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Possible Problems with Using HcG?


New member
Dec 16, 2007
Anyone see this?

It was passed on to me by a friend.

**broken link removed**

It covers a number of topics but the first one is the one of primary concern. Now I also believe that the HcG Weight Loss Program (and Clinics) are scams and don't work (at least due to the HcG... very likely due to the EXTREME lack of caloric intake!). But questions raised about the use of HcG in general (disregarding the weight loss issue) makes me wonder if this guy is on to some legit research - or has misinterpreted some studies?

From what I understand about him, he is a personal trainer and a researcher, he has been published in medical journals, and has written a book (I think it is called "The Cholesterol Con" - or something like that - and my friends does say that it is an excellent book, both well written and well researched).

So it makes me wonder.

One part of the webpage indicated above that raised some concerns was this part:

HCG has been shown to be immunosuppressive in animals and in vitro studies with human blood suggest it could have the same effect in otherwise healthy humans[6]. What this all means in terms of real life susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections among HCG users remains, to the best of my knowledge, unknown. Nonetheless, if one insists on using HCG (or must use it for legitimate medical reasons) then avoidance of people who sniffle, cough, and rub their genitals would probably be a great idea. Even better would be to re-read my HCG article and wake up to the fact that the HCG fad is just a big overhyped and overpriced placebo wank.

And also this:

HCG and its metabolites are also produced in abundant amounts by cancer cells to assure adequate supplies of oxygen and nutrition to tumours, by stimulating blood vessel growth[7]. The ability of HCG and its variants to impede white blood cells is critical not only for embryo survival, but helps tumours to grow and spread without being attacked by the patient’s normal immune response to disease. Many scientific studies have implicated HCG and its variants in causing or worsening cancer. In fact, a number of Biotech companies have studied the use of HCG-suppressing preparations as anti-cancer agents:

**broken link removed**

And **broken link removed** led me to a page where I didn't understand a lot of what they were talking about, so wondered what some of the experts here might have to say after looking in to it.

Of course I can't find it now, but one of the pages I ended up going through referred to a clinical study where the participants were using 165 I/Us of HcG daily for six days a week for whatever the duration of the study is. Now I know Dr. Crisler recommends HcG at 250 I/U (and up to 350 I/U in certain cases) so we aren't talking a big difference here (165 x 6 = 990 I/Us versus 500 - 700 I/Us weekly) - and that many of primarily HcG programs are taking much higher doses than that.

So what seems to be the consensus?

Oops... hold on.

I did just find some information on looking up the regular program (jeez, everybody using it has some variation of it, but this seems like the original regimen) that the HcG being used in the "Weight Loss Clinics" (as developed by the initial "discoverer" of this program, a Dr. Simeones) is like 1250 I/Us a day, six days a week, for like 6 or 7 weeks, then apparently you take a break of some time period and repeat cycle until down to desired weight. And then (I think) you stop the program, though I would bet more than one "HcG weight loss clinic" out there keeps you on a "maintenance level" (gotta' keep that cash flow coming in). Anyway, 1250 I/Us six times a week means that we are now talking like 7500 I/U of HcG weekly.
Personally I think a lot of what this guy is publishing is taken out of context and/or misinterpreted. HCG is has been known to be produced/secreted by various tumors and because of this it's measurement in blood has become a marker for cancer presence. Again, a marker, not the cause.

Someone with HCG in their blood who should not have it present more than likey has a tumor that is producing it. Administration of HCG may limit/seize your immune system from destroying cancer cells but that's only if these cells are already present in your body (not causing the cancer).

I'd love to hear other folks opinions.
I was able to dig this article up which touches on what I mentioned:


Here is the main takeaway...

Through the presence of hCG, cancer cells are able to independently regulate their own growth. Acevedo confirms that hCG makes a tumor "invisible" to the immune system, which is loathe to attack anything in the body that looks like a developing fetus. "These characteristics make cancer cells immunologically inert."

So in other words, if you take HCG, and you already have cancer but didn't know it...you're screwed.
BUT i would imagine once HCG administration ceases all things go back to normal just like a pregnant woman right?
Pulling out my old immunolgy/pathology/oncology notes....HCG in males mimmics LH... . It is however not a naturally produced hormone in the male. As far as the body initiating an Immune response there is some truth to that... HCG is a glycoprotein the that can potentially cause A/B formation and initiate an immune response against the hormone.

And yes HCG is a marker of SOME tumors (only one that I could find)in males and is thought to be <somewhat> immunosupressive so the body will tolerate the tumor. In females during pregnancy/ovulation pregesterone is the MAIN hormone for immunosupression. As far as tumors are concerened HCG is NOT the cause, it is simply a marker/ indicator when ruling out/confirming diagnosises. THere are other more important factors such as uncontrolled cell multiplication which is a good indicator also immunosupression, some kind of WBC malfunction(s). Tumors are tricky bastards they can mask themselves with "self" antigens to evade detection etc etc.
I hope some of these in vitro things don't hold true. Wonder if 2 weeks of HCG use really will effect the system that much. Having a hard time believing it
HCG diet worked for my wife incredibly. She had done super low cal before with no success. She added the HCG angd got down to 129. She hasn't been that low in 16 years.
I feel HCG definitely suppresses my immune system. I have been using HCG on and off for 17 years. I have noticed that very frequent dosing (EOD or ED) seems to cause this, for me, the key to keeping my immune system healthy is letting the HCG completely clear my system between doses (3-4 days). I generally do 300iu 2x/week.
Might it be wise to use HCG in combination with low dose Naltrexone in the future to counteract any immune system issues?
I am about to have to get a pea-sized gyno induced lump cut out. :/

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