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Synthelator Expeirence & Evaluation


New member
Aug 2, 2002
I am not here to knock or bad mouth Synthetek as I have had good results with several of their products. Just want to make known my experience with their product Synthelator to inform those who may be considering its use.

Just competed at Nationals this past weekend. I decided after reading about the product I wanted to give it a try. I really am quite vascular normally so not quite sure I actually needed it. Keep in mind Nationals is a two day show and I questioned in advance the wisdom of using this product on consecutive days. I was told it shouldn't be a problem so I purchased two bottles and prepared to do one on Friday evening and a second on Saturday. First bit of advice to Synthetek would be to cut back on the volume of this product. A 10 cc injection is quite literally a pain in the ass (5 cc per cheek). Friday night, administered shots about 45 minutes prior to stage time. Experienced some brief lightheadedness and difficulty breathing within minutes of taking the shot but it passed quickly....no problem and vascularity results were good. Finding an area to inject this volume unsuspiciously and without notice is not easy. I ended up in a bathroom stall at the far side of the arena.....probably not too sanitary. Saturday evening, I made my way to the same far stall and prepared for my volumous injection. First cheek 5cc..... no problems so far other than the crackling of scar tissue as I jabbed in the 23ga 1 1/2 in pin. Second cheek 5cc.... within 30 seconds of injection I felt a warmth pass over me and my head began to spin. It was very difficult for me to breath and I started to think to myself......"Oh shit, this is the end, what did I do!" I put my hand on the wall and leaned forward as I started to lose consciousness....my head spinning terribly now. Last thing I remember is my forehead smashing into the wall as I fell. I have no idea how much time passed but I woke up sprawled face down on the toilet, ass still hanging out, syringe laying on the floor. I remember vaguely hitting my head so I felt my face, chin and forehead and checked my teeth to be sure I wasn't messed up in any way. Other than a significant sore lump on my forehead, I was none the worse for wear. I then began to wonder how much time had passed and I rushed out to make sure I had not missed my place in the lineup......fortunately I did not. I told my wife what happened and asked how much time had passed. She was not sure exactly but stated that it had "been a while!".

I still managed a top 5 finish in my class but will never use this product again. I will stick with Niacin, wine or or viagra for vasodilation in the future. No more Synthelator for this guy. I would advise those considering its use to do so with caution and do not use twice in a two day period.
OK - I feel bad - my bad - I gave you the advice to use it both days. I don't know anyone that had to use it two consecutive days apart from myself, and I had no problems with it when I did.

What you described is classic overdosing - exact same thing happend when I gave my friend 500mg - he passed out for 15 min. He was vascular as hell after though LOL

Synthelator is my brain child. I fully brought the idea to Synthetek and was directly involved in it's manufacture. I am the one that suggested 40mg/ml in a 10 ml vial - in a way to ensure meatheads don't over dose on it - the more is better attitude. Yes, pain in the ass to inj the volume, but less chance of one taking more than they should.

OK, from now on, everyone that asks about it, unless you experiment with it first and know your sensitivity to it, just use it once - before prejudging. Using it once and at the dose you are supposed to, I never seen any complications - the experiences are exactly what happened to Jdog with the first shot (all positive with no sides).
no problem

I actually got a good laugh out of it when I woke up and realized I wasn't dead. Picture me face down in a toilet, pants halfway down, bare ass exposed.......it really is almost, kinda funny...lol.
Bodybuilders,....what an odd masochistic bunch we are..lol
Well, my first ever experience with inj AMP:

I was 17. I was in the hotel room for the teen nationals. Never did an injection myself before.

So, here I was, about to do my first ever shot by myself, and it happened to be AMP... I never took AMP before either...
The stuff I had was disolved in pure propyline glycol - don't know if you ever inj anything disolved in it, but it feels as if you would inj straight alcohol - PAINFULL!

So, here I was, two syringes in my hand. One empty, one with the AMP. I also had an orange - it was my first ever shot by myself, so I needed something to practice on.
So, I put the orange on my ass and using the empty syringe/pin I start jabbing it over and over until it became automatic motion. Then I quickly grabbed the syringe with the AMP and jabbed my ass.

I was surprised at how painless the needle was, so I start pushing in the fluid. I was half way through the injection and the pain came in... my leg and ass became numb. I start shaking and sweating. I inj the rest as quickly as possible, and I quickly take the needle out of my ass. As soon as I do, I fall to the ground as I was in so much pain I couldn't stand up.
As I am lying on the floor, the shortness of breath kicks in - noone warmed me about that - I thought I was going to die!

I slowly crawl to the bed and lay down. My father who was with me, but out throughout this whole thing, comes in the hotel room, sees my face, and I must have looked really bad as he says 'Nervous about the comp?'

And that was my first ever self injection as well as my first AMP experience LOL
I experimented with some for a photo shoot this last summer. I got the vet grade stuff, 200mg/ml and sucked up 1.75ml (375mg). I typically try and inject no faster than 1ml per minute. After I got about 1cc in I started to feel slightly light-headed and said to myself "I better get this shit it and pin pulled FAST!" I put it all in NOW, threw the pin down and immediately layed-down on the floor. My head was in la-la land but I didn't pass out. I was having a hard time breathing but knew that it made you hyperventilate.

Of course, this was first try at using it.

synthelator, i will say a few words about it

I used 5cc before prejudging and felt nothing much, later that night at ther night show i used 5cc more, this time the lightheadness hit inmediatly and the short breath. It was scary but i had expected it from what ive read about it, i was vascular and i did like it. The only thing i didnt like was the cost i would say, oh and having to sneak off and inject myself at the comp.

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