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Jun 23, 2003
A post Phil H. made interested me. I guess this may be directed at him, but of course, everyone feel free to add in. Phil made a comment about the price to pay with going after a professional status in bodybuilding (in weight 77's pic thread), or at least this is how I read it. Now, I realize that any AS use can leave you open to physical ailments, including kideny problems (which can be attributed to excessive protein intake etc.) and problems with your hpta and on... MY question is, is there a "safe" way to do this, or maybe better asked, what is the safest way to go? For instance, I have no asirations of being a pro bber, in fact the only show I did was a natural one after concluding my college football career. I do plan on doing a show, but train more for myself more than anything. I run cycles 10-12 weeks, moderate doses, and always take 8 weeks off inbetween and get my hormones to a normal level. I've been as heavy as 270 @ 5'9" (a very bloated 270) but now hold down at about 250-255. I want to build the best physique I can, but am not willing to pay the price some people are. So, Phil, or others, if you were in the position of a "recreational" bber, with no national or pro aspirations, what route would you take to achieve your bbing goals?
just my opinion, i would lay off the heavy androgens and orals, stick to moderate cycles with more anabolics and keep a good diet. i think like anything abuse will definetly put more stress on your body. im thinking after i do my show this year, i will probably just try and stay at a lean 215 or so and just hit a few cycles a year. but who knows ill probably get bitten by the size bug and think im small, etc. etc.


Regular doc evaluations, and stay away from the dreaded "abuse"? You know what you can handle so far to this point and I wouldn't go past that until you have a good doc. Keep a clean diet, and stay away from the recreational situations. By this I mainly mean alcohol! That is something that I think can fuck you up regardless, of being on or off. Being smart about it, is the safest way to go. Let us know how things turn out.
sometimes i feel bodybuilding is like dancin with the devil....

|--[\\\]>------- The problem i think that ppl who acctually DO develpe some kind of health prob. due to AAS use perhaps did many consec. years of HIGH doses...i know you personally and you have never done high amts. of AAS for a long period of time, shit you only started maybe what....4-5 years ago if that? I think if you continue to do just small/moderate doses, your health will be fine...just my opinion of course.

ps. you're still a hot huge shredded WOP
it all depends....

what a side of the fence you sit on. How come some people smoke due drugs and drink on a daily basis for many, many years and live very long time, why? How many people die from steroid ailments in comparison to other recreational drug use or things connected to drug use. Taking too much of anything has the ability to kill you. Everything can have a drug like effect in certain dosages and can cause much trauma. BBing can almost be considered a parallel to a cattle showing. It is an activity of extremes (IMO) who is willing to take that extra step. I dont want to go to a doc and have them tell me something is wrong that scares me too. But then the question if I take a moderate amount of androgens for periods of time will that cause any more liver or kidney stress then taking more then the recommended dosage of Ibprofen or aspirin. I dont know.

oh and by the way yes you are a huge, shredded, greasy wop
First off I would like to say, yes I am greasy, but large...no

I was only using my usage as an example, but started this thread as a guideline for everyone. You're right BBA, I have never done high doses, I always relied on diet more than drug usage. I feel my approach of always taking time off and using a "traditional" cycle plan keeps me safe health wise. I have always thought, it's what you do when your off that seperates you from the rest. Anyone can grow while they're on. I just look at people like that chewy bagel kid who was on for 4 years and weighed 163 when he came off and his hair was falling out. That's just plain stupid. Or people that consider one gram of test as "being off." I'm on right now and am using a total of 900mgs/wk and people consider one gram of test being off. I just wonder if they really think they'll escape this behavior without consequence. I don't meant to come off as preachy, but I think LATS put it best, if you need high doses to grow, maybe this isn't for you. There are ways to get to your goals, smart ways, but it seems that people would rather kill the rabbit (no offense JJ) with a bazooka rather than a bb gun.

by the way BBA, I've been doing this for 3.5 years
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Re: Answer

Get a blood test and 24 hour urine and find out for yourself how much damage you are doing. Everyone is different.


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