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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. F

    Please help stop the FDA from banning peptides in the USA

    I hope this is ok to make two posts for. I was not sure how many people see the HRT forum. As most of you know the FDA wants to ban many of the best peptides in the USA made by compound pharmacies for human use, not research grade or "not for human consumption". They are not speaking about that...
  2. O

    Increlex - Is this What the Pros are Taking?

    You may know this guy. He has a YouTube Channel under the name of VigrousSteve I don't adore him, but I do not dislike him either. He has good info and is generally accurate with his commentary. Been watching him for a long time and he never pimps a product or a brand or anything. Hence, his...
  3. R

    Mk-677 and CJC-Dac anyone ever combine them, like 4-5iu growth?

    Was wondering if combining CJC-Dac 1295 and MK 677 could be like using 4-6 IU's of pharma GH levels for growth hormone and IGF levels? Anyone ever tried like 50MG of MK and like 2-4 mg or the standard decent dose like 25-50 mg of MK677 equivalent? Was thinking of giving it a try and trying...
  4. Black Beard

    Average IGF-1 in male and female 25 year olds ; 280-340 ng/mL

    This roughly equates to what we get around 3-5 IU daily. Personally, i don't "feel" HGH unless i'm using +3 IU daily (or equivalent dose split MWF), so this study lines up well with this observation. Note that women need higher HGH levels to achieve the same IGF-1 since estradiol blocks...
  5. Unstopppable1

    Bloodwork on Cycle (timing?)

    I blast once a year and cruise the rest on 150mg Test. I've never done blood work on a blast. I'd like to see the "worst numbers" my body experiences while ON to get a better understanding of the damage I'm causing ON Cycle. My current cycle (Weekly doses-spilt 2X week): Test Cyp 150 mg Primo...
  6. B

    Ghrp’s pre workout nap

    Hey all new to the board. I have a quick question. I have been taking 15mg MK677 and 150mcg Hexarelin around 3:30pm and then napping and working out around 6:30pm. I have found that I have better success dealing with the hunger spike this way and also nap dreams are ridiculously vivid (I believe...
  7. S

    Slin Pwo - Interfere with HGH post ? // IGF Lr3 + Des - same syringe

    Hey I got two questions.. Ive been running slin pwo and 2 hours later I shoot my growth and 20 mins later IGF and slin. Im starting to get mindfucked now when I finally got pharma growth. The question is, will me slin PWO interfere with my growth injection 2h later? I take my pwo shake...
  8. Sketchy2000

    Need help with dosing...

    Hey guys... Since I"m running out of Mod-Grf (I've been running GHRP-2 / Mod Grf for about 4 weeks now with great results) I decided to place another order. 6 vials CJC w/o DAC (Mod Grf) 4 vials GHRP-2 2 vials MGF 1 vial IGF-LR3 ** I've NEVER used MGF (I've used PEG MGF, I have some now, to...
  9. johnnycash

    HGH blood tests

    Why does everyone on here seem to use blood GH levels as instead of IGF levels. Would not an IGF blood test give a better answer as to the biological activity of the HGH. I realize that the HGH would have to be run for 4 weeks to give an accurate test. What do you guys think?
  10. F

    IGF-1 LR3 and SARMs question

    I am currently running Ipamorelin and Mod GRF, both 100mcg 2x/day. I take IGF LR3 50 mcg, 3 days per week. I am considering discontinuing the Ipamorelin and Mod, and instead taking MK-677, because of the rapid sleep benefits many report with the MK (I have had trouble sleeping since beginning...
  11. T

    I need your advices

    I need your advices and opinions… I would like to present you my plan that I am following since the beginning of January 2013. It would be great if you are going to give me a feedback and any suggestions or thoughts about it. I would really appreciate that. Jan TE500/W Bol800/W CJCwD 2mg/W...
  12. J

    Mod Grf + Ipam + IGF-LR3 + Slin Timing questions

    Hey guys I am about 3 weeks out from starting my PCT, coming to the end of a Test E Tren A cycle. I am trying something new and pretty aggressive as I want to not only retain all my gains but possibly continue to make gains in post cycle and get leaner as well. My plan is this peptide schedule...
  13. T

    Introduce myself

    Hy at all I am new here and want to shortly introduce myself. (English is not my mother tongue). I build my muscles since 20 years (have to say, that I am not a bodybuilder). Quite at the moment I do import over 40 Sports – Nutrition – Products for my country. Sport is my Business. As I...
  14. F

    IGF LR3 + MGF Cycle

    Hey guys going to run a 5 week IGF LR3 and MGF cycle and just want some advice on two things. I haven't done any AAS before and this will be my first time pinning too. 200lbs 5'11" 1. Planning to take 400mcg MGF immediately PWO then 80mcg of IGFLR3 45 minutes after the first shot. Both shots IM...
  15. G

    human myo propeptide log with igf des, ftpp and tb-500

    hey guys finally got around to putting this log up. This is my first written one so will update it as often as possible. got some staring stats for you and any questions are welcome starting measurements are metric and in a non-flexed pre-worked state, so sorry for that 84.0kg dry weight arms...
  16. S

    IGF-LR3 vs IGF-DES

    I really want to get to the bottom line over which IGF variant is best for muscle growth. I've tried both within 30 min PWO hitting the muscle group I trained that day. 40 mcg split bilaterraly for 6 days on 1 off for a little over 4 weeks. I felt that LR3 gave more muscle fullness and...
  17. Big_Swole

    Stacking (GH, Slin, & IGF-lr3) THINKin bout ADDing MGF ??

    If adding MGF to the mix wear would you put it? Postwork out if so whut with the IGF a hour or so later ?? Running GH at 5iu am with 10iu slin Humalin R. Then preworkout 10 iu slin with 50 grams carbs & Protein shake 50 grams. Postworkout IGF-lr3 100mcg injected site specfic in trained body...

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