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2010 progress

Goody, Wannago16, Blazeftp, D BO, Retroshaper & Mikeheavypecs

Thank you all for the positive feed back! The positive energy and sense of community on this board is absolutely awesome and greatly appreciated!


I'm 5'11 and 36. As I'm sure you have experienced yourself, picking a path and following it to better yourself is an awesome accomplishment but one that has more challenges than the initial thought, :D but well worth the journey!

My changes are great but they did not meet my own expectations :D! I have competed before and had a expectation of myself and a deadline, a powerful motivating factor for me & my ego was a driving force as well :rolleyes:
Knowing how my body would respond to the diet, training, supps ext. was a huge help! Basically no guess work. Just had to pull out my old journals to review then put in the work.
No guessing and understanding how you respond not only physically but mentally is a absolutely amazing tool that elevates a lot of stress and doubting yourself.

Thank you!
I was in two classes this year, heavyweight then moved up to the super heavy class in the last show.

I'm up to 270lbs now and started dieting 1.5wks ago, I'm enjoying the journey and looking forward to challenging myself further.
awesome build man....nice work
Wow wrose - great thread! it's very cool to read about the way you approached this transformation. i hope you post in a log or something - you clearly know what works for you and it would be interesting to see how you approach diet, training, supps, etc. Rare to find somone who knows their own body so well and what to do & expect. I am continually using trial & error - although it has yielded some results so i have the motivation to push on, making more mistakes and learning along the way.

Also great to see such a rapid change in someone who isn;t 18-20 years old! Best of luck w/ the off season - hope to see more next year! Extreme props!
Chemistry-brain, Wordomr,
Thank you both for the the props!


Again thank you for the positive feed back!
I have played with the idea of doing a log as I prep for my next show. If I decide to follow through on this it will be on this board.
Trail and error is how I was able to achieve my end results but I kept detailed logs to refer to that allowed me to avoid mistakes make prior.

I'm a huge advocate of keeping a good detailed journal. A journal can positively impact your goals. I write in mine about 10 minutes per day. I know this sounds rather obsessive but really what is 10 minutes spread out over the course of the day? I log my food, supps, training even if I argue with my wife or have a long or stressful day at work. All these factors contribute to your overall success, logging all these items you can trend how you perform in the gym, from a metal or physical stand point and make decisions on when to train, when to rest, what supps to take ext.

DO NOT give up on your goals! It sounds like you have been working hard to achieve your goal, do not let negative thinking or a single or even several bad experience divert you from your goals. Life is meant to be full of health, wealth and abundance. A quote from one of my favorite authors "thought's become things, choose the good ones" :headbang:
an impressive work..
you're a great, bro!
Much respect, I hope to see other pics of you in new contests.
Big compliments!!!
You didnt look bad at all in the 1st pic. Still a great tranformation. Your shoulders and serratus muscles look sick. Nice work
holy crap! i am amazed at what some people can accomplish in such a short amount of time. you must have worked your ass off!
Estam, John Tao, ryneex & lookatpicture

Thank you for the encouragement guys! I'm a firm believer that any of us can accomplish what we set our minds to!

Training is going great! I'll post some pictures when I start getting ready for the next show. :D

Thank you again everyone for the positive feed back and encouragement, this is an absolutely awesome community.
Bro, you look fantastic. Do you have a prep coach? If so, may I ask who it is?

No prep coach, 100% me with some help from friends. I use to compete so had a good foundation of trial and error with a lot of old notes to reference.

I'm still not happy yet. I've been flat at the last two shows and would have liked to fill out more. I have a new approach I will be using the next time and see how it goes:D
It's all a learning curve, needing data to reference to ensure the same mistake isn't made repeatedly. ;)


Thank you for the encouragement!
Glad to hear training is going good for you bro!

What's the next show for you?
Lets see some updated pics .

what show are you doing this year ?

I was planning on the Orange County In April but I have other priorities right now with work taking president. Honestly that's fine by me, more food and growing :D
I do plan on hitting the stage this year but my career comes 1st. I'm blessed enough to love what I do for a living:headbang:


No picks yet brother! I just saw yours and they helped give me better focus! I look forward to tracking your progress and seeing you dominate at the Jr. show!
I will get some picks up in the next few weeks. I look forward to the honest hard feed back I know I'll receive so I can continue to improve and get myself to the next level.
Awesome results. How is your BP and any other issues you had prior to your transformation?

Just Awesome!!!!
RIDICULOUS progress man...keep doin your thing :headbang:

THANKS! It was honestly very satisfying putting in the work and achieving the desired end result. I'm very excited at what this year will bring :D


THANKS! My BP has stayed under control but I do watch it closely. I do cardio at least 5 days a week now. I have noticed now that my body weight is up my BP tends to climb when I'm stressed, but still within normal range just higher than it was after 1st getting it into check. Another item I have to watch is my salt intake. I go nuts some days and will drink a entire liter of diet coke:banghead:!

The training has been a huge help with the anxiety. I can't stress this enough! (no pun intended ;)) Keeping the diet and training focused as a fun task that I looked forward to each day gave me the conduit to focus all my negative thoughts & feelings. I would leave the gym feeling accomplished which allowed me to relax at home with my family. The same sense of accomplishment would following me over into the next day at work. The end result, me starting my work day calm, focused and motivated.


Greatly appreciated!

OK guys, here is a few shots from the other night, I post this agent my better judgment :eek:. I thought I was in better condition, well this is one way to keep you honest ;) I'm a happily bloated 265-270 here. 265 1st thing in the morning guessing closer to 270 in the evening after eating all day lol!

Thank you again everyone! I really enjoy this board and the community on it!


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