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Feb 23, 2003
No that is NOT William Wallace screaming out just before he dies in Brave heart! But it's not far off!! I just wanted to express my
particular view for the week. Your input is worthless without your action...............

There is no doubt that our founding fathers would cringe if they were resurrected and placed in Washington today. I thoroughly believe they would passionately disapprove of the hegemonious attitude our government has developed over the generations. We as the majority of the people have been desensatized to the original decrees that were brought over by our forefathers. As a democratic nation we have allowed our views, our rights and our freedoms to be dictated by a few delegated people, bequeathed to them by faith that they would ethically represent the fundamental rights of the people. We have permitted an attitude to encroach our nation by letting our voices be dissolved in the corruption of the aggregates that are out to seek ones own agendas, of acquisition of wealth and of power, beyond reason. We as a society have acquiescently allowed ourselves less power to voice our opinions, and to express our views, and to lay claim to our primary rights,. We did this by viewing those ‘leftist’ that speak up and sometimes protest in an organized fashion against the actions of the governing bodies that contradicts the original statutes of our ancestors, as extremists or fanatics. We do this unconsciously because we have subsequently allowed the bark to be chipped away from our tree of freedom. And we now stand here not realizing that is was once an thriving oak that used to stand before us, and our fathers.
I don’t speak here as a revolt against authority, but as a reminder to the people and to those select public servants whom are elected into position, that our society is not held together by force or even its laws, but it is by moral suasion. Democratic presidents are supposed to rule not by authoritative and arbitrary decrees, but simply by the sufferance of common man. Its very unfortunate that those of us with
a contrary position , have our [already] limited powers suppressed by our doctrines long history of acceptance, brought on over years and over generations. Which has resulted in slowly desensitizing us to the original decrees of democracy. We slip and fail to look at the origins of our constitution as our standard, but instead we look to prior administrations, which are merely faded Xerox copies of the pure substance of our constitutions, thus reflecting upon deteriorated versions of our rights, and the diffused genuineness of true democracy. Inside this environment, legislators draft and approve laws that are out of focus as well as not inline with core principles of our constitution, therefore not reflecting the views or even beneficial to the individual rights of the people.
So what has happened then to the nation, to the governing bodies and those individuals that represent them? I can see how someone that spends a lot of time in government can take a deceptive view towards the STATE, as a true and genuine representation of the PEOPLE, when in reality we all know that the state is not necessarily parallel with the true concerns of the people. With that deceptive view even the most sincere of statesmen will dedicate oneself to preserving the institution of the state at ALL costs, With such a tunneled vision approach the paramount place of the individual in the scheme of things is gradually and unknowing subordinated. Law and order legislation, for example is aimed at maintaining the stability of the state, even if a few (and in many cases MANY) individuals have their rights trampled upon in the process. Therefore forgetting that the state exists only to serve the individuals.
Currently our system is fashioned in a way that makes it difficult to voice our concerns as independent individuals or even groups of individuals. This disempowers the system of democracy from its original and purist intents, which is to be governed by the people for the people. Its an expression of the disregard that the nation is supposed to be created by as well as maintained by the individuals consent. The current state of the system leaves a gulf between the people and the delegates that is too far for effective communication. That results in a balance of power that leans much too far towards the state that is comprised of a concentration of decision making individuals that is vulnerable to be influenced by agendas other than principle rights of man. And with this balance of power being unequal, it leaves the people virtually powerless to any DIRECT voice to be able to make any changes. Great effort is required on behalf of the individuals to pool together and express our voice in a manner to be heard by the representatives that sit far up on the hill, out of ears reach of the peasants below in the villages.
This leads me to request your assistance in a quest, one based not so much on dreams as much as it is a simple noble objective. To reclaim the rights afforded to us by the blood sweat and tears of our forefathers which makes up the fundamental essence of our country. Up to now laws have been a concrete defense by our ruling class that have been set up to protect its interests. Unfortunate for us in order to fight the ruling class and for our freedoms, we have had to break its laws. Its now time to fight a different fight, one that gives us the freedom over our own bodies. I do sincerely believe that freedom IS the answer, but there is NO freedom without personal responsibility. This is what we should be fighting for, the ability to exercise our own personal responsibilities, by breaking down and hindering the laws that take that away.
Bros and Sis's, lets start here and all take an active part in this fight for our supplements!!
Most of you may not use Pro-hormones or even Ephedra but if ‘they’ win this battle the war on our freedom for anabolics will be a step backwards and not forward. A victory for ‘us’ in the OTC supplement arena is a small win for the AAS cause and step closer to de-scheduling. A small one albeit, but a step all the same. Please sign onto **broken link removed** and become a member!! Write your congressmen using the form USFA has integrated!! Rick is working VERY hard on this right now because he sees how important this is to win the bigger picture.. He CANNOT do it alone!!
I fully understand many of you may be mid cycle and your kahunas may be swiveled up the size of raisins. But grow some advocate balls and lets get in this fight!! I know most of you will say I don't have time for that! It’s not going to do any good! I just want to get big and ripped, that’s all!! Bros and Sis's!! This is WAR!! And we are in it. Are we going to sit around and be passive and just let them trample our rights??? Come on now!! This whole thing has gone on long enough. If you have a twinkle of pride and integrity sign-on, and lets let these politicians know that we have a voice. If we sit back and let just a small group of activists do all the work, that its a coward move on our part. Especially in the long run when it affects our freedoms. We sure will be the ones sitting back whining when even more freedoms are taken away!! If you need clarity on how to get involved in a pragmatic way, then contact me. MikeS, I am sure will help you as he is the most active guy I know in this!! Although don't bombard him, I am primarily using him as an example. Plus I think he gets off on it!! ;) just sign on the site. Time to come together and fight!! Please don't let my voice and my words land on deaf ears and blind eyes!! You all know what effort and intensity is all about!!! That’s what its going to take here as well. I say we, in a strategic and intelligent way, start raising some T-total HELL!! :D It’s YOUR freedom at stake!! **broken link removed**
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Glad to see you back around Sup. I got a generic response from my congresswoman after sending that letter in. Now I am sending a similar one to my senator.
hey bro did you take a breath between lines or hold it till you were done im kidding bro, verry well put togather

Hey Superior you sound like Thomas Jefferson. Poor bastid be rollin in his grave if he knew how the government be actin up with all these restrictions today. Thank You for shairin that stuff. I signed up today.
nicely put! i joined today.this is going to be one hell of a fight but we can and will win.this is our country not theirs(politicians).we need to take back our rights now!
hey bro I know how u feel on this one I think the only person of the past who would realy appreciate what we are doing is monroe lol his document is kinda the ground work for how we aer today but enough of that. its interesting to point out the conditions also of the new anti terror eviroenment ( 1984). Naw this is intersting stuff but this isnt a plotical board

MikeS posted a link to a web site that "automatically" created letters for "your" state's legislators. I believe that it was tied to Rick Collins website.

It made it very easy to print the necessary 5 letters and put them in the mail.

Here's the post: **broken link removed**

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Yes Ive covered this before, but now as SUP1 said its high noon and we need some big wins in these issues to direct the AS issue in our favor. Think-if they make pro-hormones illegal, how the hell are we going to ask for AS to be de-criminalized? Fat chance! So this is VERY important RIGHT NOW! Its crunch time. The next couple/few weeks will likely decide which direction this goes.

You may get a generic letter. If it in any way expresses that your viewpoint will be expressed or recalled when the bill approaches conrgess-that to me is the rep giving their word they will support you when the time comes. HOLD THEM TO IT! Fax the letter to Rick at 516-294-0477. Id imagine thats the end result he wishes for, in addition to the hopeful awareness that the representative may now possess.

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