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Awards Showcase

March '06

Category - Female

Sponsored by:
Synthetek -

Winner: SIMONE

Simone (and her husband Kaiser) are relative new to our community.
She is an active contributor and a very sharing person.

I started training in 92 and was lucky to be able to hire a
professional trainer to get me adapted to the gym and to learn
proper form. I stayed focused with their help and motivation and
reached the goals that I have set for myself. I do not train to
compete; I train because I love the sport and I want to stay
healthy and young looking for as long as I can. I am 5’, 105 and I
am 41.

training SCHEDULE: I train 5 Days per week

DAY 1 - Gluts and Hamstrings - Cardio for 30 minutes 4 exercises
per body part, 3-4 set for 12 reps (same for all body parts)

DAY 2 - Back and Biceps

DAY 3 - Shoulders – Cardio for 30 minutes

DAY 4 - Chest and Triceps

DAY 5 - Full Leg Workout – 30 minutes of cardio

Favorite Body Part to train is Back, I hate doing legs but for a
woman we have to really focus on this area!!!

DIET: My diet really doesn’t change much; I pretty much eat the
same way throughout the year. My favorite reference book is The
Metabolic Diet, this is my Bible.

BREAKFAST – I either eat a cup of Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat with
fresh berries or 2 scrambled egg whites with a side of fruit.

SNACK – Fat free low carb Yogurt

LUNCH – Mixed green salad w/ a can of Tuna in water or 6 oz’s of
grilled chicken. I like o/v on my salad.

SNACK - Handful of Almonds or Walnuts

DINNER - 6-8 Ounces of protein either red meat, chicken or fish (I
use a lot of spices to make my food flavorful)
1 cup of a green Veggie preferably spinach or broccoli
Mixed green salad with o/v

SNACK - Sugar Free Jell-O (satisfies the craving for sweets)

WEEKENDS – I eat less fat/protein and I carb load, then Sunday
night it’s back to business.

When I really need to get strict my food scale comes out, I measure
and keep a journal of everything that I eat. This gets me back on
track and I can see where I need to be as far as my caloric intake,
which I will fluctuate to shock my system.

My favorite cheat food is Pizza.

Red Bull and Xenadrine help me get moving in the gym!!!
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