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Awards Showcase

June '05

Category - Competitor

Sponsored by:
Synthetek -

Winner: GOOEY

Gooey not only freely shares info and his knowledge on the board,
he's an great competitor and has competed at the national level. At
his recent bodybuilding contest, he not only won his class, he won
the overall.

We look forward to his contributions and here is some great
information that he is sharing:

workouts 4-5 days a week (sometimes 6 if for contest prep if and or
I feel good) off-season and contest prep dont change much, just
more volume during contest prep till energy takes a dip those last
couple of weeks

day 1 - back
day 2 - chest
day 3 - arms
day 4 - off
day 5- shoulders
day 6 - back/arms

I train legs maybe once every couple of weeks I now put quads and
hams together and pick one heavy meat and potatoes lift and one
higher volume lift. I usually split the two but until I can bring
my upper body into a better proportion with my lower body I put
little emphasis on leg training. Back and arms are done twice a
week because are areas considered lagging and need more attention


latest contest prep:

nutrition - I eat a low fat, low carb high protein diet
meal 1 - 50 grams eggwhite and 30 grams oatmeal
meal 2 - half top round steak + green beans
meal 3 - same
meal 4 - (3 scoops)protein + creatine + glutamine shake pre workout
meal 5 - (3 scoops)protein +creatine + glutamine shake post workout
meal 6 - 30 grams oatmeal 70 grams protein (3 chkn breasts)
meal 7 - 2 chkn breasts + green beans
meal 8 - same
meal 9 - one bag of frozen perch or tilapia fish (60-70 grams
meal 10 - (3 scoops) protein + glutamine

* Q & A *

questions I get
1. how often do I train calfs - never really once in a great while
during contest prep to keep them full

2. how much do I squat - never really do a full squat, leg press is
the meat and potatoes of my leg workout

3. am I going to be a professional BBer in the future - I dont
know, if is meant to be then it will happen, BBing if fun and a
great hobby but I dont want to cash in my life to be a professional
BBer. Its a risky lifestyle and u have to compromise much in your
life. I will do it for as long as life, my health, and my financial
status allow me too. I believe that we were all meant to be
something, I have always had a fascination with muscle but I dont
know if I will ever become one. But like I said before what is
meant to be will always find a way.
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