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New member
Jun 8, 2002
Ok first time Slin user, Ive been reading reading, and reading some more, and asking a 10000000 Questions, here is my final questions before I take the leap, I know you guys can help me out.

Here is my plan.

I lift m-fri, It might seem like alot, but I seem to grow good off of it so that is what I do

Before I lift Im going to measure out 10ius of Humalog and let it sit out on my counter.

Im going to go train.

Come home, mix a 100gram dextrose, 80 gram protein, 10 creatine, 10 gluatime cocktail.

Inject the Slin, Drink the Protein/dextrose mixture.

Here is where my question comes in, ive read that it peaks in 30-45 mins, does that mean that the shake I ate is going to be used during the peak, or that I need to eat again at the 30-45min mark?

I was planning on having another 75 gram dextrose, 80 gram whey shake at about the 1 hour mark. Then after that I would consider the slin to be out of the system and I can go back to my normal eating habits.

Another question I had was Im injecting IM into the muscle I just trained, so Should I inject half into each side of the bodypart I trained, 5ius in the left bi, 5ius in the right, or just alternate during the weeks.

Thanks again.

So phil is it even worth adding to my cycle?

you need to go slow up with dosage of HUMALOG!!!

don't START with 10 IU a day!!!!!!!

Also you need to inject it ASAP after gym work and then wait 15 minuts and drink half of you drink that you write on,wait next 15 minuts and drink next half!!

then you need to wait 30 minuts and make one big meal with minimum 75 grams carbos +proteins!

DON'T take any FAT after HUMALOG inject foe next 4 h!

You will see great results after few days of useing it!!!!!!

Be careful and always have on a stock some sugers!!!

My sugest for you to be after inject 4 H at home!!!!

you will see after that meal 1 h after humalog,you will be tired as hell,it's normal,if you can go sleep for few minuts ,just go!

I hope it's help!

all this info come from IFBB pro BB!!!!

Actually ForBB is basically correct.
I agree with ForBB on the Humalog dose. That stuff hits hard and fast.

I didn't read your post throughly the first time and was going to tell you to inject the slin when you got in your car to leave the gym (thinking it was Humulin R), but seeing it's Humalog I'd say your timing won't be much of an issue as long as you eat right away.

Humulin R "peaks", or at least that's when you first start to feel effects, is 30-45mins. Depending on what your blood sugar is to start with.

Humalog is much quicker. It comes on within about 20mins, peaks at about 30mins, and is done within an hour to hour and a half.

10iu's of Humalog is a hefty dose for a first time, if you were using Humulin-R, it may be do-able...but not Humalog. I'd say cut it in half for the first couple days (especially since you'll be training first and your blood sugar should be fairly low to begin with).

If you want the best results from insulin, doing just one big shot after training isn't going to do much more than give you a little "pump". You'll want to do 2-3 (or 4, or 5) shots throughout the day to really see full benefit. Your first shot and your post-workout shots will be your biggest shots, along with 2-3 smaller shots during the day to force protein and glycogen into cells as well as keep you hungry throughout the day.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Thanks guys, I was going to start with 5, and crawl my way up to 10. If I did multiple shots of the humalog would I just stick with simple carbs, and protein shakes most of the day, that is fine with me, im sitting on 10 5lb jugs of optimum whey, and 22lbs of dextrose. Maybe this schedule would be better.

Inject Slin
8am 50grams of carbs, 50 grams of whey
8:15am 50grams of carbs, 50grams of whey,
9:15 50grams of carbs, 50 whey,
11 Inject again
11 50grams of carbs, 50 grams of whey
11:15 50grams of carbs, 50 grams of whey
12:15 50grams of carbs, 50 grams of whey

Then go on about my regular eating for the day.
10ius, and 2 shots a day are going to be long after I have been on for a week or so,
my sugest is to take HUMALOG only after gym trening,weight trening!!!!!!

REALY go slow up with dosages!!!! 4,6,8,10

PLEASE be carful that you will get,buy HUMALOG and not some other insulin!!!!!!! Read all info about inject,you need to be carefu ,that you will not do any misatke with inject and inject more IU!!!!!!

I mean after 6-8 days you will see results,your body will be total pump!!!!!

you just hope that you will not be sick!!!

I take it now on my cycle and I see how all this shit work,it's good,but also sucks!


Ps:Thanks guys! One more time be careful!!!
10ius of humalog IM on an empty stomach

that's gonna come on fast. You better eat before you shoot. - CH
I usually down half of my shake before I shoot slin. I use humolog and find it can hit at about the 5 min mark when injected IM. My shakes are so damn big, they take me a good 5 mins to drink. LOL!!:D

I like to take 8 ius of humalog in the morning with breakfast, when I do this I get an aswome pump later on when I work out. I tried taking slin post workout and I seemed to get fatter and not as much of a pump as when I take it with breakfast before I train. Maybe this is just me I don't know

YOu need a script to get humalog here in the states, and I ordered last week should be here today, So I've just been waiting and waiting, Thanks for the inquiry I cant wait to start it up. Here is my mini plan. Im running equigen/anavar/glucohphase, and im about to do a Dbol/Test ETh/Fina stack and add slin the first 4 weeks, and then the last 4 as well. SO 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, then 4 weeks on.
man HUMALOG need to be in fridge!!!!

be careful one more time man!!!


Ps:please used pen for inject!
Two things. First one is EXTREMELLY important - DON'T run glucophage and insulin at the same time! The gluco will make the insulin unpredictable! Only use the gluco on days that you don't use the slin or hours after the insulin has totally fjnished it's life.

Secondly - insulin doesn't have to be in the fridge as long as you don't over heat it. All insulin is made to be carried in the pocket by diabetics.
Keeping it refridgerated will prolong the life of the insulin. It is true that you can carry it around with you, but it will not last as long this way.

All insulin is stored in pharmacies on the shelf.
Maybe down under (in Big A country) they do, but up her in Canada (On top of the world LOL!!) our pharmacies store it in a refridgerator. I'm sure its not absolutely necessary but thats procedure up here. If anyone has purchased insulin from a pharmacy in Canada you will know its been refridgerated. And the slip on all our Lilly insulins says keep it refridgerated to prolong the life of the product.


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