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Powerlifting Client sets 3 state records


IFBB PRO / Double Featured Member/Kilo Klub
Kilo Klub Member
Oct 3, 2005
Congrats to my client Andrew Cohn on his performance this past weekend at the 2009 USAPL Raw Nationals. Andrew set multiple personal records and also set 3 state records. Here’s his meet report and a video of his lifts:

“Well I spent most of the last year in the 220's so I had to get working with diet guru Shelby Starnes to get my weight down to the 198 range. We started work on a diet and supplementation program 8 weeks ago and in that time, I dropped 9 pounds and didn't lose a pound on my lifts. Pretty amazing!

Coming into this competition I was convinced I had a serious back injury. I had been experiencing tightness and tingling along my spine for 2 weeks and was pretty scared of what it could be. Thankfully, I hit the orthopedist last Wednesday where he diagnosed the symptoms as nothing more then a pulled muscle. This was a huge gorilla off my back and I was determined to go for broke in the deadlift. The last thing he said before I left his office was "just don't lift anything heavy for a couple weeks." WHOOOOOOPS!

Friday night before the comp, we headed to Outback where I watched everyone scarf down whatever they wanted as I picked at a piece of grilled chicken and was unable to endulge in my favorite Australian beer! Sweet life. I then popped 9 psyllium pills and 6 magnesium citrate caps and hit the hot tub. Next morning I weighed in waaaaaaaaay light at 196.1. That's fine, it gave me a nice coefficient.

My first squat of 429 was fast and explosive. I thought of lowering my opener b/c they were calling even the deepest squats high that day but I stuck to my guns and it was a smart choice. My second attempt was 458 for a Maryland State Record attempt. This was also pretty smooth and easy. I had only planned to go to 468 as I had made then missed 463 in the gym only 2 weeks earlier. Dustin, having seen my last 2 squats, told me I was crazy and that I had no choice but to go for 474 and tie my gym pr (which I hit at 10 pounds heavier BW). So I listened and nearly passed out 3/4 of the way up the lift. Seeing stars was an understatement. I somehow grinded it to finish for 3 whites and was absolutely ecstatic!

I was hoping to make some waves in the bench this time around. My 303 opener was cake and the 320 second attempt was just as easy. We all thought I undershot my third attempt by selecting 336. The weight felt light enough in my hands but went up about 6 inches off my chest and just hit a wall. I think to work on this issue I am gonna have to do more heavy tricep work and lose the d**n bands on I a$$istance days. There really is no substitute for real weight.

The deadlift was my time to shine. I opened with a super easy 512 which was actually my PR this time last year. I jumped to 551 for a Maryland State Record and it felt only minimally harder. I selected 573 as my next lift then reconsidered. If I changed to 578 I would tie for third place, only problem was the the guy I would tie with weighed in 3 pounds lighter then me, oh well! He seemed to be in quite an abusive relationship as his girlfriend was in the warm up room literally beating the sh*t out of him before each attempt ala "Scot Mendelson" style, except this girl was actually punching him in the face like a d**n UFC fight. So I stayed at 573 and the weight moved pretty well, but it got out infront of me just an inch or two near my knees. I still locked it out and recieved two whites, then magically one light turned red! No lift! One ref said my right knee came unlocked and the other ref didn't even see that part so I'm not sure what she gave me a red for. She was the same one giving the ATG squats red lights.

I love our fed and the stringency they apply when conducting themselves but when they split hairs to this extent, I feel it really detracts from the sport. Oh well, I just wont give them a reason to red light me next time.

So I went 7 for 9, hit an overall squat PR and total PR of 1344. I hit multiple body weight PR's but I dont really count those. I also set 3 state records but most importantly, I finished 4th behind some absolute horses in Joe McAuliffe, Eli Burks and Kris Seemens. Much better then last year when I finished 10 in the open's!

I'm gonna take it light the rest of this week and just pump the cardio to try to shed some more BF then begin training for the September 19 meet which I would like to do as a 198 again. I know I need to move up to 220 but I wanna be ripped and lean, not a lard a$$ trying to move up.

So I had a blast with my SSPT teammates and finally met Matt McGorry and saw some old friends in Jason Beck, John Shifflett, Eli Burks and many others. A blast was had by all. Thanks to Dustin, Andy and Matt for coaching me and helping me out. Thanks to John Shifflett for a great meet. Thanks to my sponsor APT Pro Gear and thanks to Matt and Siouxz for there continued coaching and support. I owe just about all my powerlifting success to them!

Here's the vid, you be the judge on the third deadlift (even Cathy Marksteiner, the strictest judge I have ever seen, was shocked at the redlight on the last deadlift):

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