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Its nice to talk to the boys again!



I just wanted to say how nice its been talking to the old crew again like tempest,JJ,MIke_s,
BI A,RY,Xcel,LATS,Skip,DPsquat,PatK,A50,and alot of the guys I have had the chance to meet on here like Iabadman,DC,Mikeman,Josh Barnett,ECT.... IF there is one thing we can thank Fathead for its that he brought our brotherhood alot closer together and proved what I also knew was true and that is that this place is actually like family for alot of us. I wish all of you the best during the holidays and look forward to getting this upcoming contest season rolling with the boys. I hope to see alot of you at the Arnold and you guys give me an idea on what type of article thats would be new and cutting edge and I'l lwork on them for you. I don't want to re-hash stuff that has already been written but things that are new and exciting and will make everyone think! RY I'm calling you out on this one buddy!LOL best wishes wyldeone.
hey wylde, are you going to have any competitors at the aronld this year?

im about 99% sure im going, just waiting to see if anyone is going w/ me b4 i purchase tickets and a hotel..


Yes actually I will have one!

I will have 1 client doing the show as another top nutritionalist and I are trying something as far as working together to learn this individuals body together. Its new for both of us but this individual(whom i won't mention right now until after the show) has always been a favorite of mine with great genetics and nice,round,full muscle bellies. It should be a great show this year! wyldeone.
I am so glad you decided to return to this board.This is a much better place with you here .How about an off season mass program artical ? [ LOL!..... it might be interesting to some of us. Hint ! hint! LOL!] Wylde you are cool phuker I feel like that we have crossed paths.
Hey wylde,

Did you ever meet a guy named "Vein" who moved out to vegas not too long ago? Are you still in Vegas?
Of course, your always welcome back home (here) my friend! ;)


It's always nice to see you here my friend. We all sure do miss your input when you're not around. It's definately nice to see the old crew all together and like you said, meeting alot of others good bros lately as well. Don't leave us this time bro.....haha. Hell, I know your busy as can be......and so am I, but always find time to check in and say hello buddy!!!! Take care.


I was fucked by sources for $30,000, my two dogs were killed by someone I have proof was sent by a local source who dealt on the net.

I fucked 9 other boards but this one is my favorite *****.

The only thing I will say is BIG A the owner of this board is a stand up guy and that’s about it.



I misspoke my first strike at the evil underground world was not the other night but playing soon on THE O’RILEY FACTOR.

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If your not careful you might join your fuckin dogs!!!!!:mad:

i do know a "Vien" actually two of them both are great guys one is a mod on numerous boards and the otehr is a personal friend of mine that doesn't post on the net or any bodybuilding boards whatsoever and yes one lives in/around the Vegas area. PatK and Xcel it is great to be back here as always and to Gooney or whoever you are its nice to see you contributing in such a professional manner. sorry to hear about your dog's and loss of cash but how does that relate to any of us? kinda makes you wonder about some of these people. other than that one post its nice to hear from all of you again and Iabadman I will infact start piecing together some articles althoe i really hate to write up dosages because i don't want some of the younger and/or less experianced users doing a cycle that I might do myself or have some of my athletes using because I personally wouldn't want to see anyone risk their health so in that I think the cycle info I write on the general board might be contrued as to mellow by some standards but I will see what I can put together to make you all think a little!LOL best wishes wyldeone.
Ah its really good to have the family here, we have been together so long, and its growing too and I hope the newer guys stay.
Wylde, wheather any of us ever has problems with one guy or another-lets stay together. Ther is always a little BS to sift through. But we are all bros from way back and we need to hang together. I always happy to see you around and your input is always valuable.

Gooey will keep me in practice at banning people today (if noone else beat me to it).
Damn it-someone DID beat me to it!! HEHEHEHE! :D

Xcel with the quick draw?!?

THis is going to be a great time at the Arnold 2004! Me and B2K are making the trip again and cant wait to meet Wylde and hopefully all the other bros too. PatK? RY? IAMBAD?
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Wylde, I feel left out. Then again...I'm on your heels:D
Inside joke guys........

I mentioned you numerous times althoe you need to get on-stage again my friend! You had a bright future! nothing wrong with being an NPC judge or chair butt you can do both and you know it you've been very succesfull in the past in both venue's. I want to see you ON STAGE PERIOD! get your affair's in order and let's rock n roll buddy. later buddy wyldeone.
Good to see you're back on the board.

Great guy!!

Known wylde for some time now and is one of my best buddies. Mike S I would love to go but, life is chaotic right now with starting new business's and building house so might not see a BBing show for awhile.LOL

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