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Jun 4, 2002
Posted by psycholifter on 08-02-2002 05:47 PM:
All the steroid related laws...finally! I wanted to give my bros some advanced notice on a new book coming out by
Attorney Rick Collins that every one of us should have! As many of you know, Rick Collins is a former competitive bodybuilder and a nationally recognized authority on the laws as they relate to Anabolic Steroids. He is effectionately known in the bodybuilding community as "The Steroid Lawyer". When someone is arrested anywhere in the country for a steroid related offense and they find that their court appointed attorney doesn't know the difference between an aspirin and an anadrol, they call him. I am a law student and have been lucky enough to be working for Mr. Collins over the past few months. In that short time I have learned an incredible amount about steroids and the law and more importantly I learned how much I didn't know.

The book is going to be called, "Legal Muscle" and it will cover ALL of the Anabolic Steroid related laws of the states as well as the federal law. It will include the practical application of these laws, in other words, how a steroid case (Possession or Sale) would typically be handled in each of the fifty states such as what kind of plea bargaining is available. There will be information on
the legality of substances such as GHB, HGH, Cattle implants and virtually any and every substance that would be of "interest" to bodybuilders. There will be chapters that cover mail order steroids (domestic and international), seizure notices, search warrants, customs information, steroids and the internet,
international pharmacies, Physician prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy and I know I'm forgetting many more topics. It will also include cases that Mr. Collins has handled...the juiciest of the bunch. Most importantly, there will be a chapter on our Constitutional Rights and how to protect them. Let's face it,
if you don't know your rights you won't know when they've been violated. I'm sure I am forgetting some things so for more info you can visit http://www.steroidlaw.com./

In an effort to make the book a comprehensive look inside of AAS, there will be a glossary of steroid terms for the newbie or the attorney who is unfamiliar with our world as well as typical cycles and dosages. This book will provide the truth about the health risks and benefits of anabolic steroids while debunking the myths perpetuated by society such as the "cancer related" death of Lyle

We no longer have to bring our legal questions to the boards, relying on "armchair lawyers" and the experiences of others as our only means of understanding the law as it relates steroids. In my time on the boards, I have seen hundreds of posts where someone is confronted with a situation, be it a bust, a search, or even a seizure notice. Their fear and anxiety leads them to
the boards where they desperately ask the question, "What do I do?" In our efforts to help, each of us contributes what we know from our experience and what we have read in an attempt to help a brother out. Over the last few months as I have been researching and learning from Mr. Collins, I have found that most
of our advice is incorrect or incomplete at best. Finally we will have access to the truth!

I can only assume that over the next few months this book is going to be everywhere...I hope society is ready for the truth!
MIKE S personal comments:

Pycholifter-great to hear props being given to Rick!
Ive worked with Rick and have done a few tiny projects
for him which may be included in the book (I hope!).
I was also the subject and writer of the original
"Busted" article in the 9/01 Muscular Dev mag, which
became the predacessor for the monthly colum with the
same title. Rick is more then fair with his fees-you
can bet each is a bargin no matter the amount. He is
a great guy dedicating his lifes work to helping the
BB athlete get a fair shake legally. He works from the
heart, not the wallet. :)
As a BB'r and a lawyer, and a guy who also knows Rick, I can second what MikeS said about him. He is the best friend our community ever had. He knows AS law inside and our and is a hell of a nice guy also. He also knows all the "tricks and traps" used by the guys who don't have enough real druggies to chase -and they don't like him because of that. But he is totally straight up and honest so they can't get anything on him. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of his book. IMO every single one of us should have a copy.
Chuck, I didnt know you were a lawyer! Free advice...LOL

Anyway some more important breaking news:

Preordering for the book can be done on www.legalmusclebooks.com
Free shipping up until 9/1. Get it while its hot!
You want the first set of copies, otherwise wait for the second printing after the first sell out. There will be articles by John Romono in Muscular Dev; and by Brock Strasser in Testosterone.net

A valuable read for all! :D
Another bump for Rick Collins, I am going to get a copy of the book, everyone should remember him in case they ever need a lawyer.
Thanks for your support Mike...

Everyone even thinking of juicing should have this book...BTW, I'm sure that your infamous "experience" will once again serve to teach others. Thanks bro!

BTW, I like the board. I think I'm going to have to visit here more often.

Just wanted to bump this up to let you bros know that Rick will be doing a booth at the Olympia to promote the book. He is considering doing short seminars throughout the day to provide a sneak peak into what you'll be getting. The orders are already coming in like crazy!
Another bump for Rick to bring this to the top!
Big bump!

Required reading for all of us stateside!

Finally things will be clear and everybody will know how to avoid the "big" problems assocviated with this lifestyle. Big Bump for Collins!
Well boys and girls, Ive been privy to read the intro to Ricks new
book, and a full chapter on your truly, titled "I LIKE MIKE"!
Boy was I flattered-Rick is the man!
But let me say this book is some great reading. Articulate as
hell, but too the point with a homespun simplicity too.
I personally cant wait to receive my copy-for sure I'll post when the finished product is ready to mail. Dont forget you can make advance orders as mentioned earlier in this thread too!

Bump it up, Rick is a good guy who will also help out your lawyer with a defense should you already have a laywer on point.

Boing "the English_Bulldog"
BUMP again! To repeat what I said awhile back, as a lawyer myself, and a BB'r and a guy who also knows Rick, this book is an absolute must have for all of us! This guy knows the law on AS and the way law enforcement and the courts operate in this area better than anyone in the country. I know for a personal fact that a lot of the drug enforcement community that deals in AS issues doesn't like him simply because he is so effective. He is a totally honest straight-up guy, but that doesn't matter to them. This book will DEFINITELY not win him any more friends in that group!
"That group" you mention, Chuck, SUCKS!
They really dont like him here and made many snide remarks about him and John Romono while trying to raid me about 1yr ago. Know what that means? What he does works against them and for us!
I just spoke with Rick moments ago. He is headed towards Las Vegas for the Olympia. Sound like fun! Anyway - Rick gave me some suggestions on my writings to congress, politicians, media...
that will help our cause. Dont use terms 'performance enhancing' or 'athletes'-words I use repeatedly in my letters. It much reminds everyone of professional sport and cheating, just in association. And the major push for these idiotic laws (including the Anabolic Steroid Act of 1990 - thanks Geo Bush Sr!:mad: ) comes from the national sports governing bodies. 'Cosmetic', may be a better word for AS, in some type of context. That will associate with facelift, breast enhancement, lypo proceedure which the public (and apparently the govt) has accepted. I will use Ricks suggestions in my next writings-and I may rewrite my last letter to John Sweeny when/if I find time.

ALSO-Ricks book is due out end of NOV, 1st of DEC-its a must read for all!! "LEGAL MUSCLE" will be a blockbuster, hopefully the
lay public will recognize it to some degree (wishful thinking).
I THINK MIKES WILL AGREE THAT COLLINS IS A GREAT FRIEND TO THE BODYBUILDING COMMUNITY. he supplys alot of advice for us "muscleheads" who encounter overzealous law enforcement. i think it would be in everyones best interest to purchase the book to know what rights you do have. knowledge is power. plus, i always try to support people who have our best interests at heart and understand where we are coming from. support those who support us. :D
LATS you got that right!
Rick's book goes into detail about more than just legal matters,
much AS information is documented (some of which I was happy to help with!).
Yes any bro in our community who has trouble does best to contact Rick! You'll need him, and a local lawyer who is well connected.
Im hoping with this book project nearing end, Rick will be free to help with activist projects to all the media/govt retards. I'll certainly speak with him and get some input/info. But now between clients and the book he is at his limit. And, he still has the MD magazine column "BUSTED" also!

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