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NFL testing...


Mr Pickels

this friend of mine is an NFL prospect, however he would not be getting picked up til next year... he wants to run a cycle just for strenght.. he doesnt need size and doesnt want the cycle to be too obvious... anavar is too expensive at this point...

i recommended oral winny and test prop...

worst case scenario i'm thinking 3 weeks for detection time... thats more than enough i'm thinking... he knows the test will not be for about 5 months...

any input...


Jun 5, 2002
this is an idea

Now know matter what he uses mr P, what he retains, will be totally up to post cycle recovery, and eating dedication. With all things being equal, Why not use the most anobolic, and androgenic, stuff, with a good anti e over a 15 week cruise period, and cap it with oral winny in this fashion. Meaning for strength, and size, and bang for buck, nothing will beat test as a base, mixed with fina, his igf-1, and androgen receptors, can benefit most, so I would try this over a bounce cruise 15 week cycle. This is the dogcrapp method, with my personal modualation.

week 1-5 1000 mgs, sust a shot evey other day 4 shots a week
fina, at 75 mgs every other day, , femara, as an antie e - 2.5 mgs every other day
week 6-7- 15 mgs dbol, 10 before training, 5 mgs upon raising
arimedex, 1 mgs a day, clomid 100mgs a day, , and creating micronized form, Krealkalyn to be specific, 100 mgs dhea before training, and before bed
weeks 8- 12- 750 mgs of cyp of enanthate, broken over 3 shots
100 mgs of fina, 3 times weekly. 2.5 mgs of femara, every other day,
week 13 to 15 - winny 50 mgs a day oral, , stay with the anti e go with arimidex, at 1 mg per day, 100 mgs nolva, broken up over 3 servings
week 16-reapeat weeks 6-7 except do not use dbal, add, nolva at
100mgs broken over 3 servings, break your clomid up to 3 servings totaling 100 mgs perday, before bed have him used tribulus terris, at 750 mgs daily, also add brocomptine at 2.5 mgs daily for weeks 16 to 20, he will have to force himself to eat big, as bromo cuts apetite very much, have him scale back his training volume, but still train heavy. His gaining a bunch of weight will be grossly determined by what eating pattern he follows, and he must, and I repeat must use an anti estrogen. Now I am not the best at this I am leanring as I go along, this is just my opininon, of what I would do. I have some confidence in this type , partly because I have used this type of stak, and I have used it with 2 major league baseball prospects, that are in tripple aaa league right now this last year and. got good reaults, and lastly have him use syntheselen from week 16 to 20 at the appropriate dosage for his body weight. Good luck and keep asking, I am sure there are many more experienced veiws than mine. Hope I gave you some help:D


New member
May 13, 2003
i had a few tryouts as well and prop/ oral winny is great. out of your systems w/i 3 weeks. also test susp works great. ill send u an email from a guy who helped me out with drug testing things and different drugs.

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