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some shots from the npc 2003 southern states

mass appeal

New member
Nov 23, 2003
Some night show pictures of myself


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hey got some questions for you.

what are your stats? how long have you been training? how did you place in the show?

just curious, im wanting to do a show this year, but im really having trouble gettign that thick look, im 5'10 225 right now, im shooting for 240 and maybe come in as a lightheavy but we'll see. i need some more size first.


Great conditioning

Looking crazy shredded man. Looks like your frame can handle alot more size without distorting your proportions (I mean that in a good way).

Adding size to your chest and quads will even you out in the front. Looking awesome in back shots. Nice low lat insertions!
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Great showing there Mark - you looked sliced, diced, packed and stacked!
Very impressive .Great shape and conditioning.A little more overall thickness and a tad more size to your legs and not too many people will be beating you.
I too would like to here your stats , how you placed , and what you did to achieve that fantastic conditioning.My hat is off to you bro .That is some serious hard work.You should be very proud of yourself.Good luck in your future[it appears quite bright]
looking ripped man

very impressive

your glutes and hamstrings look shredded in the lat spread from the rear photo

how old are you??
You look fantastic - now answer everyones questions! :D

Thankyou to everyone who posted comments. I'll be 27 in Jan. I have been playing around with weights since I was a kid but have been training seriously for about 8 years. I'm 5'9" and came in at the top of the light heavys at 195lbs on thur. (early weight in). There were 19 or 20 guys in my class and the winner and myself tied on the score sheets (I got the score sheets mailed to me) but I guess they tipped it to him because I ended up 2nd and still qualified for nationals. I'm not complaining though. I't was my first NPC event. I achieved that conditioning only through extreme dieting and tons of cardio. 45 mins am then 45 post work out until about 3 weeks out then up to 2 to 3 hours a day plus training. My body only responds to extremes. I don't have a fast metabolism. I have never had a problem getting shredded if I just stay strick and do the cardio. Words to live by "it's better to take in more calories and do more cardio than to eat less and do less cardio". It has always worked for me but it sure isn't fun. But then again when you don't feel like training or doing the cardio because your tiered than don't plan on winning any big titles. In this game you better be able to dig deep or get the fuck out of the way of the ones that do cuz your gonna get run over! Everyone motivated now!! I am now gearing up for my run at the USA's next year. I skipped nationals last week to focus on the USA's in July.
Thanks for the response Mass , you sound like a true warrior.Thanks for sharing your advice.What kind of diet did you follow?What was your supp program like?I am just curious .I understand if you would rather not share.My best to you either way.
Mark: All NPC nationally qualified contestants should do a junior level national show first. Trust me on this one.
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I'm not sure. I'd like to do the USA's and probley the junior nationals or junior usa which ever is before the usa's in july.
Nice work bro! Excellent conditioning and proportions.
Nice conditioining...

Got a question for do your own diet? What type of diet, do you follow? Thanks for the info...

I wish you the best next year, and see ya at the USA's...

I have tried lots of differnt types of diets. High protein, high fat, low carb. low fat and high carb. You name it. What works best for me is to keep my fat as low as possible but take in a modest amount of good fats(flax, whole ground peanut butter, sun flower seeds salmon ect) and to keep my protein between 350 to 400 gm a day. I fill in the rest of my calories with mainly complex carbs except simple sugars right after training. This is the short version. There are lots of factors you have to take in to consideration. Timing, metabalism, portions, glycemic index, amount of training and cardio, ect.

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