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Squirel Cheeks??


Verified Customer
Verified Customer
Oct 4, 2002
I am back on and my face looks like I am storing anadrol tabs in it for the winter! Doeas anyone know what can be done about this! I really watch my sodium intake and the rest of my body is not retaining alot of water but my cheeks look like I have a beard without hair! It makes me look old and I don't like it! I am taking 1/2 tab of femara eod (1.25mg) but still I cannot get rid of it! Does anyone know oanything that would work? I am thinking abou thimucase but don't know if it will make me break out! Any help would be great, thanks
What are you on and how much?

I use 1/2 tab letrozole ED and I'm just a little guy. That's with 1+g test + various anabolics. Going to bump it up to 1 tab ED about 4 weeks out as a precautionary measure.

Stack, this is the problem I always have as well. I put a post a while back and got some good replies. Do a search with my name and look for my post about water retention and carbs. Superior 1 explained the whole thing rather well. He is a smart bro. I always knew that carbs played a role, but didn't understand to what extent. If your estrogen is under control this is the other main reason. Hope that helps.
well bro, all i can say is the bloat is worth it all once your done.
I used to have moon face a few years back. Since I've been using liquidex, I have absolutely no face bloat. It's amazing the difference in when I had a fat face and everyone thought I was on the stuff, but now with no bloat, I never get an accusatory comment. I myself think along those same lines. When I see a fella that has moon face and some fatfree size, I immediately think he must be doing something.
I am only on 500mgs prop and 300mgs winny! The rest of my body isn't retaining water that much but my face is just terrible and I just want to do something about it! Gn I will do a search and thanks for everyone else who replied! I have never tried liquidex and might give it a shot! I am not even on that much stuff! I was thinking about maxide?? But I don't know if I want to go to such extremes to cure the problem, plus I am making great gains now and don't want to fuck em up! I am also taking creatine about 15grams a day and 30grams of L-glutamine a day also. Also b-vitaimns, vitamins, liver protecters, ala, cla, green tea extract! I don't know if these might be doing it!
Creatine really bloats some people. But I've never heard of "just" the face.

I agree with gnpower. I have seen him in off season mode and he is still really lean but his face can look like a hippo's face on a giraffe. After he cut back the carbs a bit he started to look normal again. :D

How many grams of carbs are you taking in per day?
I get at least 250 grams of carbs a day plus what ever is in 4 banannas which I didn't count! I usually don't watch my diet this time of year and am usually on a see-food-diet! Actually I normally eat in excess of 500 I kinda cut them down the past couple weeks to get ready to dance which I am starting tonight! I have lost about 1% b/f over the past couple of weeks on some half-assed diet and Ala/cla/greetea extract and caffiene and alot of cardio! I am starting tonight, with my fat ass face!! which I am hoping to lose soon!
Yea I had a good time made just shy of 500, but I didn't get laid! I mean I could have but the chicks was pretty big! Though I dunno if I could do this for a long time, its pretty fun just molesting random chicks and they like it! Though most of em were chubsters, well all of em were chubsters! The dudes said last night was slow and since the other white dude that works there is over 40 (saggin skin and all) and way out of shape! I think I could make way more! Plus they said they have never seen so many fat woman(yea right) I am sure they are just talking the place up to get me to stay! Stackdizzy is officaily a performance artist/lol:p Now i just need to get rid of my fat face
Oh and I wasn't going to mention that I was so nervous my first time out that i fell flat on my face within the first 2 minutes. After the laughing stopped I settled down a bit

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