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kevin levrone


New member
Feb 28, 2003
I have often wordered about kevin. You always hear that three months ago I saw kevin in the flex offices looking all of 210 now onstage at the olympia look at him. I think that he has it down to an art and I would love to know how he does it. I know as a teenager I always seemed to grow when I dieted for a show no juice or anything I just atributed it to better diet more intense training etc. Good question bro Mr.clean101
Musclememory....I think that has a lot to do with it...also experience....he has done som may contests that he must know his body very well and what works for him.
Kevin is definitely a FREAK among freaks!, the first two pictures are of kevin when he's a human, and the others are him in FREAK mode!!


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Kevin 2:


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i just seen kevin this past weekend, he was guest posing along with gunter, jay cutler , ronnie coleman an chris cromier. they all came in looking huge. ronnie an gunter looked unhuman, they both i believe are in the mist of there bulking. jay, chris , an kevin all looked tight overall i would have to say jay looked the best overall

I was there too. Awesome show. Funny thing about Levrone, did you notice that his quads actually had good seperation and were hard on some front shots? I thought it was interesting because I haven't seen them like that in the past couple shows. Just a random thought.
a little back gorund info on MR levrone. this will let u knwo a bit mroe on how he does it written by his "hired" video reviewers

"Kevin introduces us to his business partner Joan and her husband (who looks like he is no stranger to pumping iron himself). Joan and her husband handle all the cooking for Kevin as he prepares for the Olympia. Talk about offering a helping hand! They spend 3 hours each night cooking all of Kevin's food for the next day and an additional 2 hours cleaning up from all that cooking. Where can I find someone like that to do my cooking??

So how much food goes into building a body like Kevin Levrone's? Kevin eats 5 pounds of protein a day from fish, meat and chicken! Breakfast consists of a pound of lean ground beef with brown rice and veggies, lunch is a pound of chicken breast with brown rice and veggies and dinner is a pound of flounder with brown rice and veggies. Kevin consumes six meals like this per day minus the brown rice for the final two meals. This means that Joan and her husband must purchase 20 pounds of flounder per week, 25 pounds of lean beef per week and 25 pounds of skinless, boneless chicken breast per week. This is in addition to the pounds of brown rice, sweet potatos and frozen vegetables that are also necessary. They even needed to buy an additional refrigerator to store all of Kevin's meals each day. It's estimated that the cost for a diet such as this is in the $400-500 range each week

I was surprised to learn that Kevin will only train for 4-5 months for the Mr. Olympia contest each year. After a competition is over, he will take as much as 4 months off from training and just concentrate on his music and having fun. When he returns to the gym, it's total dedication and discipline all the way up to the contest. Kevin uses the American flag and the Marine Corp flag hanging from the ceiling at his gym as motivation for his training. A true patriot, Kevin emotionally talks about the dedication that the United States Marines give when putting their lives on the line for the people of this country. Their devotion is his inspiration for training heavy and hard each day he enters the gym."

pretty interesting
if its true that he does not lift any weight for up to 4 months thats very interesting. i myself could never do this as i am addicted to lifting. he truely has a gift is he only concentrates 5 months a year to be the bodybuilder he is today. he is a seasoned vet so this in a way makes sense, i on the other hand have to build build build, so no time off for me

I hate to be the odd man out here and I know MIKE S and a few guys here know him but I know pros that say all the 4 months off stories is just that stories. The guys I talk to say he trains all year just like everybody else and liken that to Ronnie's I'm all clean
" ME Not On Stemerereroids"(Joke) PR work. I can't really believe that at that level he only has to train and diet 7 months out of the yr and then compete against the elite and still place high as he does. If this were the case why hasn't he won the BIG SHOW?

I also know his band sucks heard em a few yrs back KEVIN cannot sing.
With all that said I still admire the dude.:eek:
i wish athletes were more honest... lee priest acts like he takes begger cycles to credit where he is lol

If that is the case, but those pics are not doctored, it sounds like he needs to figure out how to keep his gains a little better. If he could only lose 15 lb of muscle instead of the 30lb it looks like he loses (from the pics), he would come in much better.

As far as the Mr. O - God, who knows. Maybe b/c he seems to always be late to athlete meetings, doesn't always get his paperwork in on time, etc., he has been slightly politically blackballed?...


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