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Sep 1, 2002
so im in wrestling practice yesterday and i get in a fight w/ a team member (witch has 20 pounds in me) so we exchange punchs and hes squirting bloob all over the place and im bleading bad (i got 20 stichs right along my eyebrow) so i wake up to day and i cant even open my eye, i missd my work out last night, and am thinking of takeing the rest of the week off cuzz i dont want the stichs to rip
what do u guys think... i know this is off topic and im sorry butt i need to vet alittle

Sorry To hear that Bro! 20 stitches what a mother f*ck*r. Anyway I would'nt let it slow me down. Suck it up don't let him get the better of you by locking yourself up for a week. Just take it easy in the gym so you don't rip your stitches...Hopefully you two will kiss and make up because tension between teammates allways sucks.

-Big Hock
like big cock--i mean hock said--suck it up--stitches over the brow aint shit--take and rest if you feel like it but you are safe to go workout--and if you dont mind me asking how old are you?
Bro-how old are ya?
been there

Eyebrow stiches aint shit,you should be fine.Just take it alittle lighter but definetly do not take off if you dont have to.My head has been split many times but I always found a way to train.As far as your team mate goes,it happens.You will have to settle it eventually, and the best way is to shake hands and move on.You already threw hands,so that bridge has been crossed.If he is any kind of gentleman you guys will be on normal terms in no time.......
I had my opened up a couple of times in my boxing days. I really sucked at boxing. But, that's a story for another time. You can train with it. Believe me. Btw, nice job standing in there, though. Like the other guys said, there should be sufficient mutual respect between you fellows now. Just shake hands and move on. You ever see those guys fight at NFL training camps? The aggression can get the best of folks in contact sports. Flare ups happen. They almost always get over it.

gosh i love wrestling..... still officiate it in two states......Sorry about your eye.... suck it up pussy and go back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeh, stitches over the eye shouldn't be much of a problem with training. Might want to go just a little lighter right at first. I must have busted my eye (like that) open about 20 times during the years I was competing in full-contact karate. Stitches in some places can affect your ability to train, but usually over the eye aren't too bad. Just be sure not to "strain' your face when you do a heavy lift - I have training partners tell me that sometimes I make all kinds of facial contortions when I do a real heavy lift! - I see other guys do this too - no prob unless you got stitches up there! I agree you and he should kiss and make up now. When I was younger some of my best buds were guys I got in fights with and then got to be good buds after. Luckily you get to a certain age and usually outgrow that kind of shit, but at 20 its pretty normal.

I wrestled collegiately if ANYONE here has some say in this, listen to me bro : 1. stitches on your brow WILL rip open if you train (do you guys realize what practice is like?) 2. Wrestlers are there own breed, if we get into teamate fights it will NEVER be forgotten. We wrestle to BEAT others, so if we fight amongst each other, there is always that element of challenge. 3. BUT grapple on it anyway, you will win respect, AND you are a damn wrestler! My ears got so fucking bad I could not even sleep at night ( I got surgery on both of them.) so keep on it man. Good luck with the marine, I had one at my school (and yes we fought, and I fucking broke his jaw --- no lie there at all)
I thought he was talking about training with weights. He can do that, within limits. I know about ear injuries. We didn't wear the head gear too consistently when we trained back in the day (the 70s and early 80s). It was boxing. But, my ears are tore up to this day from it.

BK, actually they used to call it "boxer's ear" before they coined the term Cauliflower ear. Even after surgury my left ear still is deformed . A lot of my wrestlin buddies never wanted a doc to touch them, as it is considered a badge by many grapplers. Not me though, because at one point my left ear was a plum with a b.b. sized hole in it for hearing. My right ear looks a little flatter and smoother now after surgery, but my left like I said still has the look.

FOR EVERYBODY THAT DOES NOT KNOW: Cauliflower ears are caused when repeated blows or extreme friction damage the ear. There are tiny little bones in your ear and they break, allowing the cartilage to roam free in the ear structure....then blood comes to save the day and tries to repair this ---- if you do not drain the blood / fluids it will repair the ear in the form it found it in, swollen, disfigured.... Then it will harden, it will be HARDER THAN ROCK, and you will shed some skin from the ear morph you just had. After practice I would take a 21 guage dart and stick into my ear, usually able to pull about 6 ml's a practice.
yea i got a little cauliflower ear its not too bad(well i dont think so), well i wont be wrestling for a wile because i got in a few fights last year and coach said its my falt, so i can take a break(witch is good because im ready to kill this dude, its like the more people look at my eye the madder i get) as far as liftting, i liftted today for the first time and it was hard not to make faces when i get to those last few reps, id also like to thank everyone for there inputt and support


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