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Beverly Int.

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Jun 9, 2002
Hope this isn't a problem, if so I will gladly take it down without question. I've run across a distributor ship of sorts for Beverly International Supplements. I carry most everything somethings I don't cause there is not benefit in it. But I promise you that you won't find it any cheaper anywhere. If anyone is interested check out [email protected] and orders can be sent to [email protected] Hope you all find this as interesting as I did.

ok I ll bump Arms thread.... bev has good products.. i used a few of them myself
Bump for "Beverly Products" and bump for "Armageddon"!!
Bev = good stuff

How is it you would have better prices? Just wondering. Im about to place an order so I guess ill hit you up.
I'll bump the Bev products...

Armageddon does have great prices!!
Armageddon does have excellent prices on Beverly products. I know of only one other place to get them "wholesale" as Beverly doesn't want them sold under retail value. Beverly does have high quality products.

I would love to try it but i just dont understand how you could get products so much cheaper? I guess im clueless... could you spell it out for me?
Beverly does hae some of the best protien out there, also check out jayrobb.com , he has the cleanest whey I have found, look at the label and do the math, its great and now he has powdered yam, that some flax and vannilla whey is OUTRAGEOUS!!! He aslo has the whey in fruit punch and watermellon. It looks like sythetck has some super clean whey as well, in all fairness.
In spelling it out for you it doesn't matter how I got it so cheap. That's like me coming up to you and going where you get your last cycle. It's none of my business. Not to be a dick but if you want Beverly this is with out a doubt the cheapest place you will ever find it regardless. Hell maybe I robbed them! Who knows. I did check out those other guys, and labels can be made to say whatever. Not doubting what he claims but I know how my body reacts to the Beverly protein. I did the same diet twice, once with cyto pro and with muscle provider. Muscle Provider WON hands down. These guys don't even sponser anyone, that alittle wierd. But they really don't need to cause its one company that lets there product speak for themselves. I've been to Kentucky to check the place out and to all there boths at events and what not. I've seen many of the big boys over there chatting with'em. In talking to one of the employee's, he said that they have a number of guys that are sponsered by other companies come in and get there stuff when no ones around. That kind of thing speaks for itself.
This is definately not a scam if that is what your thinking. I've been around way too long and have to many friends on all these boards. Besides at these prices I'd have to scam a couple thousand people to make any money. LOL
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Ill tell it all

Im a crack head!!!!!!! i robbed Beverly a month or so ago looking for some good crack well i dumped this crap on some dude at the truck stop in Northern Kentucky.... said his name was Arm a chair i was High... well i have no use for powder unless i can shoot it!
He took it all off my hands for a few cases of colt 45 40oz.. damn i love da shit...........

I know EVERYONE over at Beverly and he is right I remeber seeing Mike Francois have some on his counter in an add and they had made him turn the lable around so you couldnt view it..
I got more cytodyne stuff than i know what to do with and i use muscle providor precontest............. BUT the Chocalate gives alot of people indegestion problems........runss
hey dpsquat...

i'll take all that troublesome cytodyne off your hands.....you won't even have to pay me to do it......lol.

seen your pic in that add......man that stuff really does wonders bro ;-)...give me some of what you had......just bustin your chops bro

great job
LOL @dps

Ok i get your point. Ill leave it alone and check your email. Hopefully you save me moeny... b/c that place rips me a new asshole everytime i start dieting...
Being a retailer that can choose what products to sell, and being a investigative person with a chemistry background, I have done lots of searching and exposing...so to say. I can only say that beverly does not short cut any of thier supps in any way, not to mention the guys.. rodger and the crew will go WAY out of thier way to help anyone. Don't get my post wrong I think only the highest of their stuff. Like it matters I just had to say that. LEX

Sweet ass prices from what i saw.... can you do the same for some of the synthetek products? ;)
I wish I could do something with the Synthetek... maybe someday LOL Macdaddy, I can't even come close to those, however they aren't Beverly. I know I can compete with the Beverly stuff. That's why I chose them, there good and I can work with it. I eve looked into the Animal Stak stuff, but I'm not sure about that. The nice thing about the Beverly, If I run out I have it in 2 or less days which generally makes turn around REALLY fast.
Hey bro

You still out there? I emailed you a couple days back. Wondering about some of the products you carry.
dps lol, so your that guy that cuts his shit with creatine huh????
I've used Bev Int'l's protein powder exclusively for nearly 20 years. I wish they would bring the old Complete back! Years ago I was able to gain several pounds on it one week while I had strep throat (all I could stand to swallow). Okay, okay, so it may have had something to do with the injectable Dianabol I was using...

I now use Muscle Provider first thing when I get up, and a mixture of Ultra Size and Mass Maker before retiring. It all mixes well into water, and tastse just fine.

Armageddon, I'm paying $25 per can for it, except the MP is $30 (we ALL have our contacts, don't we!). Can you beat that?
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