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pro bodybuilders..i do not get it!


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Jun 5, 2002
this does not apply to many of them..some are very smart in their training and ideas.. my love slave phil h, kiwi, biga, milos, ect , all have very well thought out programs and routines but, some are still as dense as a box of rocks..case in point. i received my new muscular development in the mail today.. as i was thumbing through the mag a came across a vic martinez back training routine.. here is a guy who has made it to the pro ranks and still believes the following "i do hammer machines to etch in the detail of the muscle" he also brimgs up cable rows and says that they are just for detail and not a mass builder .the detail of the muscle?? can any movement be so specific..ya know the old wise tail of machines are for shape and free weights are for mass..resistance is resistance..in another issue, a different pro said that he does high reps toward a show because "high reps will bring the cuts out of the muscle. in the off season i do low reps for the size" WTF. i know that we have beat this dead horse to death in previous posts but, this goes to show me that with great genetics you do not have to know shit and somehow it just works. i was kinda hoping that the old myths would fade in time but, i guess not..i am done with my rant..lol:confused:
yea i love the old I do 40 sets for each bodypart that shit just gets me tired thinking about it
yea i love the old I do 40 sets for each bodypart that shit just gets me tired thinking about it
TO be honest....

I had ALWAYS thought that pro bbers were VERY smart ---- I mean, they had to have some smarts to figure out how to perfectly develop their bodies; and they also needed enough brains to be able to have "nutritional know-how" that they need.

Well I now realize I was wrong. Over the years I collected a lot of information on AAS, Bbing, ----- basically educating myself A TON. I learned enough to be AMAZED at what I read from some of the pro's, as I knew they were so mistaken. Damn.
Duhhhhhhhhhh weights get big RRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :):) hahahahahah
i know this might add to the stupidity, but micheal gundill is of the opinion that during a fat loss phase , if u train with higher reps , ure better off as type 1 fibres are better at fat oxidation compared to type 2 fibres , he goes onto mention type 2 fibres predominantly use carbs as their energy source , which would be absent or low during a hypocaloric phase , thus leading to muscle loss when training with very heavy weight and low reps .
and i agree this has nothing to do with increasing muscle defn , but i did feel the reasoning behind tending towards higher reps for fat loss is not a bad idea .
Duhhhhhhhhhh weights get big RRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :):) hahahahahah

Well it worked for the "BIG K"!!!!!
:D :D

Yup training is training, either it builds muscle or it dosent.
And fat loss etches detail, not exercise selection. Duh.
But Martinez looks huge on the recent cover of MD.
Martinez is a freak, no doubt. But personally I think a number of pro's don't know much (in a scholarly sense) about AAS pharmacology, training physiology, or nutrition. Most are genetically gifted and have had it "easy" knowledge-wise compared to a lot of us when it comes to getting big. And most of them just ate, stuck a dart (or many darts) in their ass, and lifted and boom, they blew-up. Of course, eventually you either really know your shit or you don't and that is what ultimately separates the best from the also-rans, and there are lots, and lots, of also-rans...

Bottomline: the more you know, the further you go (but it don't hurt to be genetic freak).

I think most BB don't have to be smart they just have to be consistant! I think as far as training goes you really can't do it wrong unless your form sucks or your not consistant! I think young or inexperienced bb think there is some ultimate formula for growth that would work with every individual on the planet! Well there is and that is train, eat, supplement, sleep consistantly. Alot of them tend to overcomplicate things or get wrapped up in marketing hype!! Thinking some new drug is going to make up for their lack of consistancy. Also there is alot of people who listen to what every pro says and think that it will work with them instead of taking the time and experimenting to figure out what works for them. Not saying that it wouldn;t work for them but alot of pros are simply genetic freaks and anything will work for them! Like in lats case how many people are going to be trying vics workout in an attemp to get the mans back development when in fact they could do the workout till their blue in the face! They will never have that level of development simlpy becuase they don't have the genetics for it!!
I always wondered if in the mags those are truly the pros workouts, or just a workout some writer put together and then they just plaster the pros pic all over the article.
I bet more than half the time probb's arent even writing their "articles." When MM2K first came out, I remember them comparing articles supposedly written by the same bb's in different magazines.....the writing style, advice and so forth was entirely different from mag to mag.

The best is that one guy....I think his name is Julian Schmidt (could be way off).... who uses words no one ever heard of before and tries to pass off his writing as a pro bb's ....I have given up entirley on published mags for advice.
I like how some pros will have different workouts in different mags in the same month!
I had a training partner that would always say, "look at ronnie's new workout!" I never once believed that the workouts in these mags were their actual workouts. You buy magazines for the supp ads, the rest is just filler with pretty pictures.
Duh, I am just a bodybuilder. I don't know what's going on.. but I can lift heavy weights! Yep, I can! duh...
Well here is my opinon,

I think the majority of professioal bodybuilders are quite knowldgable in what they do as far as nutrition, supplementation etc. Now some are knowldgeable in training methods and styles as well, some even work as personal trainer etc, ( although that in itself realy means nothing ). With all they do year in and year out, even if they paid somebody to write up thier cycles and nutrition plans , just reading it over and over again everyday when you look at it , you would learn quite a bit. Are most professional bodybuilders chad nicholls, or Milos Sarcev or a Charles Glass, no not really but I think they do have the basic knowlege and understanding of all that goes in to building the perfect physique.

However on the other hand you do have those people who are genetically gifted who can grow 20inch biceps just by curling a gladd of milk to thier moth every morning for breakfast. Becuase they see a rapid gain in muscle devolpment it is my opinon they become so mislead by thier ownbody that they think thier training styles are correct when in fact they may not be. All becuase any weight they lift they would grow. They never take the time to actually learn proper trianing techniques and becuase of that it spread inaccurtae training information.

But overall I think a majority of bodybuilders do have a good concept of most aspects of bodybuilding.


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