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The deadlift


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Kilo Klub Member
Jun 6, 2002
I started them again after a long hiatus.Im pulling 405 after 2 weeks,but I'd like some tips to increase the weight.I do conventional,because I'm not comfortable with sumo.I had a powerlifter watch me and he says Im a "back lifter" Should I learn to use my legs more?
Fuck yeah

Deads are great, but ya, use more legs, get those hammies to come up....

Hey BN --- was reading your post on your cycle on the UG and hafta say it made me salivate! I also agree that your honesty is well received my friend. I really respect that bro. I never liked the naps too much, always went back to the pinks until.......danabols....Take a look...these fuckers are GRrrrrrEAT!


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love those

I used those before,they are SWEEEEET.10mg right?

Ivan,I posted my lifts because I have no reason to lie,never did.I can say I bench 5 plates and everyone would believe it but whats the point???Im a big,thick guy and I should be lifting alot more but I have always trained as a bodybuilder,and went for feel.I have built a real good amount of size this way and have stayed injury free.But I said to myself if I want to reach 300lbs in bodyweight,then I have to throw in some powerlifting.So for my winter cycle Im doing deads,squats,and benches max effort style.Its been 2 weeks and I love it,and Im getting stronger.Im sure I will pack on even more size this way,and then I can post my new improved lifts.

People that powerlift have told me I have enough size to put up the big weight and are showing me techniques.They are trying to get me away from just feeling it,and start moving it.Powerbodybuilding is something that combines the best of both worlds and Im going to try it for the next few months.........

You want to think about pulling the weight into you as you stand up. There is an article on that probably best describes how you should do it. It's much like a stiff-legged DL...

Good to see you around Bro...

thanks SB

Yea thats a good site,I will look for the article.Its good to see you too brother.Come visit the new UG a mod there(yes its true,and I must say Im a kick ass mod,haha)Im sure the crew will know you,come say hello.........
I will Brother. I tried to hook up that site a few times and kept getting a server error...

And we all know you should have been a Mod long ago...Congrats

Try doing some heavy leg presses with your deadlift stance as an assistance exercise. I have a friend that pulls over 800 and he swears by them. He told me any idiot can leg press 800 but they just can't hang onto it. My recommendation is to only DL once/wk at most. It's very taxing on your CNS. Train the abs and obliques hard and heavy as this will help the start position.

Do variations of the deadlift. Pull off a 2" block, 4" block, low pin pulls. Throw some good mornings in there too.

I'll see if I can come up with some good DL articles.

PB is right on the money. You may even want to limit your training it heavy to every other week.

I really like pulling off a plate, usually about 2 inches. You stand on a plate and deadlift. The increased range of motion benefits the beginning of the pull, but also your grip since you have to hold the bar longer.

Pin pulls are good but very easy to overtax the body. And, frankly, you can pin pull far more than you will ever deadlift making it very easy to overtrain on them.

pulling from a 4-5" block will make u utilize ure legs more
also, rack pulls kick ass, as they put u in an unadvantageous position to pull in, so its all abt adaptation
work ure glutes more too, ghr, rev hyp etc
i also just started doing 10x10 wkts on the dl with lower weight, to strengthen my core up also, NO belt, concentrate on form
This is a good thread

Just talkin' about it makes me want to go be a human forklift! I love doing deads in the mirror and seeing my face flush red and the viens going everywhere, popping outta my neck GOOD STUFF BROS!!!
someone told me to use only 25lb plates when doing deadlifts..because you get much lower and when you are in competition it will give you a advantage..Is there any merit to this..
It's the same idea as standing on a plate but not quite as extreme. You don't want to go so low that you have a complete form change. And, if you weigh over 250lbs., 25lb plates would make it really hard to get down to bar...


BN, I couldnt help but follow these 3 threads... Youve got one on bench, squat and dead. I guess you are out there lifting some sheeite now!

Heres a mind trick for you if youve never heard it, dont think about pushing (squat) or pulling (dead) the weight UP.
Instead, try to focus on pushing the floor DOWN.
...I know, sounds stupid, but it works.

I like to picture my boots leaving holes in the foundation -lol. Try it and see if it helps. It did me.
up up up

Thats where I always focus,but it makes sense to try to push the floor down.I will try it.......
I love deads, damn I wish I could get back to them soon. I am a little fucker and my ego wanted me to sacrifice form for weight and that is when I started to get some lower back problems. When I dropped to 325+ range for my sets and got down low, the sore back went away. (and along came some good hammies and glutes)
I love it when I scrape my shins on the way up and I lose chunks of flesh. I can't wait to get back to doing 'em.
I am a DL Pussy !

Of course I KNOW none of you badasses would like this idea (or maybe just not admit it -hehe) but I got sick of "giving blood at the office" on DL day.

I took an old set of wraps that were out of elastic anyhow, and I use them to wrap my shins. Ive got several permanent scars on both shins so Ive earned my stripes, just tired of bleeding is all.

Now when Im wrapped for heavy lifts I look like the michelin man. Im wrapped from the boot up to above the knees -lol. It doesnt matter at my gym b/c all the lifters are BB pussies and no one deads anyhow. If I even hoist 4 plates, it stops traffic, so im not getting heckeled by these weaklings as they cant DL anhow.

But for some of the beasts on here DLng 700+ Pounds? Phuck bleeding. Cover the shins.


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