe you because of your line of work. Do you realize that just 2% of that number is 1,060,000 that exceeds the million I was joking about. I played around with the numbers a little since is was just dreaming. Check it out. First and foremost this venture would have to be a nonprofit corp. If uncle sam gets his cut it kills the dream on the spot. In one years time after full membership a 30 million dollar facility could be constructed. You could hire 300 people to work there and if only 50% of the membership came each year you would have a service ratio of 4.5 members to each employee per day. So the service would be unserpassable. You would put out a payroll for your community in excess of 1,200,000 per month and 1,100,000 per month in operational expenses . What community would scoff at that. I think they say you can calculate like seven times a payroll is the benefit to the community. something like that. These numbers are based on that 5 dollar per month membership. I figure food would be rather cheap too. Like 5 bucks per meal and 25.00 per night in the motel. This leaves near 2 Million per month for contest payouts, promo,doorprizes, whatever. It is non profit remember you have to spend and you cant hord so the benefits go to the members that pay 5 bucks per month. Furthermore after a year or so the membership would have to become prefered or one quits one joins type set up. If you had to many members you could not accomodate all of the visitors on a daily basis. Sorry man I get a little worked up. Mr. clean101
No worries about getting worked up...
I was just reading your post. That would be bad ass, but could you imagine if 35% of the members showed up for one contest. How would one accomidate all those people?? I like the higher pay outs to the PROS. Why is it that every other professional athlete or sports figure gets PAID!!?? Why our sport feeds off of the scraps of the sponsors?? They pocket millions a year while the sports reps only get a fraction of that. It just pisses me off to see that the top 5 body builders can barely make it off of their yearly contest checks.

I love the dream...

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