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Come se va???


New member
Jan 3, 2011
Hello all,

I know its been quite a while since anyone mentioned the name Vander V, funny thing is now that I look back I somewhat miss ole Vander V, but times are a changing and Ive changed with them.

Id first like to start off by saying I truely enjoyed Bbing and weight lifting, it was a great and fun part of my life, but now I have found a much more necessary lifestyle, BBing, mags, modeling etc was always #3 in my life, it was as if I never appreciated the sport, and to be honest its true I never did, but with that being said I fully appreciated the experience, I met a lot of great people from the gym and in this sport, but in the end I would never trade it for all the memories and friends I made outside of bbing, I THANK GOD I never took BBing to far, so with that being said heres how it went.

Age 5 < Old man starts me in tennis.
Age 10-12 < became top Jr in the state of MI.
Age 14 < I was given a scolarship to play tennis (Ligett) THE ivy league tennis academy.
Age 15 < started lifting weights for fun.
Age 19 < Dropped tennis and became somewhat serious about weight lifting.
Age 21 < partying on the beach spring break etc and looking ripped up.
Age 24 < Met my fiancee
Age 24 < was sponsered by HDT labs, full page add and became fitness model i guess lol, they came to me.
Age 25 < Enetered my frst show.
Age 27 < Grazed the pages of top muscle mags.
Age 28 < Competed in last show.
Age 29-31 - realized the AAS, achey joints and back along with Bbing and training heavy needed to be a thing of the past.
Age 32 - Went way back to my roots and picked up a tennis racquet for the first time in over 13 years, passed the USPTA on court and exam and became a tennis Professional. Began teaching tennis at a tennis club right here in Scottsdale, which I am very greatful for, it was extremely hard to land.
Age 33 - Parcticed up grinded out the rust and took Runner up in Money prize tourny with a heavy purse on the line. Playing tournys and battling it out with many top players in this state as hitting partners daily.
Age 34 - One month away from one hell of a destination wedding we have planned, wow I cant beleive the day is here at last haha.

Looking back everything is just where it was suppose to be. I guess I just turned the page and started a new chapter, the steroids and heavy lifting along with high bp was all just sillyness haha, I hate to say this but here I am 215lbs lean and feeling more of a true man/person then I ever have. I just feel real again, you would think the more muscle the more masculine, but no its not the case, I have hairy chest and arms etc I dont need to shave my body and flex in the mirror and gaze at myself lifting and posing, it just feels great, each day I spent out of the gym and away from the AAS I became happier healthier and just a good vibe getting stronger each day, if its God telling me Im on the right path then Ill take it! it just feels right.

All in all it was just a time in my life I had to go through to be who I am today, no regrets. I like the road that got me here and I thank God I changed my life up a bit, it just feels rewarding, things seem easier and happier, plus my body feels great!!!, I dont train much anymore, I only do crossfit stuff and play a large amount of tennis weekly, Ive been trying soooo hard to get that muscle off and weight down, wow its un fn believable how my body wanted to hold onto it, I completely stopped any sort of lifting for a full yr and I still weighed 230?? with muscle?? which goes to show ya I built this body brick by brick not slab by slab, I took the long route and used my God given genetics to acheive any bit of sucess I had with lifting weights etc, Im now like I said down to 215 and still have 10 more pounds to go to be at my ideal weight, Im extremely fast and agile it feels amazing

I thought Id drop in to say hello, cause at this point of my life it seems like its one last goodbye and closure to a chapter in my life a had a ton of fun with, Id like to thank you all for all the good reads and times even the bad ones ha and wish you all the very best, God speed.

Here are some pics, the last pic is of our wedding chapel where we will be married come Feburary :).

Jon Van Assche (Vander V)


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Well-known member
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 10, 2004
Haven't posted in a loooooong time but had to chime in here and say...I hope you live a long, healthy, happy, bounce the grandkids off your knee life. I always felt you had the "Sepe" potential and I'm sure you'll once again find yourself under a loaded bar someday. Once the iron gets in...it never EVER completely leaves. Congratulations on your future marriage and little V's running around the house.


New member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 22, 2008
I've heard guys spill your name around....

Looks like you still have a nice Build.

Question: You mention Hairy..LOL Did it take right off after you stopped shaving??


New member
Jun 1, 2003
Thanks for update

Vander_V- I always enjoyed following all your posts and the controversy that always came with them, on PM and everywhere you posted. You had (have) a great physique and it was cool seeing you bring your legs up, doing squat contests w/ TP4U, and talking about you sake-bomb nights out LOL!

I'm glad you found what makes you happy, and it sounds like you found the right woman too.

Best of luck on the tennis circuit- I think you'll tear it up 'cause that's the kind of guy you are.



Jun 6, 2002

So good to see you are doing so well! My first love was tennis....great memories.......so glad you have your head on straight.


Staff member
Oct 6, 2007

Johnny Smiles

Jun 9, 2009
so good to see another guy "see the light."
it took me getting married and having a daughter to realize weights are just weights but my daughters loving gaze, now THAT heavy!


Featured Member/ Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
May 23, 2004
Good to see that even retired from BB you're still the epitome of humility, John... some things never change... must be your French side. LMAO!!! :eek::D;)

Seriously though, glad to hear that you're enjoying your new life. Congrats on the wedding! :)

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