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Jun 12, 2002
Big A Excell and others in the know can you tell or elaborate on its use for precomp as it would help me greatly. Is timming of it crucial, or can it just be ran last few weeks of precomp?
I have a very BIASED opinion on T-3 since it makes "me" shrivel up (lose way too much muscle).

not T3

Cytadren is not T3 Xcel.Its an anti cortisol/anti estrogen/anti catabolic. Aminogluthimide(sp) is the chemical name. I have read where Duchaine was a proponent of it as well as Borresson(alot of you know I was a follower of Borressons ideas back when he was alive).You have to know what you are doing with it as it could do more harm then good.I have zero experience with it but know that it will work very well IFFF you know what your doing before a show.

Balplayer,you will find info somewhere if you search,or maybe someone here will know more.Sorry i could not be of more help.......
yes you are correct its not t-3. i have some of this and i want to use if for my next precomp, but just like you said i dont want to create more harm than good from it.can anyone help here?
I researched about Cytadren a good 5-6 years ago when i first learned about it and could get it cheap. Since then, i've had some severe concussions and i can't remember alot of things and Cytadren happens to be one of them.

Can't get it myself, and really dont know how to use it properlly so i'll stay away from it.

From what i can remember though, it does help clear up acne, although not it's intended purpose. I think Borresson said that, although i could be wrong. Hell, it was years ago.

Borresson was "crazy mad man" in some people's eyes, but he was also a Guru to the game. Sad to see him go.

You could head over to Chad nicholl's board and ask him and hope to get a reply. I think i've read something by him in the past about Cytadren.

If not, I'm sure MikeS (He's gotta know something!), Big A or some of the other Pro's will know.

Good luck bro.
I have used it but could not tell you if it actually did anything, quite few people use it where I'm from to but don't think they know if does anything either. From what I got from it I would say didn't do anything spectacular and really don't think was worth using for me, other things may have worked better.
It's used in the last week before a show.It gets rid of some water and makes carb loading more effective.
reading my last post think must been still asleep :) what meant to say was I have used other drugs that give better results as an anti-catabolic and for getting rid water.
cytradren aside, can you elaborate on what other drugs were more effective or superior as far as holding onto muscle and dropping water? thanks for the help so far
Fina (or a boatload of any other good AAS) to retain muscle, sprironolactone to shed water.

cytadren info

Here's some info I got on it:

CYTADREN Substance: aminoglutethimide

Cytadren is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid. Cytadren inhibits the buildup of androgens, estrogens, and the suprarenal cortical hormones (glucocorticoids and mineralocor-ticoids). Cytadren has a highly antiestrogenic effect since, on the one hand, it inhibits the body's own estrogen production and, on the other hand, it obviates the conversion of androgens into estrogens. This is especially en-couraging since it helps to keep the estrogen level of bodybuilders low. The second highly interesting point is that Cytadren prohibits the buildup of adrenocortical hormones. It obviates the production of endogenous cortisone like no other compound by inhibiting the conversion of cholesterol into cortisone. For this reason, Cytadren, in school medicine, is used for the treatment of Cushing's syndrome, a hyperfunction of the adrenal glands which causes the body to overproduce cortisone. Consequently, it reduces the cortisone level, which has several advantages for the athlete. Cortisone is a cata-bolic hormone and catabolic is the exact opposite of anabolic. Corti-sone prevents the protein synthesis in the muscle cell, resulting in a muscular atrophy by breaking down amino acids in the muscle cell.

The human body constantly releases cortisone and reacts to stress situations such as intense training by increasing its cortisone re-lease. Natural bodybuilders, therefore, after a short time, experience a stagnation in their development since the release of the body's cortisone is higher than the anabolic effect of working out. The more advanced the athlete and the harder his workout, the more his cor-tisone level will increase.

If the release of cortisone can be successfully obviated or at least considerably reduced the ratio of anabolic hormones to catabolic hormones in the body shifts in favor of the former. This results in an increase in muscle mass and body strength. And Cytadren achieves exactly these results; however, there is one problem. Cytadren reduces the cortisone level so effectively that the body tries to balance this by hypophysially producing more ACTH (adenocorticotropic hormone), thus stimulating the secretion of cortisone by the adrenal glands. Thus in school medicine, when treating Cushing's syndrome, a low dose of oral hydrocortisone is used to prevent the hypophysis from producing ACTH. The dose is so low that the cortisone level in the blood does not rise substantially. And this is exactly the problem. Cytadren reduces the cortisone level which the body balances by producing ACTH, thus neutralizing the effect of Cytadren. If exogenous hydrocor-tisone is taken no ACTH is produced; however, this also reduces the effect of Cytadren. It is therefore necessary to find an admin-istration schedule that prevents or delays the body's own pro-duction of ACTH. Since the body does not show abrupt reactions when the cortisone level is lowered by the intake of Cytadren, the compound must be taken over several days before the body be-gins reacting. If Cytadren is only taken for a period of two days and then discontinued for two entire days, it seems logical that the body will not have enough time to react accordingly, thus interrupting the production of ACTH in the hypophysis. Similar to Clenbuterol, an alternating administration schedule with two days of administration and two days of abstinence is created. Another problem needs to be solved since Cytadren, as mentioned earlier, inhibits the body's own production of androgen. Cytadren, therefore, should not be used by natural bodybuilders. The solu-tion to this problem is to take a long-term effective testosterone such as Testosterone enanthate simultaneously. Testoviron Depot 250, for example, can be considered as one such possible com-pound.

As for the question of dosage, we have arrived at a very interesting point. In school medicine the dosage for the treatment of Cushing's syndrome is between 2 and 7 tablets per day. Since not enough ath-letes~ have used this compound so far, we do not have enough ex-perimental data. Due to the fact that the cortisone level of athletes is not as high as in persons who suffer from a hyperfunction of the adrenal glands, it is probable that lower dosages are sufficient. A dose of mor than 250mg/day is not recommended and should be taken very carefully. A good example of dose is: half a tab 125mg in the morning and 62.5mg (quarter tab) every six hours. Make sure to not abruptly discontinure as cortisol rebound may occur. The tablets are always taken indi-vidually, in regular intervals throughout the day, and taken best during meals. How long should it be taken? This ques-tion is difficult to answer but, considering that the body can-some-times increase the production of ACTH, it is advised that the com-pound is not used longer than 4-6 weeks. (We must also consider potential side effects, which we will discuss in a minute.) An-other interesting aspect: Cytadren is (as of yet) not on any dop-ing list. We have heard from reliable informants that a combina-tion of Cytadren, growth hormones, and a low quantity of in-jectable testosterone is the new hit among athletes of any field, since it allows the athlete to pass any doping test.

Thus the side effects of Cytadren need to be looked at and they are, unfortunately, numerous and sometimes very severe. The most common side effects are fatigue and dizziness. Lack of con-centration, restlessness, depression, apathy, and sleeping disorder are less common but possible. Even rarer and mostly depending on the doses are nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal pain, diar-rhea, and headaches. A possible rash and the already-mentioned fatigue and dizziness are usually initial symptoms and these can be minimized by taking slowly increasing dosages, or they may simply disappear. The package insert of Ciba-Geigy GmbH Ger-many also states that in some cases there is an inadequate thy-roid function which requires treatment. It is therefore recom-mended that the thyroid gland be supervised by a physician dur-ing intake of Cytadren. Another problem that can occur is liver disease. Cases of reduced counts of the white blood cells, the blood platelets, and even of all blood cells have been reported. Those who plan to try Cytadren should carefully read the package in-sert. It has been our experience that athletes, due to the reduced cortisone level, complain about joint pain and are also exposed to a higher risk of getting injured. There is no question that Cytadren is effective when taken according to the two-day alternating ad-ministration schedule; however, the athlete should carefully con-sider the cost/benefit factor prior to taking the compound. Cytadren is in U.S. pharmacies only available by prescription. A package with 100 tablets of 250 mg each costs $190.-, so that Cytadren is not a budget-priced compound. Each package contains 10 push-through strips of 10 tablets each. The tablets are indented on one side with an imprinted "G" on both the right and left of the breakage line. On the other side of the tablet the letters "CG" are punched in. Cytadren is rarely found on the black market.
thank you, a very im formative and objective post. I can assertain that a dosage of less than or no greater than 250mg would be taken 2 days on 1 day off? Is there something that can be talen alongside cytadren to combat the rebound and create a synergystic action?
u can use arimidex during the 2 days ure not using cytadren . since 2 on 2 off seems to be the best way to use cytadren .

ps : sorry for bringing out this thread from the dead :) .
no its cool you had something else to interject. im always trying to learn more from those who know and i want to use the things in my program effectively and wisely.
Yes BigKiwi-what in your opinion is a better anti catabolic than cytadren? Clen?

My experience with Cytadren was negative. I did use it 2 on 2 off about 3-4yrs ago. I stayed on too long (8wks) thinking the 2off would be enough to prevent sides. I went off and experienced joint pains and muscle loss. This drug IMO is too tricky to fool with-maybe only for a precontest peroid or briefly post-cycle.
Alot of people use it post cycle-I personally wouldnt. It lowers the Demolase enzyme, which is responsible for the production of many if not all hormones. Including testosterone. This effects different hormones levels differently-most effected is cortisol levels. But the fact that it even slightly lowers endo test levels
is completely conterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish post cycle.
I will probably never use it again. There is always another anti-cortisol or anti-estro of some sort that can replace Cytadren for purposes, and with much less sides.
MikeS is right

There is more info out there yet on cytadren that I just recently came across while doing some research.
It stated pretty much the same thing that MikeS said about it actually not being as useful in cycle or even worse post cycle as once thought.
It does effect the other hormones in a negative way therefore not resulting in the desired effect of recovery.
However, I could see it's possible usefulness in the last few weeks or less pre-contest by producing a harder look with little to no cortisol production. But even that is questionable IMO.
cytadren should not be used while not on aas , first of all , since steroids are so anabolic , body will try to compensate by trying to produce more cortisol apprently , body this tries to maintain a homeostasis betw anabolism and catabolism , here , cytadren use becomes helpful . Higher levels of cortisol require higher levels of Cytadren. The issue of desmolase is moot when AAS are employed.
cytadren should be used 2 on and 2 off , on the off days maybe using arimi , this is to clear excessive cortisol from the system and minimize estrogenic activity .
stopping cytadren might result in a cortisol rebound ? We had this problem only when an athlete had employed a Cytadren daily in 1000mg+ dosages for over 2 weeks on a daily basis. Blood work showed a marked increase in ACTH began at day 12-16 in most. Naturally this resulted in an increase in corticoid steroid secretion a few days later. The two day on two day off protocol was the cure for the rebound problem and it has had great long term value to this day .
i think that cleared up quite a few things . i hope :) .

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