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De-scheduling anabolics


New member
Feb 23, 2003
Doesn’t it sound like a good thing? Doesn’t it sound as if it would make things a lot easier for us to do what we do?
I believe it certainly would!! It would help to take of lot of the red tape and legal aspects out of obtaining them.
But is that what we need? I say yes!! However it is but one step towards it. Society has a very mixed view of steroids.
Many people aren’t aware of the legal status. Many are not even aware people are spending much time in jails around the country because of them.
That’s something you rarely hear about in the media. Society does not know the effects of steroids.
Their view on them is nothing short of ignorant. And this is just how the powers to be would have it.
They pervade our society with bombardment of news of the downfalls of steroids. But at the same rate you rarely hear of any single cases.
Yes there is always the focal reference to Mr. Alzado. But people only believe he died of steroids.
And that was the intent of the powers to be.
They did an outstanding job. Few can say what the true complications he died from. Just steroids. Let people make there own speculations of the details.
Well you know what? No one does! Their fundamental laziness and lack of removing the vaciousness of mind on the subject leaves them with the simple task of just knowing he died from steroids, its much easier to think that way.

Lets say the nation pushed for descheduling and got it. We’ll for one; I don’t believe that could happen without public education. And this is as simple as telling the truth. Unlike the National Institute of Health, National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Drug Czar among many others has done. I’m not sure if you guys have seen the ads in USA today. These are FULL-page ads by antidrug.org. They know how effective getting their message out to the public is. I know a half page b/w ad in USA today for one day is $50,000 but antidrug.org has a full-page ad! So you probably looking at just under $100,000 each day they advertise. Sounds like quite a lot. Especially since they have multiple ads but sprinkled throughout the weeks and months. You know they have to spend the money to get their budget for the next year. This is how Govt. works. For those of you that have worked for a governmental agency you probably see it first hand. Back when I was in the National Gaurd, I did! They are funded by the state govt. I saw first hand where we had come in under budget towards the end of the fiscal year. And we told to find things to spend money on in order not to lose our budget for the next year. Same deal with what we see with anti-drug .org. Plus the money they spend advertising their agenda is cheap compared to the backing they get for all the good they are doing. (sarcasism)Anyway. I’m getting slightly off the direction I want to go.
I thought long and hard about having anabolics de-scheduled. As I’m sure many of you have. I do know it’s going to be a hard task to under take without approaching it in the same way as the opposition does. And this is to let info permeate society. However I am a believer in truth prevailing, so I believe education to the public based on truth is key. Rick Collins made so many good points in his book (Legal Muscle). I was not only fuming as I read it but I was also relieved to see the points and facts made in one condensed volume in such an articulated way. If you have not read it I suggest it. It’s going to be a powerful tool in any movement to get the medication de-scheduled, or de-criminalized. De-scheduling them in and of themselves is not going to do us as much good as it sounds on the surface. Because the govt. will do all they can to keep their finger in it if it comes to a point where the socialitical view, believes they should not be scheduled. And this will be in the forms of heavy taxation such as cigs., and they will want to still try and regulate and sanction 'medicinal uses only' and not cosmetic. Why? As Rick made many good points about liposuction and reconstructive surgery of many sorts for nothing other than cosmetic reasons. Why the contradiction from govt permission?
For the most part Black Market means paying more for something. Since there is supposedly not many merchants doing it and so there is no competition per se. The black market is not veiwed as a capitolist society so its thought thy're are not companies involved that cause competition thus price wars to keep costs down. With the black market you just have 'the black market' and its one body of unregulated pricing. Honestly I believe the black market like any other capitol market has a system of supply and demand, and that is really the determining factor for price control, not a controlled regulation. I beleive that supply and demand is a better factor for price control than any other form of regulation and thus the black market supplies cheaper juice than a regulated one may be able to. I have seen this first hand with our local gas company in my metro area. The several years ago they supposedly deregulated the ‘control’ of gas. In order to cause competition in the industry. In reality all the did was develop a competition of billing companies outside of the body that really had it together in the first place. The original company is still there supplying the gas to the newly formed billing companies, and all it’s done is make for a less cost efficient industry. Even though Atlanta Ga Light had a monopoly on the gas, they had a very efficient supply and billing method in place. Now they still supply it. So the supply cost is the same. Now you have many greedy billing companies that have not caused price wars. but coolaborated and really have made for a less effecient industry. And I can see this from my gas bill now being 3x’s what it was before deregulation. They called it deregulation but there where to much political involvedment and the end result was political figures being influenced to build a private industry. And now we have a politically controlled industry labelled as a private one.
So what is my point? To take anabolics off the black market is to put them in direct control with our good ole uncle. And they WILL get what they want or die trying. But this is not the end of the world if we do get de-scheduling. Because we do still have big pharmaceutical. And from what I know, testosterone and many derivatives thereof are not patented products. This is good in order to get generic testosterone and the like. Which would still be higher quality than what we get out of Mexico. So there are vast benefits to it as well. De-scheduling would also push towards newer anabolic medicines. Ones that big pharmaceutical can research and get patents on. All they have to do its tweak an atom here and there and develop something new, get a patent and turn a profit. This is the long run would be good for us. Because it would dump BIG money into R&D and testing thus we would no longer rely solely on governmental funding, but more private funding. Right now private funding of anabolics are not economically beneficial due to the scheduling and the governmental control on physicians that limits the market to AIDS and cancer patents as well as some anti-aging clinics. De-scheduling will do much good for our community, good that I feel will far out-weight the negatives of govt. continuing to keep their hand in it somehow, by a new form of regulation. One that we will need to watch out for and anticipate.
Its all going to start with public view on steroids and this will have to be approached in the same way that govt. spreads news. Only with us we'll tell the truth. Because truth will prevail! And this is going to take $$$. Its going to take re-education of the public as well as getting more involved politically. And this can’t be done sitting quiet in the underground we now live in. So we have to think about the consequences of become a more public entity. Yes I know we enjoy the private and seclusionness of our underworld, but we are for the most part powerless here. Not to mention under bondage and risk for persecution by our current legal status.
I believe this is a good topic we need to really start getting ourselves thinking and talking about. Something we need to consider the real consequences of. We need to collaborate on a plan to make changes but not first without much organization and strategy. We can’t just haphazardly push for it. The pros in congress and other agencies’ll crush us. There’s power in numbers. Not only in voices but also in ideas and thoughts. But more important in efforts, both individual and collective. And I will say with confidence more 'individual effort' because without individual effort there is no collective effort. Lets take this thread to discuss our thoughts and see where we need to move forward. I have lots of good ideas, but more than that I am motivated to do something about it. Yes it’s a big beast to tackle. But it’s the American way… It’s going to take collective efforts and heart. And I know we have plenty of that here. Lets pool our thoughts together here. Any and all input is beneficial. I know we have some great thinkers out here and we need to hear from you. For those of us that typically just read and learn without much input. Your voice is still going to matter in the big picture. I just ask you to get involved in one way or another. We each have skills in different areas, but as a group we have power. Lets take some time to relay our thoughts on this subject. Whether good or bad, we need every angle of thought.


Bodybuilding is essentially failure in the gym and success outside.
Dude this is a good post and you have great intentions!! I have even contacted Rick C on this very matter he told me to buy a book and send it to my congressmen! That won't do shit, a congressman is not going to sit down read a 4-500 page book and then say we need to change this?? Ain't gonna happen, sounds nice though! Few people have even offered money to help the cuase! Which was a great thing to do!!

Think about this, alot of people on sites like these are felons! Probably due to steriod convictions some due to other reasons. That means they can't vote so no one gives a shit what they have to say! I was all for this awile ago but I don't think we have enough people to make a difference! What are pro BB going to support us?? No way that would damage the sport and take us back 50 years! What about other pro's in other sports, No way for obviouse reasons! Everyone wants to juice but no body want to be a "steriod freak"! Also think if the government doesn't like the fact that we are pushing this! They will have our names and start flagging all of our mail shutting us further down!

I and it seems everyone else likes when the heat is not on us and doing this is going to bring it down ten fold!! Why this is a good idea I think we need to take things in different directions! This board is doing just that! It doesn't speak of sources which is great! Keep your source to yourself and protect you and your computer! Do anything you can to become annomoys! I think we should concetrate on doing that. Maybe if anyone has any ideas post em!!!!! Just my opinion as I once felt the same way

If you decide to go on I wish you the best of luck!!!!
Sup1 my friend thanks for coming over here and giving a post that obviously took quite some thought.

Heres some of my take-as Ive gone on and on about this issue
in many ways for some time now. Ricks book may now be the best way to spread the word. He has had it plugged in many areas of media (Major newspaper articles, New York journal of law publication, NBC TV news, Reason Magazine...) besides of course the muscle media. The more people that read this book-especially for example lawyers and judges-things may change.
Rick had a plan, I believe, to take a year away from the activist scene to concentrate on the book-then bring it to the masses as best as he could. We see the assholes from congress like Osbourne, Durbin,Sweeney putting bills in congress to ban prohormones and ephedra. Bud Selig promises to ask congress to ban ephedrine-what the fuck are their qualifications and education on the subject? Its all just a knee jerk reaction to a high profile, sensational event such as pitcher Belchers death. This takes us in the opposite direction. We need to have a formal debate with a guy like Sweeney-with some bros like Rick Collins and Pat Arnold opposing his view. Someone must challenge these idoits as to their qualifications in these issues-which of course they in truth are clueless. Remember although the ephedra ban probably has some strong backing, the AS control act of 1990 passed even though DEA, NIH, and the general medical community strongly opposed it. Because some dickhead congress person probably stood on a soapbox making alot of noise-certainly all the medical facts presented then didnt help one bit. It
need to be attacked at the political level. And also the media must show some favorable stories-which is hard for us to do since
the opposing view is more sensational. But we are slowly getting the word out little by little-I could site about 10 instances in the last year that prove this. More positive viewpoints have been made mainstream-public than in any other peroid of time I can remember-by far.

As for un-scheduling it-great. But Id be sad to see it govt controlled. Who here would be satisfied to pay doctor visits,
lab work, prescription fees (which could be outrageous seeing that medical costs are so corrupt)-for a 200-300mg a week doseage? This will only cut it for the anti aging community, and for the most part they are able to do this now anyway.
Basically - Id just like to see it un-scheduled-then leave us the fuck alone to gain our little bit of muscle!
Whats up S1 good to see you again man. I agree 100% but dont know how it would come about. Jealousy, media, lies and peoples lack of taking responsibility for their own actions or lack of ambition is gona make it a long road to go down. But I agree as well as with people who think marijauna should also be. However I do not have not or ever intend to use the rec stuff marijauna. Just feel it is over labeled as dangerous as well. MM

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