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How to become a better bodybuilder


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Kilo Klub Member
Dec 28, 2002
I have been bodybuilding more or less for 20 years. That is since I
was about 16 years old. Being involved in school athletic programs
Football, Track and Field and competing with my peers in the weight
room when I was young, set the foundation for my future as a
competitive bodybuilder.
. I had been out of the gym, using rec drugs and drinking
regularly for about 3 years when my first son was born. I took an
embarrassing look at myself in the mirror, and decided that I needed
to be a better person to be a better father. I just wanted to be a
better role model and husband.

My son was born premature at 27 weeks gestation. He was 1pound 14oz.
and facing many challenges. I figured the last thing he needed was as
alcoholic/drugged up, fat-assed, lazy loser for a father. So I
started my own long road to recovery.
At the time my wife was supportive of my fitness endeavor,
recognizing thebenefits of the bodybuilding lifestyle and how it can
improve every aspect of life, health, and success when applied
It was about 6 months into my new lifestyle the wife picked up a
coupy of Muscle Media that I had left lying around. She browsed the
magazine and notice the EAS Fitness Challenge. She decided to do the
challagnge and began her own training/self improvement program.
She completed the challage, going from 145lbs to 125 including some
added muscle. From this point she was dedicated to training, having
enjoyed some success.
We discussed my participation in a contest and in the
beginning she was fully supportive. As the dieting/contest
preparation intensified she began to find issues with the lifestyle
and my personal challenges. She had said on many occasions that she
‘couldn’t wait until this was over’, or ‘I hope you aren’t gong to do
this again.’
This contest preparation was abruptly halted about 2 weeks
out from the show when she was admitted to the hospital experiencing
pre-term labor for the second time. We lost the baby at 26 weeks and
I remained out of the gym for 3-4 weeks.
About 6 months later I wanted to give competing another shot.
I picked a contest and start cutting about 12 weeks out. Again the
wife was supportive, but put out a little by the dieting and
We made it through the preparations and I took home a first
place in the novice-heavy class. She was excited from the experience
of seeing her first contest, and particularly enjoyed watching the
mixed pairs.There was some brief discussion of her doing a mixed
pairs with me for fun, but ultimately she said she could never get on
stage and do that.
The following year she was pregnant and on bedrest again for
20 weeks. We had agreed that I would not do contest prep while she
was pregnant and on bed rest. The pregnancy went full-term, healthy
bouncing 8.7lbs boy born Oct. 30 2002. I had a vasectomy and that was
My lovely wife was nearly 160lbs following the prgnancy and
20 weeks of bedrest. She agian joined me at the gym everyday and
began her road to recovery. In February I began the road to
contest conidition. The wife decided to follow along with my diet to
a lesser degree, as was not completely satisfied with her condition.
The wife and I are very lucky: We work for the same company
in the IT field. We work in the same building, drive to work together
and take our lunches at the gym togehter. We help eachother with our
diets, training etc.Only difference; she is not a competetive
My first show of the season rolled around She help with my
backstage stuff as well as photos etc. While watching the novice
women she made the decision that she could do this too. This was 3
weeks out from my next contest when she made the decision to compete.
Remember this is 7 months post pregnancy which included 20 weeks
She was about 125lbs. BF maybe 15-16% BF. She had never posed
in her life, and had olly seen 2 contests. However she was determined
to do her best.
We rearranged our morning cardio-sessions so she could do
Mon, Wed, Fri morings, leaving me with Tues and Thurs. We both have
time to train morings on the weekend taking turns watching the kids.
We did afternoon cardio together Mon-Fri, and she followed my
diet to a tee, at about 40% total macronutrient content. We began
posing a little every night as time permitted. And on her own she put
together a routine for womens Novice, and together we worked a
routine out for mixed pairs.
We prepare the same the final week, adjusting for her caloric
needs etc.
Saturday rolls around; She weighs in at 117lbs. calipers put
her at about 12-13%BF, and she has dried out pretty well. The
promoter puts her in with Womens Masters as there were not enough
novices to make a group.
She does great! taking second in Masters, and we take second
in mixed pairs. I take light-heavies and temporarily tie for
overall,ultimately losing to the middle weight in a 3rd round of
Now, a few days after the show, she is all about bodybuilding
and her next show.This is unbelievible! She is walking, talking,
living bodybuilding.
This, I KNOW, will make me a better bodybuilder.
Am I a lucky guy or what?

Take care bros
knucklehed said:
Am I a lucky guy or what?
VERY LUCKY! :D Thanks for sharing that.

Great post.
Congrats to you and your wife!
side note

The wife got implants about 4 months ago. With this change and her new leaner, harder, more athlletic body she seems to enjoy sex significantly more. It has always been good, but lately it has been unreal.
Life is good
very good

my girl has the exact same aspirations --- could you post some pics?

You can count on it
from mixed pairs

The wife and I in our mixed pairs routine
I am about 5'9" 198lbs.
she is 5'6" 117lbs


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Thanks for the great story man, congrats to you guys! I have a simmilar one and can picture what you were saying completly. Thanks again and its about time for a great post. LEX
great post- wish her luck on her next show, and good luck to you!!! congrats!
congrats dude! The bug had finally bit her you to are very lucky good luck on all your future shows!

Oh ya and sex has been better with your wife/lol j/k dude!!!:D

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