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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. R

    Mk-677 and CJC-Dac anyone ever combine them, like 4-5iu growth?

    Was wondering if combining CJC-Dac 1295 and MK 677 could be like using 4-6 IU's of pharma GH levels for growth hormone and IGF levels? Anyone ever tried like 50MG of MK and like 2-4 mg or the standard decent dose like 25-50 mg of MK677 equivalent? Was thinking of giving it a try and trying...
  2. M


    What’s the difference between HUMULIN-R and Humalog
  3. Unstopppable1

    Best uses for a Blood Glucose Meter & Optimal ranges to shoot for?

    I just got a Blood Glucose meter from Amazon because I love to collect/analyze my own data for optimization & longevity. If you use one I'd love to know how you use it throughout the day? I never had any blood sugar issues and I'm always in range when I do fasted bloodwork. I'm curious of some...
  4. Bigboomer5150

    When is insulin necessary w HGH?

    Alright I guess my question is….at what point or dosage of hgh is the introduction of insulin necessary? Is there a certain mark for instance…anything over 5iu hgh, should insulin be introduced to avoid insulin resistance. or is it a matter of the individual or bloodwork. Long story short...
  5. C

    9 Week Transformation Log

    Gents, I posted a log short log a few weeks ago playing with some DNP and GH. The results were fantastic. I did a fairly short run and chopped off 10lbs of my 23% bf frame and that was just a test run for this transformation. Money wasn't too much of an issue for this cycle as I'm a...
  6. L

    Humulin R and pharm grade HGH protocol

    Hey guys, I'm looking for info on adding Humulin R to my lean bulking regimen. I've been on pharm grade HGH for almost 2 months now and will continue for atleast a year. I understand the dangers of using insulin, but I know that done right and treated with respect, then it can be very...
  7. N

    Meal Timing Effect on Muscle Protein Synthesis & Insulin Resistance

    I would like to hear your views on meal timings (specifically frequency) effect on muscle protein synthesis and insulin resistance. To stimulate muscle protein synthesis EAA's and specifically the amino acid leucine must reach a high enough concentration in your blood at which point muscle...
  8. MrLucky

    Insulin Sensitive Carb Cycling TRT Log

    As this is my first log, please hang with me as I deal with the struggles of penmanship. With that being said, this is my documented log for the next 30 days. During this time I will begin a insulin sensitive carb cycling diet along with TRT. Any questions and comments are welcomed. My...
  9. ShZ

    [langtitle=de]Lantus/Levemir only twice a week?![/langtitle]

    Hey Guys, From what I've read and understood, using long acting insulins would be the ultimate way to put on muscle mass and looking full with basically no sides. However, you can only use them for a very short period of time, as your insulin sensitivity decreases quite fast. This lead me to...
  10. D

    Can you run insulin by itself for results?

    First I gotta apologize for my last thread saying most people on these forums are dumbasses. You guys gave me solid advice about Folli being a waste of resources, just seems in the past on other forums haf idiots PM is the only one fuck with now. Question, I got some insulin laying around Im...
  11. powerof2

    novalin r with peptides

    Running cjc1295 w/o dac and ghrp2. 100mcg on both in the am. 1/2 hr later 10 units novalin r then g. My question is 8 hrs enough time to do 2nd round of peps or is slin levels to high still to get anything out of it.. I also run 3rd peptide before bed.
  12. B

    Zero carb hgh/slin/t3 protocol...

    All gurus and experienced pros, This is my first post and am looking for advise and possible pros and cons for the next to be mentioned cycle. I have been lifting for years and have done ostarine and clen and dnp and others in teh past. Never touched IM injects in my life , only var. I am...
  13. R

    1/2" needle, 1cc, 30 or 31 gauge

    Where can I get Insulin Syringes, shipped from the US, that are 1/2" needle, 1cc, and 30 or 31 gauge? I know BD makes them and I'm not sure who else. I was buying them over the counter and can't any more.
  14. bradley4011

    Insulin while dieting

    Would it be helpful to use slin once or twice a week while cutting? Like on the weekends use the slin while eating CLEAN high carbs? mainly just to help fill me out if im too depleted
  15. Big_Swole

    Can I run Slin Preworkout & Post workout?

    I typically run slin with my GH in the am upon waking. (Then again preworkout) KILLer puMps.... If i run 10iu am then say 5iu preworkout and 10iu postwork out. With my post workout shake 50 carbs and 50 protein? Then a hour later dinner...
  16. D

    metformin/ Glucophage & insulin sensitivity?

    Looking for some help from some of the experienced guys on this one!! On my nxt bulking course I will be using AAS, hgh, slin & a few other bits too- no probs with the course, but I want 2 use Glucophage as part of my PCT to re-sensitise my insulin receptors... I did actually have a course for...
  17. AJW91

    Insulin, Low BG, HGH, and IGF-1

    I'm a natty, minus having recently tried some prohormones in combination with insulin (just because they were legal and cheap), so take it easy on this newb: 1. Insulin lowers blood glucose. 2. Low blood glucose stimulates the release of human growth hormone. 3. The simultaneous presence of...
  18. Vidocq

    Pre Workout Humulin? --Plang?

    I've been lifting for 11 years now, nearly 8 years with AAS. Started out really small, 21yo and 115lbs. Since that time, I've put on some good weight, sitting 212-215 and 12.4% bf (bod pod at university). I've never used slin, but I'd really like to try it PRE workout. I've searched several...
  19. A

    Need Help on how to Read Slin ticks

    If i needed 5 ius of insulin, how many tics or the number on a 100unit slin pin that i need to draw to?

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