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New member
Mar 10, 2010
thought Id start a log here. lill about me... Im 40 and been training on and off all my life, I am 5'10'' and 275 or so rt now (on 100 mgs a week for trt and thats it rt now). Ive gone thru long periods with no training at all but trying to be consistent now (at 40 I have 2 herniated discs I am SUPPOSED to get surgery for but workmans comp is being a BITCH. I would like to do a show in the next year (for shits and giggles) but we will see what happens. I refuse to ever give any advice on anything I do not have first hand experience with....but I do have plenty of experience with plenty of things.

I know some people here from other boards so whats up to them (if I like ya and if I dont just leave me alone).

anyway here are a cpl vids to start (stronger now though and will get some new ones up)

YouTube - 365 reverse grip smith bench press

YouTube - 385 reverse grip smith benches

YouTube - 500 lb stiff deads

YouTube - 410# seated cable rows

thats all for now. off tothe gym later and I will prob try and explain why I do what I do as the journal goes along.

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So this afternoon was:

Squats 455X4 for 2 sets

Tried to use a leg press I have never used but at the end of my warm up/gauge the wt set the dumb sled wouldn't 'catch' so I didn't bother doing a heavier 'work set'.

Calf raises for 2 sets

Ab machine for 2 sets.


Ok, as I have said I am waiting on back surgery so I can't squat like I want to. This was, if I remember rt, the 4th time I squated since January when I hurt my back... I seem to handle low reps ok but if the reps creep up....ouch! Anyway, dealing with the discs is a PAIN in the ass.

Ah, that's it for now.
Nice, but maybe work comp is "being a bitch" is because they see you in the gym lifting some heavy ass weight and they figure you can go back to work if you can lift. Nice lifts tho
It ain't a matter of working or not worKing cause I am working. It's about them sending me to 4 docs and they all say I need me I wish I did not need it. I ain't trying to get anything but my back fixed. Anyway, thanks man, not being testy just trying to explain it.
Back and bis earlier:

Bent BB rows

Behind the neck pulldowns
Just pull down as far as I can with no rotation in the shoulder joint, just repped out with 200

Seated rear dell machine
2 sets

Machine curls
1 rest pause set

Hammer db curls
1 set

Rv ez curls
1 set.

That's all.

Got a vid ill post up tomorrow.
Today was:

Rv grip smith bench
385 then drop to 315
Go to 405 next work out

60s for a set.

One ARM rope ext, one set over head, one set cross body and one set of pushdowns
One set of machine ext.

One set of seated fly machine.

That's all.


Decided to rest my back today SOOOOO

Leg press
Just went up to 8 and change for reps

Calf raises
2 sets

Standing hammer leg curls
2 sets

Inner then outer thigh machine (whatever their called)
2 sets total, one of each.

Done for today.
I posted the vid in the pic section but... yesterday was:

Rv smith bench
405 then drop to 315

Laterals with 55'a

Dips with 90, repped out.

One ARM rope extensions... elbow in front like lying ext.

One ARM over head rope ext.

Seated fly machine, seat high so its like a decline fly...emphasize extreme stretch.

Recovering from getting sick as hell out of no where... Monday I was just BEAT but wanted to do a lil something... was dumb and went heavy anyway and pulled my left pec rv benching... waa dehydrated so I never should have pushed it.... took the rest of the week off till Friday and decided to just warm up and do some moderate deads. Worked up to 635... easily had the strength to pull in the mid 7's but didn't wanna push it. Hope to be back to "normal'' this coming week. Take care peeps.
Today was just arms:

After warm up just 4 exercises for 1 set of each exercise for tris and 5 exercises for 1 set each for bis.


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Nice videos, bro. I showed a couple to my 22 year old son to show him how it is done. His friend has a gym in his basement, so I really do not get a chance to see him workout. Again, thanks for taking the time for the videos.:D
Hey dunhill,

I notice when you do the 500 SLDL you strap up but still use a mixed this just a comfort thing or are you trying to get assistance for regular deadlifts? Just curious...

Nice lifts btw
Well back was cut open.... not good. They trimmed the discs but doc said he was SHOCKED. by the amount of arthritis he found. Ahh just venting.... already planning my return. Prob gonna start a whole new journal with vids and pics when I'm cleared to train "easy".

Been doing pt for 2 weeks now.... Yea it took 2 months for the ins to approve pt AFTER MY SURGERY. Anyway... Got on the scale I guess a month or so ago and was shocked I was 287 (@ docs, bought a new scale on way home and it said the same) so I decided I gotta drop some wt for my back.... Down to 263 or so and heading down to 250 or even 240 ..... Feeling snall and skinny!) ... Losing some muscle along the way but its ok cause once I hit a back healthy wt I'll run a mild cycle and get my muscle back quick.

My left leg and but cheek is in constant pain and I get a shock real bad going down stairs or just stepping down of curb or anything.... Surgery was supposed to cure leg pain and leave back the same.... Backs as bad or worse and leg is BAD. Doc scheduled me for an emg on the 30th to see if I have any permanent nerve damage too my leg... Great! Been training light (kinda) and doing nothing to compress the spine rt now. Hell I can train with the pain if they tell me I can't make it worse but considering the doc WANTED to do a fusion to vegin with I gotta be kinda careful

Looks like career change time anyway and back to training clients full time but I gotta open a studio cause I can't do it at a chain gym. I gotta do that on my own. Rt now I got 3 clients down over 120 or so and another down 70 or so rt now. I gotta be able to train who I want and who will put out the effort. I'm planning a pretty specialized emphasis for a client base ... A base willing to PAY and a base I cab really help. I'll go into more detail when I have this up and running

Anyway I should be 250 or so in a cpl of weeks and hope the emg shows no permanent damage and maybe some other explanation so I can get back at it.

Down to 256... Really don't know how low ill go. I am dropping SOME muscle but its basically in my chest and some arms. Have not really lost strength or size in my back and the lill bit I am doing for my legs has had them actually grow a lill. I know I will have a big bounce back when it comes to muscle as soon as I settle at a wt and up my cals some.... Thinking now I'm gonna go down to 240 or so, continue mad work on my flexability in Physical Therapy and then let my wt creep up to a lean 250 or so. Playing it kinda by ear.... Just wanna reach a wt that's healthy for my back and lean. I really ain't enjoying this... Not that I have a prob eating less but cause I hate losing size. Again my diet plan is super complicated....I'm doing the old "eat less, move more" diet plan. Zero over thinking, no carb concerns, no paranoia about macro break down, etc... Just eating less.

Good luck with recovery and with your business. My wife recently had two back ops in a month period for herniated disk. First was a discectomy where they shave back the disk. Unfortunately it reherniated and then she had fusion with hardware inserted. She is 2 months post op now and doing much better. After first procedure she still had bad pain in glute and down the leg. She doesn't have that anymore and little by little is getting back to normal. Hopefully you will have a good outcome.

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