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Offseason growth tips THREAD!

Mojo Rising

New member
Jul 10, 2002
Well I was searching and thought it would be good just to have an all offseason thread. We have drilled The Chemicals into the ground. Lets drill the food aspects. I was reading some of Dorians offseason tips and his was a 35pro/50carb/15 fat ratio. HOw does everyone feel about that? Im going to take my body weight and multiply it by 20 for a lean growing. I think around 2lbs a week would be good that way to minimize fat. Possibly cardio light 3x a week, also good for blood pressure etc while on the sauce.

235x20 = 4700 calories over 6 meals almost 800 calories a meal.

Im going to throw in Flax for overall help(fat loss, testosterone, joints, blood profiles etc) and for the extra calories.

I will throw in dextrose postwork... but I may be using insulin and might change that to another sugar?

Not going to use creatine b/c of some of the research saying the molecule is to big to get into the cell and it just causes a layer of water to be held.

Im going to eat big clean meals and give myself 1 good cheat meal a day... of course im saying this and Im sure i wont do.

Workout 4 days a week.

What do you guys do that you feel helps most offseason? Goal being QUality muscle not FAT and just seeing how much water and fat you can gain!... seems something i can do easily:(.

Also for natural supps I will use some ALA to help with all the carbs if i dont opt ot use insulin(humalin-r post workout), syntheslen maybe but Im not crazing about poking the hell out of myself. Multi vitamin, bioflavinoids, Joint support stuff.

Also everyone once in a while i throw in saw palmento, cranberry and ala for preventative measures. I dont drink and rarely use orals so Im not worried about liver and kidneys... but still take measures!
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I thought this would be a good idea to have all offseason slammed into one good thread.. maybe not? no input?
I'm attempting to do a "lean bulk" as well. "For me," that's too many carbs. Wylde put together a nutrition plan for me that I'm following pretty much to a T. I haven't calculated it out, so this is only a guesstimate - 60 protein, 30 carb, and 10 fat. But calories are around 3,500+ (my weight = 185# and <7% BF). AGAIN, this is only a guess! I've only been on it since Monday and my weight hasn't changed but my belt fits looser! And - I've been on a "cruise" and will go back "on" this Sunday.

I'm eating 8X ED and would recommend doing this if possible. For being less than 1 month from 50, my metabolism is in HIGH GEAR. I'm constantly "hot" (body temperature, not actual) and know that it's due to increased metabolism from eating all the time.

I'm still taking my whey protein isolate (90+% protein) for 2 meals. One is the first meal since I workout first thing in the morning. This drink has 60+g protein, 50g dextrose, 11g of glutamine (will cut that in half when I go back "on") and 2 tblsp milled flax. The fiber from the flax should help slow down protein absorpstion (liquid protein tends to get through the system too quickly). This is taken "immediately" after I workout (weights or cardio).

The second protein drink only has 60+g protein, 7g glutamine (will cut that in half when I go back "on"), 2 tblsp milled flax and NO dextrose - taken as 4th meal. I don't put in as much glutamine because there's no dextrose to cover its chalky taste.

I don't have the scientific explanation, but would avoid saw palmetto when "on" gear. I've also read a lot or should say that there's no documented evidence that cranberry does anything as a preventative. And most of the cran juice is loaded with sugars! It WORKS GREAT if you HAVE a urinary tract infection but doesn't do squat as a preventative IMHO.

Just throwing in my $0.02


Where do you order your protein from?? Wondering as I like the make up of it. Im going to work with wylde but i need to raise the funds first!:(

The cranberry i use is the extract pill... dont know if it does much figure it couldnt hurt

I only use saw palmento when deca is putting pressure on the prostate 600mg did it pretty good last time.

Xcel you get cheat meals on your plan??

Damn 8x a day! Ive done 7 before I usally do 6 b/c of school/work/working out. Plus I never use shakes except post workout! Maybe i should try to add another when bulking to make 7 meals.

Your confusing me bro first you want to lose 6% BF which is easy enough to do but now are you saying you want to bulk as well?
I am just making an observation here MOJO but are you sure your body is ready for some of the things your listing in your threads? It sounds like you want to try and rush into a show a year from now but not sure as how you should go about doing it. I am only making that statement based on the last few posts you have made not judging your goals or intellect at all.

I recall your a younger fellow right? If that is the case and correct me if I am wrong but don't take everything you are reading on these boards and try and use it as a guide. I see a lot of views presented on many boards that are off a lot and should not be used as a basis for a show. I just sense a little confusion on what your trying to do.

Remember one thing about your initial statement there about 35/50/15 DORIAN used things you and I never will 50% CARB IS way high to me anyway for a bulk diet even.

The Cranberry is great for clening the body if you smoke pot but not sure for what else.
the thing with saw is not a myth but a liver is quite a ponderous organ and I rarely use much to protect it, unless your taking 500 mgs of anadrol a day.

I offer again I will be busy shortly with a new baby but in the new yr shoot me an email and I'll give advice if you need it.
Good memory :)

Yea im dieting right now, once i lose my bodyfat % im going to start bulking... i just figured it would be cool for everyone to throw in what works for them! I know everyone has there little secrets. Im sure you have quite a few as your pictures are unreal.

I am a bit younger 21.
when I'm bulking I do a 40% protein/40%carbs/20%fat , but I sometimes change if I put too much fat and do a 50/30/20 ratio.
Training 4 days a weeks:low sets low reps (with 2 days on 1 day off 2 days on 2 days off) I'm a fan of Dorian Yates training training which worked goof for me.

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