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The Official Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide Thread


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Mar 28, 2013
Been doing a little research on DSIP and this is very interesting compound.. I used it previously for sleep and just kinda got away from it.. I saw a thread in the main section on rest meds and it got me thinking about this one again.. Just wanted to start a discussion on it.. Im definitely about to order me some!

It has pain relieving properties..

Stabilizes narcolepsy and disrupted sleep.


Limits stress..

Normalizes blood pressure..


Increased lifespan by 24%


Roles in endocrine regulation

Decreases basal corticotropin level and blocks its release.[8]

Stimulates release of luteinizing hormone (LH).[15]

Stimulates release of somatoliberin and somatotrophin secretion and inhibits somatostatin secretion.[16]

Roles in physiological processes

Can act as a stress limiting factor.[17][18][19]

May have a direct or indirect effect on body temperature and alleviating hypothermia.[20][21][22]

Can normalize blood pressure and myocardial contraction.[8][23]

It has been shown to enhance the efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation in rat mitochondria in vitro, suggesting it may have antioxidant effects.[19]

There is also conflicting evidence as to its involvement in sleep patterns. Some studies suggest a link between DSIP and slow-wave sleep (SWS) promotion[24][25] and suppression of paradoxical sleep, (PS)[26][27] while some studies show no correlation.[28] Stronger effects on sleep have been noted for the synthesized analogues of DSIP.[29]

It may have an impact on human lens epithelial cell function via the MAPK pathway, which is involved in cell proliferation, differentiation, motility, survival, and apoptosis.[12]

Roles in Disease and Medicine
It has been found to have anticarcinogenic properties. In a study on mice, injecting a preparation of DSIP over the mice's lifetime decreased total spontaneous tumor incidence 2.6-fold.[30]

The same study found it to also have geroprotective effects: it slowed down the age-related switching-off of oestrous function; it decreased by 22.6% the frequency of chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells and it increased by 24.1% maximum life span in comparison with the control group.
Levels of DSIP may be significant in patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD). In several studies, levels of DSIP in the plasma and cerebrospinal fluid are significantly deviated from the norm in patients with MDD, though there are contradictions as to whether levels are higher or lower than healthy control patients.[10][31][32]

Studies have demonstrated a direct link between GILZ expression (homologous to DSIP) and adipogenesis which has links to obesity and metabolic syndrome.[33]

In studies on rats with metaphit-induced epilepsy DSIP acted as an anticonvulsant, significantly decreasing the incidence and duration of fits suggesting DSIP as a potential treatment for epilepsy.[34][35]

DSIP has been found to have an analgesic effect. In studies on mice it was found to have a potent antinociceptive effect when administered intracerebroventricularly or intracisternally (see: Route of administration).[36]

Due to its possible effects on sleep and nociception, trials have been carried out to determine whether DSIP can be used as an anaesthetic. One such study found that administration of DSIP to humans as an adjunct to isoflurane anaesthesia actually increased the heart rate and reduced the depth of anaesthesia instead of deepening it as expected.[37]

Low plasma concentrations of DSIP have been found in patients with Cushing's syndrome.[38]

In Alzheimer's patients levels of DSIP have been found to be slightly elevated, though this is unlikely to be causal.[39]

A preparation of DSIP, Deltaran, has been used to correct central nervous system function in children after antiblastomic therapy. Ten children aged 3–16 years were given a ten-day course of Deltaran and their bioelectric activity recorded. It was found that the chemotherapy-induced impairment in the bioelectrical activity of 9 out of the 10 children was reduced by administration of DSIP.[40]

DSIP can act antagonistically on opiate receptors to significantly inhibit the development of opioid and alcohol dependence and is currently being used in clinical trials to treat withdrawal syndrome[disambiguation needed].[41][42] In one such trial it was reported that in 97% of opiate-dependent and 87% of alcohol-dependent patients the symptoms were alleviated by DSIP administration.[43]

In some studies administration of DSIP has alleviated narcolepsy and normalized disturbed sleeping patterns.[44][45]
Safety and possible side-effects of long-term DSIP use hasn't been established in clinical research studies.

In this study it relieved pain in 6 out 7 participants..

Therapeutic effects of delta-sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) in patie... - PubMed - NCBI

In this study it helped with sleep tremendously but not in a "classic pharmacologic way"

Acute and delayed effects of DSIP (delta sleep-inducing peptide) on... - PubMed - NCBI

I played with anywhere from 50-100 up to 750mcg I think... its been a while.. i started a thread on it back then.. it was weird how it just put you to sleep.. not a narcotic kinda drowsy either.. more of a natural i need some sleep drowsy.. when i took 500+mcg it was usually lights out in no time.. my wife ALWAYS beats me to sleep but when I would load up on dsip i could beat her..

for some reason I just got away from it.. and flat out forgot about it..
I got 2 vials of it for after leg day. As I have issues with Falling asleep after from legs aching and what not and I've taken up to 2mgs and it won't help. Maybe I just need more
I got 2 vials of it for after leg day. As I have issues with Falling asleep after from legs aching and what not and I've taken up to 2mgs and it won't help. Maybe I just need more

Hmm.. Not sure bro.. On some of the clinical trials I read I saw where it would be like 6 of 7 had pain relief etc.. maybe you are #7 ? 2mg is stout dose i would think..
I cant sleep for shit if this shit actually works id be forever thankful how much does it cost and i can fall asleep just cant stay asleep
Its only 19 bucks before a discount code.. so 13 bucks after apply my code for 5mg... its one of the simpler cheaper peptides..
ive heard ipam is supposed to help for sleep i used that a while back and it didnt help at all is it stronger than that
I always wondered about DSIP, but since 3-4 things I use help me sleep I never looked into it.
Is there a "hangover effect" the next morning?

Nothing that I really noticed.. Im usually groggy in the morning anyways so I prob wouldnt notice it..

I think for someone who has sleep issues it could be a game changer.. and if it doesnt work youre out 13$ but if it does it could change your life..
This is one if really love to see some reviews on as I have trouble sleeping. But no one really ever seems to talk about it
Im in on this. Ive wondered about this peptide for a while. I would like to hear more about it from ppl.

I might get some soon. Like its 2am right now and im not tired. Ive been up since 7am also WTF
Ok guys Im gonna get with the boss and see if we can get a few free bottles out to bring a little attention to this peptide.. so if you are interested and will give honest feedback please shoot me a PM!
Im def interested id love to finally find a way to.make it through the night without getting up
ok guy we have 4 bros who are getting some dsip.. and should have some logs popping up the end of this week.. better yet i might just get em to keep this thread going..

like i said i think it works for some more than others and you will def have to play with the dose but if it works it could be a life changer...
If all your spots seen full Cauthen I'd love to try this and post a review.
Pack are flying tomorrow guys! after I posted this thread we slap sold out so we restocked and are ready to go!

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