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pro-hormones in nitro tech?? mike cloud article


New member
Jun 12, 2002
Patriots running back Mike Cloud has found little solace since being suspended by the NFL for testing positive under the league's policy on anabolic steroids. Heading into free agency, he found himself with minimal suitors, considering a potential buyer was forced to beware of his four-game ban.

But now, Cloud finally has a vehicle to fight back in order to salvage a piece of his reputation and some of the money he was forced to surrender.

Mike Cloud used a chocolate protein powder that had an illegal steroid, which wasn't on the label.(Getty Images)
Cloud's agent Jon Feinsod told SportsLine.com that his client this week filed a lawsuit against MuscleTech, the supplement company that produced the product that caused his positive test.

The former Boston College star's unfortunate situation began when he took a basic chocolate-flavored protein powder while with the Chiefs, then subsequently tested positive for metabolites of the steroid nandrolone. Nothing regarding nandrolone appeared on the label that would so much as hint at such an addition to the ingredients.

The league tested the product and found it to be the culprit and confirmed it appeared to be an innocent mistake. But the NFL has a zero-tolerance policy that has helped clean up the league from illegal steroids, and Cloud was nevertheless hit with a four-game suspension without pay.

Making matters worse, Cloud hit the open market with this stigma and was forced to inform any interested buyer of the ban before signing. Every team originally interested took their business elsewhere.

Instead of cashing in with a decent deal that could have been loaded with incentives, or a decent bonus, Cloud could only muster a league-minimum deal from the Patriots.

"The problem is that people will look at me and think I'm a cheater or say, 'There goes the steroid user,'" Cloud said at the time. "That's all they'll know about me when they hear my name, and it isn't true. That's going to be very difficult to change that image on my reputation."

At the time, several readers e-mailed SportsLine.com asking for the name of the product in order to prevent their kids or themselves from making a similar mistake. The name of the product was withheld in case Cloud decided to sue the company. But with the suit now filed, the name can be revealed.

The product is Nitro-Tech, a protein powder displayed prominently on several vitamin/supplement stores visited for this story.

According to the suit, laboratory analysis of the Nitro-Tech revealed it contained norandrostenedione and androstenediol, compounds that would produce a positive test for metabolites of nandrolone.

Cloud's lawsuit claims MuscleTech failed to disclose the addition of these substances on the product label.

According to the FDA'S official website, it is the sole responsibility of the supplement company to properly label its products. Cloud's story only helps solidify the argument the government needs to make it unlawful to mislabel products.

According to Cloud's suit, this is not the first time Nitro-Tech has caused a professional athlete to test positive for anabolic steroids. The suit says independent laboratory tests of multiple bottles also revealed the presence of the two steroid precursors.

Calls to two numbers for MuscleTech provided to SportsLine were not answered.

The NFL did not pre-warn Cloud and insists it cannot red flag products because of legal issues, especially if some products actually turn out not to be the culprits.

"I'm hoping that this lawsuit will accomplish several goals," Cloud said. "First, to vindicate my name and to hold MuscleTech responsible for its mistakes, and hopefully to prevent other athletes from having their reputations and careers harmed in this fashion."

The suit was filed in Cloud's home state of Rhode Island, the state where the product was purchased. Feinsod and Cloud's attorneys in this matter are expected to make a widespread announcement of the suit this week.

Cloud is eligible for reinstatement this week, but he will not play; he tore his calf in early training camp.

Big A

IFBB PRO/NPC JUDGE/Administrator
Staff member
Jun 4, 2002

What goes around, comes around, eh? MuscleTech ripped off so many people with their mislabeled garbage products, now it looks like they'll have to pay more than that back through this lawsuit :)


New member
Aug 24, 2003
Mystery solved! I've been wondering for years how Nitro Tech gave so many people over-night transformations.......trace amounts of norandrostenedione and androstenediol.

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