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self doubt


FOUNDING Member / Kilo Klub Member
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
o/t self doubt

guys, i don't mean to take up board space with this post, but this is the only place i call home when it comes to the net as the other sites just don't do it for me.

if you ever read about me before, you may know that i once owned my own business and unfortunately it crashed hard, and when it did, i lost everything, my house, car, even felt like my sanity hehe.

the past two yrs i have worked at jobs that I have absolutely hated going too, and i would tell myself everyday "you're gonna find your niche then you'll be your own boss again, don't give up"

its cheesy but every morning when shaving i try to keep that positive thought and keep saying good stuff like that to myself.

now here comes the hard part, i am so close, i have been working hard as hell trying to get everything together, and it's so close i can taste it, yet my funding has dried up, i have exhausted my credit limit, working a job i hate going too and just starting to doubt myself alot lately.

i have thought about taking out a loan on my life ins. as that would be enough to put me over the edge and i'd be straight, yet i know that if something happened to me, my fiance and little girl would suffer because of me.

my grandmother died in a fire when i was a child, and i found out a few weeks ago, that she had borrowed from her life ins. to "save her son". he was a f&^kin alcoholic and always breaking the law, she basically used all her cash to keep his dumb ass out of jail, and when she died, there was almost not enough cash to have her buried, I don't want my girl to have to go thru raising money for me if something would happen.

am i thinking to much? should i just say to hell with it and go for it?

sorry again for wasting board space, i just need to post somewhere and try to get some opinions. btw, i am also very pigheaded and stubborn as hell which isn't working so well when i try to get advice from other family members. their advice is basically, "hey, you failed once, you may fail again and waste more money" i try to blow em off, but it's just been getting to me lately.

thx fellas, hope i didn't waste to much space.

Stay after it bro! Something WILL shake loose. How many family members and friend that tell you you'll go broke AGAIN are financially independant?!? Probably ZERO! They dont say it it make you feel bad, they just do it to console you. People are too much like crabs. Put one crab in a basket without a top and he'll climb out. Put 2 or more crabs in an open-topped basket and none will leave! If one tries to climb out, the other(s) pull it back in.

You will never fail until you quit, it's just part of the journey. Do you think Donald Trump is rich? He went bankrupt (at least once that I know of) when he was BIG. He dusted off his ass, and climbed back on the horse. Do you think Abe Lincoln was one of our BEST presidents? Did you know he lost local election after election. He never quit. The only election he won was the presidency!

Keep your head up bro!

thank you

thx for the post, i guess i just need someone to pat me on the back and and tell me not to give up, kinda like when a spotter is yelling for more one rep. :)

thx again dude.

ONE MORE REP!! Thats right, I agree. It's all about motivation, and looking for the future goal of the greater good. We all have one. Just know where it is and attack it like you hate it.;)
if what your going to do is atleast a semi sure thing lol id do whatever it takes. trump went down for the count 3 times and always came back with more .my wife and i took everything we had and put it in a ins office that she runs .i kept my job but it has turned out great doing verry well it would have never happend if we didnt take the chance good luck bro!
you need to look for a post that Big A posted. to say the least it was really motivating, the guy has been a millionaire and went to nothing, lost all his cars, house, and i think like 300k in cash, but yet he has once again achieved and is wealthy again.. look for the post, its a good one for you..


When I bought my first gym, I had absolutely nothing in the bank, so I used 5 credit cards to get cash advances on. That was just the cash I gave to the previous owner. I also had to take over the loans on the equipment. The gym was only 1000 square feet with 50 members, but it was mine. One week after buying the gym, I was kicked out of the building so that the store next door could expand. I was fucked, sol, and had no clue what to do. Somehow I found a 2500 sq ft unit that was affordable and was lucky enough to have friends that helped me build it out. 7 years later I have expanded the gym and opened another location that has over a thousand members. I've had so many ups and downs I can't even count them. The point is, without taking that initial step, nothing is possible. You can't win unless you take a chance at loseing. Or something like that?

Justwannabe, how old are you, I imagine you are mildy young and if for some strange reason this business fails, you can always work hard and bouce back up. What kind of business do you plan on opening, do you have a sound business plan, send me an PM, or email and I might be able to help you out. In life dont sit around and wait for something to happen, go out and make it happen.

Your the man, just do it.
Hey bro...Things will get better, just stay positive and focused on your goals and your family. 100% of shots not taken are missed...if that makes sense. And remember, when you wake up, it's never this bad...Take care...



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Vitor said it best

Planning - Sound Business plan, projections and contingencies
With good planning you can take over the world (literally)

Also don't worry about the past failures, include them in your plan as the mistakes or circumstances that caused them can be recognized and avoided or solved

Feel free to PM if you want any assistance

Boing "the English_Bulldog"
Life insurance

If you are borrowing off it I guess its whole life? Have you thought about borrowing off the whole life and getting term insurance while you are repaying it. You could probably get $300,00 to $500,000 for 30 bucks a month. BTW, I don't know a lot about insurance as an investment vehicle so maybe someone else will speak up. - CH

Bro, you can't be afraid of failure. If you are, it will ruin your life and you'll never get where you want to be. What separates the winners from the losers is that the winners aren't afraid to take that chance even in the face of failure. The losers let failure rule their lives. It is easy, hell no and it's scary too. But, I'll never forget my cousin, who mortgaged everything to buy a business and it just about went under and we had a similar talk. He said at that time, "I CAN'T go back to work for someone, I want more for myself and my family..." And now he's doing close to million a year. You've done it before, you can do it again. Draw your line in the sand and make your stand. Embrace the challenge and move forward...


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