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Prostoglandins (PGF2)


Jun 13, 2002
I am thinking of running some PGF2 with a small cycle of T-Prop and Tren. Anyone have experience with this. Some say that PGF2 will increase the effects of AS.

Does anyone have knowledge or experience with PGF2.
Current pgf2 user. PGF2 will not strenghten your as. BUT PGF2 blows your musscles. It blows them so hard, that you won't be able to workout with heavy weights. and with as, you want to gain with heavy stuff. so: tha blow will be too hard. best is to use as, and after you use pgf2. actually you can say: it's wasting one of both.
Would like to know if it really does help in removing fat. People are saying it kills fat cells but it sounds too incredible to me. Care to share your results bro?
hell yeah!! you'll loose fat as never before. ones you inject it, half an hour later, you have to shit like hell. and believe me : that looks real fat. it is not shrinking your fat cells, but killin'them. and you'll feel it right away. to loose fat on a spot, inject dayly 0,3-0,5 ml into your fat. it wil burn a little and your skin will be red. next day it could be a little solid. after a week you will notice the fat reducement. without doin' anything. intermuscular injections will be hard. they hurt after 10 minutes, during an hour. but it works!! and there is no treath for liverproblems or anything. The only problem will be yourselve: can you handle the pain. injecting in fat, the pain is much less than in to the musscle. To reduce fat alle over your body (nog on a spot) you can do 2 things: 1 inject every day on diffrent places (like one day stomac, other day back, etc.) or use higher levels, but that might be too hard for ya.
in neighbourhood of your stomach, don't use too high levels. for the rest: good luck, bro
I have always been told to inject as far away from your stomach as possible because of the contractions you will get.

Do you get any muscle hardening effects from Sub Q shots in the stomach?
anyone with expericence from pgf-2 please let it all out, how u used it, results, everyhting
well im currently using it and ill tell you it works great with synthol for site inj.the only prob is it gives you the runs really bad.
be prepeared to have constant diarreah.used im with the synthol my arms look big and ripped .ive noticed im looking leaner too but im currently no somne supps so who knows.
yes you will lose strength but not that bad, you will get used too it and youll be fine.
i found insulin gave me worse pumps then anything.
just started on my calves and just using maintenece dose on arms.
cant wait too try it while bulikng.
good luck and make sure to have a bathroom on hand at all time lol
right, as far as possible from your stomach, but if you wanna loose fat at your stomach, You will have to do it right there. just 0,5ml per day should be enough. It only works on the spot. so you cannot loose fat at your stomach, while injecting in your shoulders, for instance. unless you inject a lot. that means several times a day and about a ml in a time. AND THAT HURTS!!!
Never lost

A bit of fat even with multiple localized injections for 3o days.

Thats the problem! I keep getting conflicting comments for PGF2. Some say fat loss some say no. Do you think its worth the pain and diarrhoea to use it?
I would like to use it on my calves to bring them up a bit. How bad is the pain?? I did synthol in my calves and could barely walk. Will it be that bad?
pain is a lot worse than synthol.my arms feel stiff and pumped all day and so does my ass, because i keep shitting lol

I started out with low doses and quickly moved up to avoid the anal discharge problems and still didn't notice a damn thing.

I did it on one side only so I could do a good scientific experiment and not one bit of diffference.

If you have to lose that last bit of fat when you are going under 6%, use hgh, or I or a combo and T3 and yohimbine.

I've suspected that PGF2 would not be useful for spot reduction once the bf percentage gets very low. But your reviews tend to incline towards the fact that guys with higher bf percentage (say in the 10% range) would be able to see results (at least thats the impression I get). What do you think?
When I did PGF2, I injected (with slin pins) at night before going to bed, then pinched a loaf, and went to sleep. The injection site hurt however I sleep through it, and the results were worth it:cool:
yes please define worth it! my body fat is 12-15% and I am gettin ready to start gh to slim down and wouldnt mind useing this as well if their are benifits:)
YES it helps lose fat please read

I have used it and I have to say it works on losing fat in the spot of injection BIG TIME....here is why I say this.
I have used it to hit my bis and tris. After hitting them and I haven't used this stuff in like 3 months I have veins I never could see before running through my bis and tris. It brought the veins out of lessened the fat so much it allowed the veins to show.
It also inflammed the area making it bigger and harder.
The first few shots were painful but I can that pain now and it doesn't get anymore sore than a regular AS shot the day after.

Now the shits....thats another story I still get them no matter what, not as bad as before but I still get them. Last about 25 minutes so give yourself that window to the bathroom.

I thought it was worth it, the temp pain and this pooping. I did not have much problem with using it, just the soreness after injection was my only problem, not much for making bowel movement for me.

Get this though, I got a nice new bottle of it, a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to crack it open and go for another test drive. However somehow I managed to put my neck, middle back and hips out of place, and cant lift till they get them back into place. Since my neck was out of place I have been having nasty migraines, which by adjustments and shots they have almost fixed that problem. So after I get lifting again, I should have some stories on how PGF2 worked for me this time.

Now as for spot reduction will it work if your not working out? I would love to have something to keep me in the shape I want to be. Would it be good to use it for spot injection while DNPing?
Any thoughts or comments would be good.

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