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Gear, maintainable gains, and slin added?


Jun 5, 2002
Hey bro, I have a decently long winded question, Meaning no disrespect, I would preffer more experienced bros, like the pros, Mr magoo, xcell, and anybody who has juiced for a decnt matter of time. I myself am a cherry in this game, with 1 year of gear under my belt. Now

I recently read and article, in muscular developement, By the author, of chemical muscle enhancement. His name is L Rea. I have read several of his articles on anabolic xtreme. The article basically attempted to address why a seasoned competitive bodybuilder, had stopped gaining. It basically went on to say that
most of us, when constructing cycles, always use the route of aas
alone, and that this route, though effective, reaches its threshold of positive developement in a short time. Now granted he did not state what a short time was. Also he stated that each time we use the dosage would have to go up over the long term. He then went on and recommended, a cycle, that included, gh, slin, test enathate evry other day, and then alternated eq with test, and this cycle lasted 28days. Now I am informed enought to know there are no miracle cycles, or drugs. My long winded question is this. I have been educated at this board and many others, that slin, and gh, are things that should be used after a bodybuilder has got the most he can out of gear. I also always thought that until you hit a gram of test or more a week, or high doses of tren
that there was no need for slin and gh yet. I am not saying this is wrong.My question is this, based on what the writer wrote, many gains, including gains made on gear are lost because of ptor, =protein turn over rate, and the reason is that synergy is not used in preparing a cycle, I his terms, synergy bein, gh, slin. My question is again, would it be feasable, that a relatively new bodybiluder, starting out on gear after years of training, use this approach, of adding slin, and gh to a cycle, in hope of maximizing synergy and avoid, as he calls it cascading hormones, catabolism
etc. The article is called perfect beast in this month muscular developement. Now I am thankful to all that respond. But please, save all smart comment for your home, I am not saying I beleive this writers theory, or not, I check here first, as this has been all my sourse for learning. Thanks in advance.
i know whare he is coming from but, in your case . of only being on gear a year i would say that you still have a lot of growth potential yet to come from just gear alone..that being said, i would say that he is right about most users not combing the right gear...gh is very expensive but, great to use as long as androgens are present and you have enough cash to use the gh for a decent amount of time. slin is great but, must maintain a good diet while on the slin or else you will balloon up..and not in a good away. but, like i stated before, if you have only been using gear for about a year, i would say that you have some time before using the other stuff...what is a typical cycle for you..?? thaty would help in determining the answers to some of your questions.. :)
Note the words OVER THE LONG TERM in the original post. Dosages should be increased slightly, each cycle OR changing or adding different types of gear. In just a year, you have a long way to go before you need gh and slin. Good for you to think twice about it and ask. OK it wouldnt kill you (slin can be tricky, or deadly if you dont have a clue) but there has to be a long range plan in mind-where will you be dosewise in 5yrs/10yrs? Assuming you still are lifting and enhancing...

Ive actually dropped my dose by more than half the last 2 cycles!
And although I cant (for sure-I have some ideas) say why, got some of the best gains ever this cycle. Now, if I do a high dose cycle-it will kick! But before, I was just kind of maintaining with 2g wk or so.
Personally, I'm of the opinion that if you can afford the GH, you may as well use it (within limits of course. If you're 6' and all of 150lbs, then you shouldn't even be playin with AAS, much less GH... but yeah). For your seasoned bodybuilder that knows his body well, can manipulate his weight by simply changing his diet, and has a couple cycles under his belt... then by all means use it.

GH can be incredibly beneficial. AAS can be rough on the body. Winny, high doses of test and the like... all interfere with collagenase activity and can weaken connective tissues over time. Bodybuilding/Powerlifting on it's own is incredibly rough on ya. GH will help keep your joints and the like in workin order.

As for your gains... it'll work wonders when combined with AAS. I am one that tends to think you should use as little gear as you can when on cycle (though I don't see anything wrong with just goin all hardcore every once in a while. heh heh heh.) I've known several guys that have run all kinds of crazy dosages, stopped gaining.... then reworked a few things, ran a fraction of the AAS they did before and still gained a ton of mass. Alot of times it's less about the drugs and more about just learning what your body needs that you're not giving it.

Eventually, if you're doin everything right... there will come a time when the amount of AAS you need to keep the mass on you will become excessive. About that time, you're gonna need to find a new game plan. GH is great. Personally, I'm not a fan of insulin use unless you're extremely careful, and already a walking slab of muscle that just won't grow without more help.

I tend to think that the long term health risks associated with AAS use are minimal with responsible use... but if it gets to the point where you just can't grow anymore without using things like GH and Slin... then things can get a bit sketchy.

Hmm. I'm kinda babbling here. I guess what I'm tryin to say is, yeah... there's a point at which you'll need to resort to drugs other than just AAS to keep growing, but it takes a whole lot to get to that point. I'm willing to bet that very few of the guys on this board can't live without the GH and slin. The vets, especially the pros will be the first to tell you that there's always some aspect of your diet or training that probably needs work... there's always something that you can change that'll bring your physique to a new level... and it's rarely the drugs.
this is what I have done so far

I have been on for exactly a year, taking current 2 or 3 week cruise periods at a time. I followed the dogcrap method of training. When I first started getting help from mr magoo, I wa 6 feet 4 inches, and 280lbs and 13% bodyfat. The first thing I dd was
week 1 to 5 test prop 200 mgs, monday, wed, and friday, arimiedex, .5 mgs every other day.
Then I would cruise for 3 weeks with dball at 10mgs before workout, and 1mg daily adex, and senthesellen, at 1ml daily
then begin week 1 to 5 all over.
when I stopped gaining, I went up top prop at 300mgs, monday wed, and friday. again with arimedex, at .5 mgs.
I have held that dose with the cruise at 10 mgs dbal,
and have never went higher. My doses, I have gained muscle, and droped body fat to 10%, and am at 265, my overall composition of muscle has changed. Now I am getting ready to add tren at 100mgs everyotherday, and lowwer the test to a total of 500mgs weekly over 3 shots. I have always been a very watery person, and From what I have read, tren helps to harden you up.I reguards to diet, I use a constant low card, high essential fat, and high protein eating. Protein I am getting about 320 grams daily, sourses are fish, turkey, burgers, and ege protein.My fats come from flax, olive oil, and fish, also peanut butter. Thanks for your comments. and keep them coming.

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